Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-06-29

19:25 - Larry Forte  gets things started with 2 of his standards.
19:31 - Johanna Morgan  "Excuse", an original.  Smooth strong voice, she can reach the cheap seats just fine.  Unfortunately she has chosen religious content.
STAN is present, but I don't see his guitar or amplifier.
2nd is a cover of Copeland, "No One Really Wins". 
19:42 - Matt Linden  I turn the recorder input down to 0, and have the limiter on.  It still might not be enough.  Here comes the "Wonder Woman Kicked My Ass" song again, hope he trimmed it down.
I wonder what he'd sound like covering an Elton John tune?
2nd song is new.  He went to New Jersey a few weeks ago.  Told some friends he met there "I Didn't Die, I Moved To Athens".  
19:53 - Lee Baker  Poetry.  2nd poem was about time he spent in Iraq.

19:58 - Jonathan Bemid  He gave me a weak, wrong, bad "fingers" handshake earlier.  1st song, has a guitar part that's good enough for a lullabye, or maybe a funner ballad than the sad one it is paired with here.  2nd song, nearly every line has the same repetitive melody.  He didn't say the name.
20:07 - RED STRIPE  Alexander Korponay  From Volume 4.  "Tonya"  Patrick is off, the back-up soundguy is here with a T-shirt that says "Stay Golden", and has an outline of "The Golden Girls" on it.  He's got the voice levels too hot, I think.  "Encore", a poem about writer's block.
He can be found on lulu.com
20:13 - Rumsfeld  Did not show tonite.  
20:13 - James Diem (or Jimmy) from Hartford, CT.  Rumsfeld just arrived, 1 minute too late.  Jimmy may travel to Austin soon.  His tan backpack is over there, looks like he's living as a vagabond.  2nd song, he asks to borrow a pick.  Larry Forte obliges.  His delivery is slightly subdued, like plain talking, sort of like Bloodhound Gang sometimes does.
20:21 - Rumsfeld  "La Vie".  Jeez, he's really whacking those strings, but with no pick.  That's gotta be murder on his fingers.
Seems like he's surely using the back of his fingernails as the picking surface for the 2nd song, which has a sudden, hard stop.  
20:29 - EMISSARY  Rap.  2 untitled works.  
Andrew Payne is standing by the green room door now.
20:33 - Benjamin Morrison  
Cory Cromer & Phillip are sitting behind me now.  I wonder if either of them are on the list tonite.
1st song, "All My Confidence".  The chorus is awesome.  This could be a real crowd-pleaser.  Johanna Morgan is his sister, and she joins Benjamin on stage now.  
"Under The Surface Of The Deep", on YouTube, iTunes & Facebook.  Here comes a cover from the 1980's.  U2's "With Or Without You".  Very good.  
20:44 - Rick Bedell  He tells us that the song is forever if we aren't recording, 'cause he does it all off of the top of his head. 2nd song is a bit playful.  
20:56 - Silver Queen  This is a band with Andrew Payne on banjo, with 2 others I don't remember seeing before.  Katie Ball on guitar, Will James on mandolin.  "Steel Driver Song".  
First song is a shot-that-no-good-man song.  
2nd song is Andrew's "Burning Gasoline".
These guys make bluegrass fun.
Very nice, ear candy.
21:08 - Phillip Brooke  2 originals.  He says when he writes, he usually includes a female ( protagonist or antagonist, he's not sure which he means ).  I think he means antagonist.  He plays with his eyes mostly closed, but he rolls his head all over the place and smiles as he sings, so he's fun to watch.  Second song has a quiet mood, almost a go-to-sleep song.  

21:16 - Lucid Union  1st song is a cover about a spaceman.  Wow, this tamborine player has an awesome voice, he must be vocally trained in school.  He's the one with the beard.  Song has a false stop ending before the real ending.  On second song they trade instruments.  This guitar has colorful stickers on a black body..
Justin has beard, Jack has glasses.
There's a Jittery Joe's coffee sticker right there.  I wonder if singers can get sponsored like NASCAR drivers?  I bet I could make that happen.  
21:25 - Austin Green  2 original songs from the band he's in.  I like his haircut.  Got some nice jazzy - disco-y intro on this 1st song.  His voice sounds great, a real sexy sound.  This is "make love" music.  He's making faces that look like he's being electrocuted.  If I saw a photo of him singing without a mic, stage, or curtain in the frame, I'd think he was getting stabbed. The contrast is entertaining.  
Oh cool, I just noticed that he's playing barefooted.  I haven't seen anyone else do that here.  He steps back from the mic & moves around when there's no vocal part to sing.  His playing moves like butter from chord strums into fingerpicks, hammer-on & -offs.
21:37 - Johnny Rowland  Covering "Do You Remember".  I've never heard this song before, so I don't know who the original artist is.  It suits Johnny well enough to be his original.  2nd song "Living On The Levee".  He wrote it when he was in New Orleans.
21:44 - Christian Rodriguez  1st timer here at Hendershot's.  I haven't noticed anyone at all using a capo so far tonite.  That's very unusual.  If someone did, I missed it.  Christian's first song sets a mood of "longing".  I can scarcely make out any of the words, but that's OK in this case, the words beside the point in this piece, it's more about how the notes make you feel.  2nd song, he shortly does a mulligan, and then declares the guitar is out-of-tune, and leaves it at that.  Yay!  He has good sense & is kind to the audience!
21:52 - Liam Parke  He wrote a song for "Athens For Everyone"'s 1 year anniversary.  It is deliberately made to be sing-along-able.  That group is founded by a guy named Denison, who is different person than our current Mayor Denison, who is a woman.  I don't know if they're related or not.  He ran for office previously, but I didn't even know about it  until after the election when I saw a small ad for him on the community corkboard at 5-points Jittery Joe's.  2nd song, "Loving You, Loving Me". 
22:02 - Cortez Garza  1st song uses his harmonica holder.  He's wearing the T-shirt featuring Larry Forte.  "Losing Respect".  Cortez is playing a show at The Foundry on July 4, which is next Saturday, with The Grassland String Band, and the Carolina Chocolate Drops.  He's using a fancy picking pattern on the 2nd song.  
22:09 - William Leveritt Freeman of Bel Vas.  He's cooking here at Hendershot's on Mondays now, so he hasn't played Open Mic Nite in a while.  "God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You" by the Beach Boys.  He's trying out a hard new-to-him plucking pattern.  So he starts out a little off-pitch, something I've never seen him do before.  He gets back on track, though.  It's interesting to hear William, normally always a crooner, tackle this song.  He claims he'd be willing to trade his feet for 2 more vocal chords to do the ending of this song as a chorus.  2nd song, "Godot".  Has some nice plucking in the composition.  It seems he borrowed Larry's (beat-up) guitar for this performance.
Bel Vas is on facebook & bandcamp.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-06-22

(19:30 actual) - Larry Forte  Yay, got recorder working from the start, although I accidentally plugged my earphones into the small mic input at first, and incorrectly bugged Patrick about it.  2nd song is Lonesome Trail.
19:30 - Casey Collins  NO SHOW.  (19:36 actual)   EMISSARY.    2nd piece: "Shadowboxing"  His shirt reads "221B Barber Street".  I wonder what is there?  http://www.soundcloud.com/emissary
Johnny Rowland is here with guitar on his back.
19:40 - Zach Vickers  "Circuits Are Lit Up".  2nd song is some pensive mood music, good for a monster movie, or a chase scene.  A bunch of yammering music-deaf peopel with children at the back of the room make it even harder to hear his words.
19:50 - Red Stripe: Alexander Korponay  Does open mic nite here, at Live Wire, and Boar's Head.  "Music To The Ears".  He's reading from the paper, gotta fix that.  A peom about a friend named Louis.  hmmmm, the "melody" of the way he reads every line is just like the last poem, gotta fix that too.
20:00 - Johnathan Bemid  2nd time here.  uh oh, already apologizing for not getting through this song the last time.  Yep, like by the 3rd line, he's already forgot.  Hey, mistakes happen, but if you know going in that you're not ready, why did you sign up?  This is Open Mic Nite, not "subject others to the misery of your guitar practice nite".  2nd song starts badly too.  Boo.  Red Stripe must have ended early, it is only 20:00 just now.
20:10 - Aaron Strand  1st song a cover of Lefty Frezell's "Long Black Viel" Sad song.  "Georgia Bound".  He's using a slide on his pinky, and making funny faces.
He's using a thumb-pick too.  Impressive composition AND live performance, wonderful!
(20:13 actual) - Joe, John and Mo Connoway  Sliding in to take up some of the time slack.  "Freight Train Song".  
2nd song cover of Tim Buckley.
20:20 - Breylee Gordon  (20:23 actual)  Original "Rather Be Left Alone"  Strong story content.  She's playing guitar + harmonica  2nd song, Joni Mitchell's "They Paved Paradise".  Without the harmonica holder she gets to move around more freely, and this performance is fun.  Yes!  Very good delivery.  
Andrew Payne is here.
20:30 - Johnny Rowland  1st Song is a cover, "Sweet Pea".  Swell sound tonite, he seem healthy & healed.  "Springtime"  
20:40 - Logan Hobus  1st song is a Beetles cover.  "Rocky Racoon".  Very interesting with his piercing nasal tenor voice.  Very good on the "scat" vamping part of the song.  2nd song is a world premiere original tonite.  
20:50 - Larkin Dodgen  Singing 2 originals tonite.  1st song starts with a strong rhyme, lovely.  Just breathy enough in the right places, and a hint of humor too!  "Heaven Is"  She's playing a Ukelele.  This is a good match for the song.  I like the way it does not detract from the lyrics or her delivery.  Oh yes, this can have synchro placement in any number of shows or ads.  Let the bidding war start!  2nd song is original, only her mom & boyfriend have heard it before us.  
http://larkindodgen.bandcamp.com has an EP from 2 years ago.
21:00 - Greg Benson & Robert Bell  1st song is Disney quality, as though it could belong right in "The Jungle Book".  2nd song, cover of "Paint It Black", with an almost Satchmo-sounding vocal.
21:10 - Phillip Brooke  1st song is original, 2nd song will cover Damien Rice.  "Older Chests"
Paco Trevino's crowd just showed up.
21:20 - Andrew Payne & Rick Bedell  (21:15 actual)  Together play "Old Tom"  
2nd song, Andrew's new tune, "Hangover".
21:30 - Paco Trevino  I'm gonna gues this song is "Perfect Paramour".  
Cortez Garza walked by with a drink.  
Poor bastard, Paco is Bob Dillon.  Face it Paco, you're a good composer, but you need other singers to carry the performance for you.  You are surrounded by others who can supply their voices to your compositions.  You could have hits, but you need to get them through the help of others.
Hmm, this 2nd song doesn't seem to have a strong hook.  "Coming Up For Air".
21:40 - Rick Bedell  (21:37 actual)  2 improvs on flute.  1st one didn't know when to stop.
21:50 - Rumsfeld  I bet he plays "Paris".  Here's the one where he slaps & scratches the body of his Ovation, and reaches over the top of the neck to pluck strings with his left hand.  
He's on Periscope.  "The Meaning Of The Square".  He's playing with his eyes closed.  
22:00 - Cortez Garza  (21:57 actual)  He's putting on his harmonica holder.  Says he just quit smoking a few days ago, and doesn't think he'll start again.  "A Kiss Is Just A Kiss".  Painful, angsty song.  New song, "Better Man".

Andrew Payne:"Burning Gasoline" EP


 I got my hands on Andrew Payne's EP "Burning Gasoline" which just came out 2015-04-07.  I had a chance to talk to Andrew about it a little bit too.  He is from Aiken, South Carolina, and it shows in his art. 
 "Burning Gasoline" (the EP's title song) is about an actual motorboat trip he took as a child down a river.  His and his friend's dads planned an excursion.  This song make many local references to South Carolina and Georgia.  Most American kids get to take some kind of trip into national or state parks at some point in their childhood, and "Burning Gasoline" triggers some memories of my own.  It'll probably trigger some for you too, including the kinds of food dads take on a camping trip.  The song mentions stormy weather, but Andrew either didn't think there was much actual danger at the time, or was too young to know better.  This song makes me want to go kayaking again.
 "Locked Up" is loaded with double entendres.  Clever writing featuring misdirection between the protagonist's girlfriend & his guitar.  Most guitarists will enjoy this song.  I feel some ownership over it, like it belongs to me, to "just us guitarists", like non-players just won't understand a man's first true love is his axe.  You might like this song, but you probably won't experience it the same way I do, unless you too have spent 10,000 hours with a 6-string.  Combines some feelings of being unjustly wronged, having your property stolen too.  The chorus is strong & fun.  Maybe I'll learn to play it.
 It would be easy to make a good music video for this song.  It almost writes itself like a sit-com episode script.

 "Late Night Highway Blues" evokes the sad feelings of anyone who's ever been stranded on a interstate or lonely state highway far from any human improvements by vehicle malfunctions.  Your sudden change of plans for unexpected maintenance feels awful.  It makes you feel like things aren't going right in your life, even though the machine is not you.  If by some chance you've never been to America, our continent is huge.  There are large, sparsely populated areas of the old west where you can be on a road that stretches from one horizon to the other with no other humans in sight.  If you get stuck there, you might not see another person for days.  You can get stuck in a survival situation you didn't plan for.  This often happens in winter on I-80 when a blizzard can cover the road shutting down traffic for several states.  Our American sense of self-identity is wrapped up in our automobiles.
 Most of us ( the poor, working-class people ) have suffered this kind of break-down event more than once.  "Late Night Highway Blues" pegs this experience well.  The rhymes are comfortable and right for the subject.  The chorus could become a familiar sing-a-long if it gets the radio airplay it deserves.  This song would be perfect for radio, as nowadays people are usually in their cars when they flick on their radio, the perfect place to discover this song.
 This is perfect for compilations of "Road Trip" songs, summer vacation mixes, & all-automobile playlists.

 "The Company Kept" seems to lament the futility of the work-a-day rat race.  It mentions wasting time, and smoking cigarettes.  Andrew Payne used to smoke, but he got over it.  I respect that, the most attractive feature a person can display is the power to self-edit their own behavior to become a better person.  This song speaks somewhat to the death of the American dream, the correctly placed frustration of Generation X who knows they're screwed.  But it also seems to suggest that if the crowd you're running with has no ambition, you need to find a better social circle, even if the odds are against you.

 "The Company Kept" mentions a basement stage, and "Roll Credits" is all about Hollywood.  I asked Andrew if he's into acting, and he said these lyrics are more a metaphor in the Shakespearean sense of "All the world's a stage". 
 Andrew spent ~9 months in L.A. working for Snoop Dog's vanity record label.  He learned there is a big difference between music creation & performance and the business side of the music industry.  Andrew is interested more in a local, familiar music performance & reputation than that big-label kind of manufactured plastic fame.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-06-15

- (19:30 actual)  Larry Forte  "True Love's Eyes"?  Not sure of the correct title, it's a Bob Dillon cover.  "Lonesome Trail" 
19:30 - Jake Brower  (19:36 actual)  "Dareable"  Wow, I did not expect a man with that beard to sound that high pitch.  It's not bad, just surprising, he's pretty good.  His sound is distinctive.  He appears to be squinting, or playing with his eyes screwed shut, as though he's in pain.  "Fair".  Red Stripe & I think he'd do great with a metal Dobro or a lute.
19:40 - Emily Baker  (19:44 actual)  Original "High".  Patrick is moving the mic to point more directly at her mouth.  Strong pleasing rhyme scheme.  This song would be awesomeified with the simple addition of a good bongo player.  No clear hook or chorus.  Couldn't understand what she said the title of song #2 is.  Song #2 is different enough from #1 to be recognizably different, which is more than most other singer-songwriters here can claim.  Her loud parts are no louder than the soft parts.  She needs to belt out the dramatic portion.
19:50 - Zach Vickers  Nice sound, good strumming rhythms.  Song #1 was all verse.  2nd song is slower, wiith 1st fret capo. He's doing a strum with instant palm muting I think, to create a slap sound?  Not sure exactly what he's doing.  I tried to video it, but he didn't do it again for the rest of the song.  His technical picking is very nice, though.  
20:00 - Janathan Bemid  (19:58 actual)  First timer.  Having trouble remembering the words.  His guitar has a naturally tinny sound.  It seems most of the verse lines in both songs have exactly the same melody, within each song, so each one seems a little repetitive.  He's the loudest player so far, I had to turn down the input slightly.
20:10 - Carly King  (20:06 actual)  2 originals.  Lovely!  She's playing a ukelele.  Soaring comfortable lazy-summer-day vocal.    I'd like to hear here cover some 1920's-1930's ditties.  She's not looking at the audience at all though, but for one glance.
2nd song is an untitled original.  She has a tamborine on the floor that she is tapping with her foot when she wants a hit.  It's not one of those "foot tamborines" that attaches directly to your ankle or shoe, though.  Very similar sound to a Sarah McLaughlin.  I'd like to hear a number from her with a crystal clear verse, chorus, and HOOK.  Rock.
20:20 - Matt Linden  "Makes You Wanna Hit Somebody", he says he edited it for this week.  Hmm, the funny parts seem closer together.  2nd song is a Warren Zevon cover.  Linden is wear a colorful african print.  Though it has no hat, I think that's called a dashiki.  
20:30 - Joanna Morgan  (20:27 actual)  Strong, dead on pitch in a minor key song.  The song is all verse, no clear chorus or hook, just flying verse.  Nice understated fingerpicking that does not distract from the main event, which is her vocals, perfectly well balanced.  2nd song, "Get Out Of The Way", is one of her oldest.  2nd fret capo.  Has nifty cold stops in it.  execellent dynamic strumming changes.  Song has no structure or hook, angsty, but no story.  
20:40 - Andrew Payne  (20:38 actual)  "Highway In My Mind"  Back after a bad cycle of missing the sign-up time for Open Mic for a month & and a half.  2nd song, "Hangover".  Fun, strong, chorus.  This could become a classic.  
20:50 - Cortez Garza  2nd fret capo.  Each line of the verse has the same melody, but at least the chorus is significantly different enough to provide the necessary contrast.  His playing  is flawless & balanced correctly with the vocal.  2nd song is new.  2nd fret capo on this song too.  His delivery is a purposefully breathy here.  It's a sad song.  "Take The Fall"?  He shaved this week, so he looks like a different man.
21:00 - Kevin Whitfield  (20:57 actual)  He slipped into the green room without being noticed.  An ambulance just went by outside as he begins, but it doesn't throw him off.  A cover, "Forever Like That".  2nd song, "Ocean Tide", written about storms we had last week or two, when it rained really hard in a 1/2 hours.  He played this here once before.  Fun, swell whistling included.  
21:10 - STAN  (21:07 actual)  Nothing but electric loudtar.  
It was not possible to enjoy due to excess volume.  Matt Linden liked it, but he has the same problem.  Glad I turned the input all the way down to 0, he still may have lost audio by overdriving my recorder, so you can't enjoy it either.  That destroys the audio in a recording.
Paco is here now.
21:20 - Paco Trevino  "Going To California".  His playing is fine, but his vocal performance is off-pitch again.  I think he's chewing gum right now too!?  Yep, gum, a lot of it too.  Seriously, what were you thinking?  The gum is not a deliberate part of the "character" portrayed or a intentional part of the performance, it is just a mistake.  Dedicates "Murder In The City" to his parents, who are here.  This is a nice composition, he should shop his songs around to other performers.  
21:30 - Erin, Anna, and Tamara  
21:40 - Peter Imjai
21:50 - Aexander Korponay = RED STRIPE  I gotta help him with memorization & performance.  
22:00 - Rumsfeld  (21:54 actual)  Brett Vaughn wanted me to video Erin, Anna and Tamara, but my iTouch has no more room, I just spent the last half-hour trying to free some memory.  I think I need to get rid of some music from this device, pictures and previous video clips.  That's whata few months without an internet connection can do to you. 
1st song:"La Vie".  It seems he is utterly lost in the music, full of harmonics.  He's got green small earplugs in.  I think he's happy with that performance.

1 - Brett Vaughn
2 - William Freeman Leverett
4 - Phillip Brooke
5 - Jacob Martin


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-06-08

19:30 - Larry Forte  Missed recording him, I need Patrick's help for some adjustments, but now we'll get the rest of the show, instead of a blank recording like last week.
19:35 - Zach Clayton  2 funny originals.  2nd one he won't play for his grand parents?  Didn't say why.  His voice here is quiet. I'll have to listen to it again.

19:45 - J.T. Job  (Pronounced "jobe").  Song by The Lumineers.  He bought a banjo and was playing with that instead of writing a new original song, so we get this cover.  His usual partner in crime, Logan, is not here.  Says he wrote this 2nd song 20 minutes ago.  
19:52 - Kirby Kraft &  Alison  "'Till I'm Near You"

19:58 - Matt Linden  "Go & See The Frogman"  2nd song is new.  It is about the time he got his butt whoopped by the boy played "Wonder Woman".  Matt is quite a colorful character.

William Freeman is here, maybe he'll play for us later.
Kevin Whitfield just strolled in.
20:12 - Michelle Correlle.
Matt Linden's son is here now with guitar, and Rick Beddel just arrived too.
I need to adjust the recording volume back up now that Matt is done, but the hall is jammed with people & keyboard.
1st song "My Love In Vain".  2nd song, "Knife Thrower"

A brunette woman with a ukelele just walked past, maybe she's on the line-up too?
20:20 - Aaron Strand  Funny blues tune, "That Baby Is Mine".  His guitar busted a string right in the middle of the song, so larry handed him his own guitar.  Aaron jokes that there will also be a key change too.  

"When The Sun Sets On The Hudson"
20:30 - Larkin Dodgin  She's the one with the ukelele.  "I'm In Love With David" (Bowie).  

She is awesome!  Funny & excellent talker, good with the crowd.  Marvelous.
Johnny Rowland has arrived.
2nd Song:The Lemonhead's "Being Around".
20:38 - Johnny Rowland  "God Damn", The song he debuted last week.  He's playing from sheet music for the 2nd song.

Zach asked for the URL to this blog, yay, Hi Zach!

20:37 - Rick Beddel.  I was able to turn up the recorder a bit higher, since his flute is quieter, and it looks like he didn't arrive in time to grab a random collaborator.  I wonder if Patrick has a special audio preset button labelled "Rick Beddel" with lots of echo just for this occaision, 'cause he needs it every week.

Had to break the bad news to Larry Forte that the audio of his songs was missed before I got Patrick's help.  I told him I can bring my nice condensor mic to his house anytime, and record everything he likes.  
21:00 - Kevin Whitfield  "I Like You"

2nd song, "Radiate".  http://www.kevinwhitfieldmusic.com
Wants to play an older song of his own, 'cause he says he tends to forget the words to his newer music.  I call this "The curse of the singer-songwriter".  You have to remember to forget all the extra lines you wrote that you had to discard when composing a new work.  This makes it harder for the the original composer to perform his own work than it is for someone else to cover their song.
Like a pro, remembers to look for Patrick to know when it is safe to unplug without popping.
21:10 - Gabriel Corcino & Phillip Brooke  Gabriel is the peot known as Emissary.  
"It Was Always You"


Next song Phillip wrote when he was feeling sassy and had a few glasses of whiskey.  

21:20 - Nick & Jesse 

2nd song, cover of Paul Simon's "Cecilia"
Jesse Baker has a recording studio in town, and he gave me his business card, GROUNDHOG Music Studio.
21:30 - Mark Plemmons
Accomplished keyboardist, improvising jazz-style.  He plays a really short number.

21:31 - Greg Benson, friend of Larry Forte.
"I Hide It Away".  "Driving My Oldest Son"  (To Jail).  
21:43 - Rumsfeld  
Working with Patrick to get some new kind of setup before he starts.

Rumsfeld's first song features some tapping on the body of his guitar.
2nd song:"La Vie", French for "Life".  (or "The Life").  I know he plays another song called "Paris", so I think I'll ask him if he is a francophile.  
21:53 - Alexander Korponay
2nd peom is short, so crowd asks for a 3rd.  Oxitan, "Lolaylalayloo".  
He's smiling & happy.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-06-01

19:40 - Larry Forte  2nd song, "Lonesome Trail"
19:45 - Jerry Cook  1st time here at Hendershot's.  2 originals.  2nd song: "Chaos & Time".  Bit of a lisp, but it's right for these songs.
19:53 - Cyrus Lyles  Guy & 11 year-old-daughter, 2 covers.  1st time here.  She's good.  Has a voice similar to the current, original singer of "Sing The Words Wrong".  2nd song is naturally breathy.  "I Told You To Be Patient".  
20:02 - Cooper Shultz  Poems: "Heavy"  "My Experience With Religion"

20:07 - Demitrius Sicilianus  "Mystical Lullabye".  Nice, talented classical guitar style. pleasant with a nice pattern & some fast bits for the fretting hand.  Good for a "Dinner Party" playlist.
20:16 - Michelle Correlle  OK.  The music seems to be plain strum-strum-strum.  Needs some rythm.  Her voice is her strong point.  Both songs sound alike.  My friend Whit would like to hear her try to do a line in a higher octave, and get into it  like an Aretha Franklin.  Come on, SELL IT!
20:24 - Joanna Morgan  3rd fret capo.  Wow, nice minor song start out, strong & in tune!  2nd song is a churchy-one for jezuz, but not "christian music".
20:34 - Johnny Rowland  "Josephine"  Johnny's got an Army-Navy game shirt on.  2nd song he finished just last week.  He met a friend last week who has a song that has a lot of "god damns" in it, and he realized that he doesn't have enough "god damn" in his own music, so he made this.  
20:43 - Michael Fray  Hasn't been here in a while.  With Rachel, plus a bass player
20:52 - Rick Beddel  
Brett Vaughn is here, with Will Pope!  Seems he did a commercial here, and is busy being creative in Florida.
21:05 - Kevin Whitfield  "Ever Like That"  "Ocean Tide"  Sweet! Excellent clever rhyme.  Good sense of "setting".  http://www.KevinWhitfieldMusic.com
21:14 - My White Whale  The guy who delivers coffee for Jittery Joe's is playing guitar for the group.  The 2 girls are singing in Chinese, I think.  2nd song, "Not The Friend You Need".  It's funny, I like it.  I remember his name begins with a "CL", but I can't quite recall it, it is not Clem.  Not Clay.
21:23 - The Indigo Boys  Cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown".  Very nice.  JT & Logan says there isn't a title for this 2nd song.  Logan has a 2nd fret capo, so does JT.  I think this shows that 2 dudes fingerpicking at once is qualitatively different than when 1 guy does it alone.  "You Ain't Done Me Wrong".  I don't see how they could call it anything else.
21:37 - Liam Parke  "Grace":1916 Irish song about a soldier who was captured while fighting for independence, and was put to death.  "A Long Night's Rainfall"
Rumsfeld just arrived.
I saw Cory Comer earlier, and Andrew Payne is here too.
Liam has a music stand, but I thought he played these songs so much he knows them by heart.  I bet he uses it but doesn't really need it, or barely needs it to keep his place.
21:47 - Cory Cromer  "Imaginary Friend".  Cory does calm sad song well.  Confident tenor.  Oh, and he plays guitar left-handed.  His guitar is actually made left, not merely a flipped right-y.  "Don't Look At Me".  
21:55 - Rumsfeld  All guitar.
Yes, he's doing it fucking BLINDFOLDED.  When guitar player me grows up, guitar Ace wants to be this cool.  He's on Periscope, as Rumsfeld.  "Meaning Of The Square". 


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-05-25

19:30 - Larry Forte  "Can My Guitar Go To Heaven"  Today is Memorial Day.  Larry says he's feeling sluggish, but he sounds good as ever.  Matt Linden is here with his son Andrew.  Matt just had a talk about Hemmingway with another guy.
19:33 - Joanna Morgan  Cover of Copeland, "No One Really Wins".  Strong performer.  Well practiced, no doubt that she knows the words by heart, and plays well.  Knows her barre chords.  Her bracelet has a dangling charm on it that matches her earrings and catches the light as she plays.  2nd song is an untitled original.  I would call it "Now I'm Broken".  
Rumsfeld just walked in wearing a T-shirt with a bicycle graphic on it!  I'm wearing my new "BIKE ATHENS" T-shirt right now too.  
19:43 - Eric Campbell?   Avery & Taylor  1st song original "Stitch".  Weak start.  He's playing well, but his speaking is without conviction.  He's very nasally sounding, perhaps without intention.  Not bad, but they need more practice.  The duet part could be nice if they did.  2nd song is a cover.  I haven't heard it before.  Perfectly good.  The song doesn't feature a hook, however.
19:51 - Matt Linden  He's wearing a Motorhead T-shirt.  A song inspired by Raymond Carver.  "Talk About Love".  This time his volume is lower & under control, less shout-y.  This is better, if he goes a notch or 2 more, it'll be just right.  2nd song is a bit funny.  "It Makes Me Mad"  Crowd appreciates the humor.
20:02 - Lee Averly Maxwelll Baker  Poetry.  I did not know this guy was  a man of words.  I've seen him in the audience a few times.  
A guy named Alexander is getting the lowdown on Open Mic Nite from Larry just now.  He's got a tattoo of a crescent moon on his left elbow, and another with a 4-leaf clover inside a horseshoe.  
20:06 - Rex Hussmann  He's got a folding table, and hi-hat cymbal of a drum set.  What's happening?  
Sounds great, but he's a great singer too.  "Call Of The Wild", an original.  2nd song, "Jimmy Said"  Never mind the fancy instruments, his singing alone could front Maroon 5.  
This instrument is called a Jyil.

20:20 - Jason Rumsfeld  "Electric Love"  He's using a traditional music stand to hold his electronics box, no guitar this time.
On Periscope, at Rumsfeld
20:28 - Logan Hobus  He's one half of The Indigo Boys, the one with the long hair.  Covering "Creep", a nice choice.
His voice is an excellent match for this song.  Perfect delivery.  Glad I'm recording this!  
Original: "How We Were", a love song.  3rd fret capo.  
20:36 - Dimitrius Sicililianus  He's got a T-shirt with a cute mean almost-Pac-Man-like ghost over crossed bones.  He's a good performer, and he's totally into it, but the song has no real hook.  The composition is beneath him.  2nd song, he plays guitar well.  I could imagine him in The Bare Naked Ladies, or Blues Traveler.  This 2nd song doesn't have good structure, if it has a chorus, I can't tell, and if the verses are distinct, I can't tell.  It sounds like one long verse.  It's not wrong, but there's nothing right with it either.  He could use an A&R guy to direct his songwriting or pick his covers.
20:47 - Rick Bedell.  Rain just started again outside.  This should be a good match for Rick's flute.
2nd song, the rain gets heavy, and Rick says "See, it does work!"  The crowd likes this.
20:58 - Aurora Bunton  1st song, she wrote 1 week ago or so. Using the sheet music, she lost her place.  2nd song is one of the first she ever wrote.  She has played before at Hendershot's first location in Normaltown.  Nothing wrong with  this 2nd song, but it is forgettable.  A crowd is here, and screaming out of proportion to lend support.
21:04 - Peter MJ  "Burned Away"  An OK yet forgettable composition.  Guitar is too loud for his voice on the 2nd song.  He's having trouble with losing his place, he's playing from the sheet music.  Too bad, I've seen him do better before.
21:13 - Paco Trevino  I have such high hopes!  Don't let me down!  His friend Amy is with him.  1st song original.  A pirate-style song!  The composition is good, but the pitch is off.  Um, it is still entertaining.  I guess Paco is like a Bob Dillon, great writing, trouble performing.  He should shop around his songs to other acts.  This really is a good song,  He's trying so hard.  I so want him to do well.  Amy takes the lead on the 2nd song, a    cover of Pink's "Give Me A Reason".  Maybe some work with a vocal coach could rehabilitate Paco's pitch, and that would create serious value.  Despite the pitch problems, both the crowd & I like it.  I can't get that song on the radio in that condition, though.
21:23 - Mark Katzman  Strumming chords.
21:31 - STAN  Uh oh.  He stuck the mic right in front of the amp.  I got up to turn down the recorder's input volume.  It sounds like he's playing the same thing he played last week, but this time with the audio setup Patrick suggested.  Matt Linden REALLY likes this.  Of course he would.
21:39 - ChanceMcConnell   It is his first time here.  "Daybreak", written for his son.  He introduces while playing, and goes right into the song.  It starts with some harmonics.  
21:48 - Alexander Korponay  Poetry.  Nice, he aludes to My Little Pony to introduce himself.  A Navy nuclear mechanic, once upon a time.  Wrote 505th poem recently.  Learning to play guitar.  
21:53 - Sally Cruz  Just flew in from Austrailia


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-05-18

`19:36 - Larry Forte
19:40 - Michelle Corelle  
19:50 - Matthew Linden
1st song is a quieter song than he usually  plays, I got a look at his left hand doing a slidey-slappy motion, it was pretty fun looking.  2nd song, he's screaming right into the microphone, probably gonna overwhelm the recorder with excess modulation, nothing I can do to prevent that or fix it later.  This is long, but it includes some info on how to get rid of dead bodies in New Jersey.
20:02 - Eric Strand  1st song about returning to Athens.  It's rather like a story-talker similar to "Alice's Restaurant".
"21st Century Tolerant Man".  2nd Song:"Old Man Dreams".  
20:15 - Rachel House  Recently learned guitar.  "Defiant".  2 depressing songs in a row.
20:28 - Johnny Rowland  "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay"
"My Mountain".  He says this is 2 chords, and the first song he ever wrote.
He's got some CD's for sale, $2.  I scored one!
20:36 - Rob Moore  Christian rap.  His T-Shirt reads "Christian Swagg Entertainment".  First rapper I've seen here who brought his own backing tracks on a device to play through the mixer.  2nd song is a little flat, maybe he can't hear himself well on stage with the sound coming back at him?  
20:49 - William Freeman  "Crossbones", wonderful.  2nd song, a cover of a WILCO song.   
His band is "Bel Vas".  He's from Elberton, learned to play Bosso Nova.  His bass player is a punk artist, so they meet together to do post-punk.  
20:57 - Greg Benson  "I'm Not Doing Good Today".  Greg's wearing a nice straw beach-goer hat.  He reminds me of Jimmy Buffet.  Patrick the sound engineer just requested a song by Lucinda Williams.  
21:07 - Mark Katzman  Good guitar-chords-only music, I would use it for background music of a casual game.
21:15 - STAN  Brought his own amplifier.  Lead guitar with tapping, no band to go with it.  Did an interesting thing where he grabs the tuning knob of the low-pitch string and raised or lowered it with his right hand IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG, while holding a chord with his left, thus change from a dropped D (or other non-standard tuning) back to standard tuning, or vice-versa.  
21:23 - Paco Trevino, Kimbal on violin, John on other guitar, and Robert on wood-box drum.  An original:"Gone To California"

Paco's gang plays for Rick Bedell's beer & hat.

Darn, lost a few live updates here.

Peter MJ played, his songs are nice, but the hooks are understated.
Rumsfeld's first song built up to a nice sudden unexpected halt.  For his 2nd number, he used a looped drum beat, but it was not pre-recorded.  This is exciting, as the work is played live, and so the work is an experiment.  The effort is laudable, as it is basic exploratory research.  This is the kind of thing that can lead to breakthroughs (even if leads to lots more unsatisfactory paths).  Rumsfeld punches a button that introduces a synthesizer sound, and he ends the work.  He's giving some tiny micro-flashes of smiling, he's happy with it, and proud of it too.  (Rumsfeld doesn't have a long smile, if you blink, you'll miss it.)   But his mustache looks great tonite, it seems to float 1mm off of his face with anti-gravity.  This is good work.

Rick Bedell played his deeper pitch flute, 'cause 1 guy in the audience + I asked for that when he gave us a choice of that or his mid-size flute.  Rick's T-Shirt has a beaver on it, with a statement about too much work to do, or something like that.  
Robert from Paco's troup joins him for the 2nd performance.  That wood-box drum is not just some crate, it is a musical instrument.  It sounds like snare drum harness is on the inside.

22:07 - Liam Parke  2 nice comfortable songs that evoke the feeling of a comfortable, caring  domestic life at home.  He says he owns 2 dogs.

22:16 - Tom Cassarelli  "Letter To An Angel".  He introduces himself so quietly, it's as though a shy wallflower just asked another shy wallflower to dance.  He's got a nice skull graphic on his T-shirt.
22:20 - Bubba Wills  Wanted to sing "Bitches 'N Ho's", singing "Burn Me Up", I song he created by improvising while inspired, and he just happened to have his recorder active at the time.  He went back and wrote down what he had done, and that was this song.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-05-04

I had a nice talk with Cortez Garza.  He told me that he hosts the Wednesday nite Open Mic at "Live Wire", which had been called "Earth - (something)" until recently.  He says a lot of the performers who come here tonite go there too.  Too bad I have to work most Wednesdays, if I get one off by accident, I'll go.  What a nice guy, Cortez has to work 2 jobs, and had to decide whether to ride his new cycle or practice music with what little time off is available.  I know what those hard choices are like.  He says I totally guessed the wrong titles of the 2 songs he played last week.

I also got to talk to Jason, the sound guy who handles the mixer & stage & lights when Patrick doesn't.  Patrick's here, and we all talked about what it takes to connect external digital recorders to the mixer.  It could be RCA, XLR, or 1/8" cables.  It looks like a pair of 1/8" mono for left & right will be easiest & best   Jason says he plays guitar & 2 other instruments too.

19:30 - Larry Forte  "Friday Nite"  "Lonesome Trail"  --> Larry wants me to send him my recording **NOTE TO SELF** don't forget!
19:39 - Jenna Lee  She is smiling & confident.  oh, she's got a foot-tamborine-bells on.  
19:47 - Matt Linden  His first song is about a boxing match, in which "Boom-Boom Mancini" fights Bobby Jim Cole.  "First You Slip"

19:50 - Cory Cromer & Andrew Payne.  Andrew brought a banjo!  "Polly, Oh Polly".  Corey has this easy to hear tenor voice.  Must be a new song to him, he can't quite remember all the lyrics.  He says it's a 200 year-old murder ballad.  I'll have to look that up, I think I'd like to try it.
20:06 - Rachel Morgan  2nd fret capo.  Cover, "Don't Leave This World To Me"  4th fret capo.  She wrote this 2nd song after watching an episode of "Supernatural".  "We're Dancing With The Devil"  This is a good song, good lyrics, runs slightly too long though, need to chop out one of the "oh, oh, oh" portions, it'll be perfect.  Doing that "oh, oh, oh" twice doesn't add to the song since it has no lyrics & the melody is the same both times but this part is not the hook.  Her guitar has a pretty design on it. 
20:14 - Andrew Payne  "Like The Rain"  facebook/andewpayne  http://www.andrewpaynemusic.com  Covering John Lennon, "Had To Let It Go"
20:20 - Gilmore Jones  2 original songs, "Tears In Heaven", "You"  This is pretty good, accapella as is, with just even one extra musician, a drummer or guitar would move these 2 songs from a raw demo composition into a complete song.  Possibly needs drum track, some sequenced keyboards, & background vocals?  Too hard to keep an even beat alone on such a long 2nd song without some of this extra support.  Hey Gilmore! (He's sitting right next to me), try more structure (clear verse, clear rhyme, clear chorus, clear hook) in a slightly shorter song.     Not complaints, just some curmudgenly advice.  I think Gilmore could potentially generate a smash in time. 
20:30 - Kevin Whitfield  "I Finally Found My Best Friend"  Playing here Friday at 20:00 with Clara.  "Sailboat".  He heard it on the radio on the way here tonite, decided to play it for certain.
20:40 - Rick Bedell
20:50 - Rumsfeld  2nd song: "Meaning Of The Square"
21:00 - Peter Imjai  "Brothers"  It seems he's part of Paco Trevino's social circle, so the coffee house is now packed with their friends.   
21:10 - Paco Trevino & Katherine (Freeman?)  "Lost Stars"  Come on Jason, the guitar is too loud for her voice, bring her up & Paco's axe down.  Though their friends are screaming applause in excess that they wouldn't get from a crowd of strangers, it was a nice song .  This 2nd song "Chase The Sun" is more fun, peppy.  With a wistling part she's doing well.  Paco's not singing with compete confidence, and slightly off-pitch, it's still a good performance, but if they'd just get some practice and get it down pat, rock-solid, they'd be great, really really great.
21:20 - Melanie Morgan  "Your Place In The Sun".  "This One Is For You"  She's presenting these very well tonite.   
21:30 -  Mark Katzman  OK, this appears to be nothing but chords, I'm bored.  There's nothing wrong with them, but there's nothing right with the composition either.  Um, I guess you could use this as background music for something else though, so that's great.  Yeah, you could use it that way, 
21:37 - Stan  Playing an electric with lots of delay but not overdrive.  He can do tapping.  Not bad, needs to be part of complete composition though.  He used harmonics & feedback
21:45 - Jack Reed  "Motion"  Lucid Union:"Black Box"
21:55 - Erin Strand  "If She Was Still In Love With Him", wrote it today.  
It's nice, real lyrics.  2nd song:"Drunk On A Train, On New Year's Eve"  Strong!  oo, it's funny too.  He hasn't got his lyric memorized yet, but the composition is swell, maybe he'll let me cover it.  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-04-27

19:30 - Larry Forte  Covering a duo he found on the internet called "My Terrible Friend", "I Started A Joke".
19:35 - Andrew Payne  Covering a main influence he says, Neil Young.  2nd fret capo.  "After The Goldrush"  This is neat to hear from him, I first learned it in my choir class at Ben Lomond High School.  2nd song, "Locked Up", is on his "Burning Gasoline" EP, which just came out.
Locked Up is a song by a guitarist every guitarist can appreciate, he's certainly got a song aimed squarely for them (me).  Maybe I will learn to play it.
19:46 - Emily Spilane  Covering something.  3rd fret capo.  She's an experienced journeyman on the guitar.  Her index & middle fingers are moving as sharp as servos on the low strings over the rest of the chord.  Guitar is drowning out her words though, a sin for any song with lyrics.  She's a strong, non-bashful singer.  
19:51 - Carlos Camblor  "Sic Transit Gloria".  Inspired by the Movie "Rushmore", in which one character likes this phrase.
20:05 - Matt Linden  "When We Talk About Love"  Will Pope showed up with a SLR video camera on a big tripod, and enlisted my aid to set it up pointed at the stage.  I thought Will planned to leave for New York on 2015-04-06, so this is a surprise.  Covering "Rehab".  
20:19 - Cortez Garza  3rd fret capo.  "Got To Take A Fall".  A friend from Nashville is joining him.  Friend (Drew Cole) has 6th fret capo, is doing some extra picking on an acoustic with an add-on attachment over the sound hole for electric pick-up.  "I Try, I Cry".
20:28 - Rumsfeld  "Median Squared?"  Marvelous harmonics sounding extra-good through that feedback box of his.  I wonder if he chose the Ovation guitar for its harmonics qualities?  "Paris ---?"  
20:38 - Kevin Whitfield  While Rumsfeld played his 2nd song and Kevin played his 1st, I went to talk to Cortez Garza & Drew Cole who ran outside.  Fortunately, I got to talk to them before they could light up any cigarettes.  Drew says he spent a few years in Nashville, and is kind of on a tour of the South.  Cortez is serving at Iron Factory when he's not playing.  Just as I went inside, my contact from the Grassland String Band walked around the front corner of Hendershots.  Apparently Cortez knows him too.  He says just got done working at Uberprints.  I told him I was just listening to Grassland String Band's CD when I had to rush out the door to make it here on time tonite.  He asked me to write some parodies of Grassland String Band's songs.  I'll have to hear the rest of the album when I get home, to see if there's a hook I can work with.
21:01 -  Robert Higgs  Back with the smallish guitar.  5th fret capo.  "We Kissed & Saved The World"  Nice, but each line is delivered with equally calm delivery.  He backs his head away from the microphone after every line, mostly to look down at the soundhole.  He's got this nice "gentle boyfriend" saying comforting things delivery.  What he needs is less guitar volume drowning his bedroom voice, and a song with a crystal clear HOOK in it.
21:09 - Phillip Brooke  Both he & his friend have big muscles, his friend is wearing a shirt about an Athens gym.  Phil says he's been feeling super blues-ey lately.  From the context, he clearly means this refers to the musical genre, not "depression".  OH JEEZ, I have GOT to get him to show me how he does these little trills while playing.  
21:18 - Michelle Correll  Has a quality agansty sound.  The drawl is so thick, I can't make out all the words.  That's not bad, I had the same problem with Green Day, I had to read the lyrics of their liner notes on the Dookie album before I understood what they were saying, then I loved them.  Needs songs with identifiable chorus & hook though.  I can't tell what the structure of these all-prose song is, each line seems to to have the same plaintiff lilt as the one before.  I wonder if we can get her to cover something, say, Rogers & Hammerstein?
21:26 - Mark Plemmons  On a Yamaha CP keyboard.  Playing standing up, bobbing his whole body in time as he plays.  Pleasant, he has earned his light saber.  Daft Punk cover, "Something About Us".  Perfectly good.  He's got his "10,000 hours" on the keyboard.
I see Liam Parke has arrived, standing next to Larry Forte.
Johnny Rowland came earlier, still on crutches.  He's scheduled for the last slot.  
21:34 - Emissary  Says his friend, Phillip Brooke will join him for his 2nd piece.  Says he's phasing out his older works.  Soundcloud.com/emmissary89, off his album, "Truth Cafe".
21:43 - William Freeman of Bel Vas, doing some non-Bel Vas songs.  
I just scored Mark Plemmon's e-Mail, says he's willing to collaborate with other acts, and help me parody a song if I need it.  2nd song:"I Was Made To Love Her" or "Let My Baby Stay".  His silky voice & delivery carry this all-prose work.
He knows Will Pope by name, and that Will is finger-snapping.
21:55 - Drew Cole  "I Can't Make You Love Me".  On 2015-05-09 right here @ Hendershot's, releasing a CD.  "Need Someone To Let You Down".