Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-11-28

19:28 - Larry Forte
"Freight Train, Freight Train"
Very good whistling here tonite!
by [Elizabeth Cotton?]

"One Drunk Down"
A very good, solid performance of this Larry Forte standard tonite.

Larry Forte on YouTube
Larry Forte on iTunes

19:34 - Lauren Sigler
I can't tell whether Lauren is the guitarist or the singer.
Wow, her voice sounds great. But she doing a horrible rocking forward and back that brings her mouth out of range of the microphone, making it loud & soft 3-5 times in a single sentence, in a way that isn't part of singing it well, unintentionally. She doing great, her nervousness is unjustified.

I think the guitarist is Bonnie.

OW! They only had 1 single song! That screws up the entire schedule, making it too early from the very 1st act! But not quite... Larry's 19:28 plus 2 Forte songs instead of just 1 tonite, actually puts us right back on schedule.
Plus I can't take a picture of them now, since there's no second song.

19:40 - Jade Malcom
"Song 003"
On piano. Well, he's got a sheet with 12 stanzas on it. The chords are basic, and that's OK. He's playing them well enough. His singing though seems to be mono-pitch. Every syllable is the same pitch.

Jade's got a 2nd page about the same as the first, a second song.
"Song 004"
ooo, Too bad, this one is about the same as the 1st one. Well, a 1st time performer's got to learn somehow. 1st time's hard on a performer emotionally. And the crowd is loud. Sorry Jade, much like sex, the first time's not all it's cracked up to be. Keep having some, it gets better, I promise. Open Mic Nite, that is.

Jade needs melody in his singing, rhyme, hooks, and chorus

19:50 - Somotochukwu Godwin-Offor NO SHOW

19:52 - Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail"

19:55 - Katie Collins
Ah, yes, the good piano player.
Plays Nancy Sinatra's
"Bang Bang"

"Soldier's Eyes"
OK, so early on during this song, her sheet slips behind the piano's music ledge, falling 30 degrees or so from vertical to the left. A harsh shadow from the microphone is falling across it, yet the audience has no idea, as she keeps playing without any detectable difference.

20:10 - Zach Bradley
2 originals
"In Between"

"Draggin' In My Head"
About sleeping too much, and not getting things done.

He's strong in both strumming & singing. Got the plaintive white boy with guitar sound down. Could fit right in in Pearl Jam.

20:20 - Paul Edgar NO SHOW

(20:14 actual) - Reggie Hudgins
Is that a straight brass clarinet? Or a soprano sax?
"Song 010"
"Song 011"
I think he said this song is called Aton's Idol but I'll have the listen to the recording. Not too bad for a 1st timer. A little off here & there, but he's not a newbie with that pipe.
Cool, he does a little slow scat extra before he gets off the stage too, make me want to hear him sing "How Are Things In Glocca Morra"

20:30 - Avery Deakins
Covers a GREASE tune.
"Hopelessly Devoted"
Super-slick Avery. Without flaw.

"Song 013"
A song about drunk's courage. Not bad. I don't feel a hook in it though.
Avery needs backup, and a better stage outfit than that worn-out plaid shirt.

20:40 - Jay Bowers
Covers The Eagles'
"Take It Easy"
3rd fret capo.

This song won the 2016 CMA's.
Rory McKenna wrote this song, Tim McGraw made it popular.
"Song 015"
Well, he played it straight through, even though an older man at the front table was listening to a phone call on loudspeaker the whole time. But it was up to his ear, so I think he needed it just to be able to hear it.

20:50 - Rick Bedell
In the key of D, probably D minor? According to Rick.
with Katie Collins on piano.
"Flute Improvisation With Piano 016"
This is working out pretty swell. A good Rick Bedell team-up.

"Flute Improvisation With Piano 017"
Jeez, can you believe the woman who just played this is wearing a Slipknot shirt?

21:00 - Robert Higgs
"Say What"

Some gross old dude in a cowboy hat walks in reeking of tobacco smoke.

3rd fret capo.
Covers Cheap Trick

Robert is almost marching wth left & right weight shifting. This is nice, but Robert's voice is somewhat strained, breathy. I wish he could just sing a powerful tone.

21:10 - Salathiel Saldana
With a ukulele tonite!
"Song 020"

Salathiel switches to a guitar for this one.
"Song 021"
I don't know, if he could get rhyme & hook down at least, he might make a Christopher Cross-like hit.

21:18 - Rachel House
"Song 022"
A song about death that happens during a holiday.

21:30 - Michael Brandt
"Song 023"
Wow, jazz chords and he rhymed "irrelevant". When Micheal Brandt plays, he lifts up, almost standing upon his tip-toes, but he rolls his feet to the outside too, so he's standing on the outside of he's little toes, mostly. He wrote that song about power. He wrote it when his left ring finger got partly cut off. He begged the docs to reattach it, even though there was a risk of losing even more if it didn't work.

"Song 024"
Fuck yeah! Totally channeling Freddie Mercury on this song! Jezus, he's sliding to chords about 12 fret away over & over again, and hitting them.

21:37 - SASHA
"Poem 025"
"Poem 026"
"Poem 027"
"Poem 028"
"Poem 029"
This one's about a dead squirrel.

21:50 - OPEN
James "Moondog" Strickland
"Song 030"
Tapping technique and then fingerpicking on an acoustic body guitar. Stretches his left fingers across 6 frets to hit notes.

Takes such a long time tuning, nobody can tell that a distinct 2nd song has begun. I don't know, it sounds like practice to me.

22:00 - Stan The Blues Man NO SHOW


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-11-14

There's at least 50 people here at Hendershot's tonite.
Wildfires in the area have had the entire county covered in white smoke for the past 3 days.
I expect our singers will have more trouble tonite than our instrumental only musicians.

19:25 - Larry Forte
"Green Grass"

19:30 - Larry Clinton
"Song 001"
"Whiskey In My Water"

19:40 - Katie Collins
"Loving Me"
Her shirt has a black background, with white skulls that have eyeballs, and red roses.
She's got a Broadway voice. A journeyman on the keys. Her powerful-person personality shows through while on stage. Let's elect her president!

"Song 004"
The performance of each of these pieces is good, but both songs are all-verse. The drama is strong. Both have solid endings. But the rhymes, well, I could detect any. They don't HAVE to rhyme, but we all know the #1 rule of songwriting, and the #2 rule:
  1. The song must rhyme.
  2. You can break all of the rules of songwriting at your peril:You should only do so if you get something BIG for it.

19:50 - Trace Colson
"Ain't No Sunshine"
Sung to backing track. Lounge-style.

"Cry Me A River"
Good job. Trace is wearing a flat black shirt. The background curtains of the Hendershot's stage are also flat black, so there's not much outfit to look at. I guess that's another hint for the "Open Mic Nite Pre-Flight Checklist".

20:00 - Andrew Linden NO SHOW
Li Booly
Li Booly on SoundCloud

"Song 007"
Cool backing track. Lotsa clever rhymes.

Li Booly plays this Wednesday, 2016-11-16 @ GO bar, which is 3 doors East, and on 2015-12-06 @ The World Famous.

20:10 - Zach Parks
It's hard to hear anyone on stage's words tonite. I think he said he's just had a break-up?
"The Short (graph?)"

"Song 010"
2nd fret capo. Zach Parks has a deep raspy voice, and sings with a Georgia accent. Zach also plays a left-hand guitar. !! Yeah, this song digs on the enmiserating minimum wage in america.

20:20 - Ary Jeau
Says Zach Parks is her fiance. Her boots have very, very sparkly ankles.
"Wolf Call"
This is a clever song, with musical howling in it, that works.

"Song 012"
A song about train tracks. Reminds me of KT Tunstall.

20:30 - This Space Intentionally Left Blank A NO SHOW, thankfully...
William Leveritte
"Song 013"
Instrumental. Good restaurant background music.

"Song 014"
William is awesome here, as usual. Is there ever anything usual about being awesome? I swear he shoulda been #1 crooner in Rio in the 1940's.

20:40 - Brittany Lynch
"Why Must"

20:50 - Rick Bedell & Larry Clinton
"Flute & Guitar Improvization In The Key Of D"
It's good!

"Twin-V Flute Improvization With Guitar Face Percussion"

21:00 - Hello Kitty Kat
"Song 018"


21:10 - Emily Hansford
"Song 020"
An Emily Hansford original.

A cover, she used to play it a lot in high school.
"Song 021"
Capo 5.

21:20 - Jay Margolis
5th fret capo.
"Bird On The Wire"
Aw, Jay picked this song because the writer, Leonard Cohen, died this week.

A song about Mazzy Star.
"Song 023"
4th fret capo.

21:30 - Rob McCurry
Plays Paul Simon's
"Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes"
4th fret capo. If Rob McCurry rocked any softer, he'd be Air Supply. That's no complaint, it's good.

Rob's own song.
"The Sound"
6th fret capo. It's O.K., but not great. I can't tell if the hook is supposed to be I'm fallin' for you, or the sound. And the performance isn't *bad*, but:*I don't believe you mean it*. Gotta sell it like your dinner depends upon it. Rob McCurry strums while keeping his picking hand's pinky finger anchored against the pickguard, which helps him strum some of the strings without strumming them all at once. A powerful technique that makes his playing sound good.

21:40 - Jay Bowers
Covers Jay-Z
"99 Problems"
Funny, as a long-haired white guy, he sells it

Bob Dylan's
"Don't Think Twice It's Alright"

21:50 (21:37 actual) - Robert Higgs
We're way ahead of time tonite, by 13 minutes.
"This Song Is Only Here Because You're Not"
A song about his travels-for-work wife. 2nd fret capo.

3rd fret capo. I see there's an outline of a pelican on his guitar, center-left of the bridge area. I'm not sure that image was there the last time I saw him play here. Pelicans must really be his thing. He rocks from left to right while playing.

22:00 - Stan The Blues Man
He puts on black glasses tonite for a change.
"Voodoo Child"
The slide & bend parts look fun to play. Wish I had an electric right now. Shucks, I should buy a soldering iron and build one. I already need one to fix my bike light.



Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-11-07

19:20 - Larry Forte
Our host, Larry will play on 2016-11-12 this Saturday at the Bishop Park farmer's market from 08:00-10:00.

"Freight Train"
19:30 - Zach Haines NO SHOW
"Poem 002"
"Poem 003"
About werewolves

"Poem 004"
"Poem 005"

19:40 - Rigorberto Bautista
"Song 006"
"Song 007"

19:50 - Andrew Linden
The Rolling Stones'
"Ruby Tuesday"
"Song 009"

19:53 - Stanley Miller
The Beatles'
"All Of Me"

20:01 - Lexi Long
Billy Idol's
"Plastic Jesus"
Played on a ukulele. Nice.

Covers Vance Joy's
So calm.

20:09 - Paul Edgar
"Song 014"
I think Paul previously called this Do You Feel Like Sleeping In, but I'm not certain.

"Let's Cheat On Each Other"
Happy valentine's day!

20:30 - Avery Deakins
Covers Elvis Presley
"Satisfy Me"
Heck yeah, just needs backup singers!

Paul McCartney's
"Baby, I'm Amazed"
Swell! Avery goes from chords to picking out the solo without missing a beat.

20:40 - Jay Bowers
Eric Clapton's
Not bad. Doesn't quite swing on the hook, but O.K..

Johnny Cash
"Folsom Prison Blues"
Got the country 2-strum goin' on just fine. Good fun bent note at the end.

20:50 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvization 020"
"V-Twin Flute Improvization 021"

21:00 - Victoria & Bradley
Covering The Talking Heads'
"Road To Nowhere"
Sounds odd when played straight, without David Byrne's wierd voice.

"Song 023"
O.K., I guess. They're reading it from a shared music stand.

21:10 - Liam Parke
"My Little Darling"
Liam's stronger tonite than before.

"Don't Be Ashamed Of Yourself"
Liam says the guy he wrote this for a long time ago didn't like it, so he didn't play it for a long time. I like though, for the message, so I'm glad he pulled it out of long-term storage.

On 2016-12-07, Repent At Leisure plays The Foundry. They now call themselves an Irish rock orchestra

21:13 - Eric Hangartner
Plays in a local Athens Georgia band called Walden.
Says he's gonna play 2 fun songs.

"I Am The Snow"
Ha ha, if that's a fun song, I'd hate to hear a depressing one.

Eric likes to go the State Botanical Gardens for some peace & quiet.

1st public performance of this song is right now. 2016-11-07 21:15.
"Blood Of An Ancient Culture"

21:23 - Emily Hansford
"Song 028"
3rd fret capo.

A cover.
"Song 029"
5th fret capo.

Emily works at the Watkinsville Jittery Joe's. She says they're starting an open mic nite on Thursdays.

21:30 - Hello Kitty Kat
We're a full 10 minutes early now.
"Song 030"

"Song 031"
See, Jimmy isn't just playing the pre-recorded loop here, he's also doing a lead lick with sliding notes and hand tremolo.

21:50 - Mike Brandt
2 originals.
"Song 032"
Hard, complicated to play. Jeez, maybe Mike Brandt's a guitar instructor for a living?

"Mind Control"
This is like the jazz fusion of singer-songwriterdom. This is not pop, Clearchannel won't appreciate it.

22:00 - John Montarella NO SHOW
James Strickland
"Song 034"
Starts out with tapping on an acoustic. All instrumental. He's good at it.

Switches to an alternate tuning for the next one.
"Song 035"
Lots of scales-crawling of the fretboard, this sounds almost spanish. I guess that's the secret to playing Flamenco? Knowing your scales?


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-10-31

19:27 - Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail"
Odd for Larry, this time he sings the wrong verse too soon & corrects it.

19:30 - Chase White
Reads Alan Ginsburg
"Sunflower Sutra"

Said writer was ( _____ a female name )
"The Sun Did"

19:37 - This Slot Intentionally Left Blank

19:41 - William Leveritte & friend
"Song 004"
Wow. Good lounge.

William plays alone from sheet music here.
"Song 005"
A building, emotional sad song.

Liam Parke arrives.

20:02 - Zach Bradley
2 originals from about ~2011
"In Between"

"Space Cowboy"

Swell, hook-free angsty white-boy music. Excellent verse. Needs hooks + chorusi (choruses?, a chorus for each song)

20:10 - Zach Parks NO SHOW
Andrew Linden
"Song 008"
When he hears that the guitar is not coming through the PA system, he slides on the chair to hold the guitar closer to the mic, which is cool.

"White Trash Ballad"
Structure is not too bad, content stays on subject. Sounds like he's straining for pitch, not taking full deep breaths to sing with. I suspect he's never had a choir class, a music director would've showed him big breathing in the 1st week.

20:19 - Stanley Miller
The Beatles'
Acapella. Fair, but he's definitely singing entirely through his nose. He's clearly happy & comfortable.

Stevie Wonder's
Odd phrasing, taking many breaths in the middle of sentence passages that would be better off sung with 1 breath. Need

20:26 - Jack Reed
"Song 012"
A bit of humor. Swell with foot bells. It's a song about weed.

"Song 013"
Beat boxing with a looper. 4th fret capo, by thee looks of it. Great strum & bass strings pattern here. Syncopated start & stops are terrific. Jack Reed just needs a stage costume & backup band.

Rick Bedell makes the scene.

20:37 - Jay Bowers
Is wearing a Thor costume.
"Don't Know Much"

The Eagles'
"Take It Easy"

20:45 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvization 016"
"Twin-V Flute Improvization 017"

20:56 - Salathiel Saldana
Cover of Neil Young's
"Tell Me Why"
Wikipedia article about Tell Me Why


21:06 - Liam Parke
"Elizabeth's Song"
Well, this one is too very specifically about the precise family arrangement Liam has to catch on with a general audience.

"When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall"

21:17 - Mike Brandt
Says nothing, just start to play.

Covers David Bowie
"Space Oddity"
Very good, he must have practiced it for ages. Worth a listen, if you like Space Oddity.

"Put It On The Letter"
Chords pop, and go well with the lyrics, a perfect match! Strong player & singer. Wow, neat shifts to very different strumming styles. Great dynamic range too. Mike Brandt is definitely someone I'll be looking for again. His fingers must be tough as oak.

21:28 - Mark Nobles
On harmonica.
"Harmonica Clip 024"

Switches harmonicas
"Harmonica Clip 025"

He didn't like that harmonica, so he switches to another
"Harmonica Clip 026"

He's got a case of several harmonicas.
"Harmonica Clip 027"

Well, he certainly could do a harmonica solo if you need it.

21:33 - James Strickland
"Song 028"
Fingerpicking. His guitar looks new, or maybe plastic, but probably not.

"Guitar Practice 029"
Has a bit of A Day In The Life, but is all over the place. If he would just play a song, it would be good.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-10-24

19:24 - Larry Forte
"Freight Train, Freight Train"
Frank Sinatra's
"The Summer Wind"

19:31 - Ary
"Song 003"
Sweeeeet. OH YEAH! Cool hat & scarf too. I'm impressed! Stage lights are darker than usual tonite.

19:41 = Joseph Wallace
A 1st timer. Playin' the white upright piano. 2 originals.
"Song 005"
Wow, peppy for a hard subject. Good song construction.

"Song 004"
Pretty good. I'd like him to put the singing ahead of the piano playing next time.

19:50 - Matt Linden
A song inspired by a bunch of musician friends with bipolar disorder.
"Inspired By Mania, And Depression's The News"

About high school teachers who have sex with their studients
"Austin Got Lucky"
This is both filthy & funny.

20:00 - Jace Bartet
Works here at Hendershot's sometimes. Thanks 2 people who really helped him out.

"Song 007"
An electronic piece, that comes through his laptop, and Jace does an awesome dance to it! Surprises the crowd, and they enjoy it.

20:09 - Leanne Michelle Daniels & Jody Daniels
"Honesty Hour"
Hook-y. Good.


20:20 - Trey Wood
He's playing from sheet music. His sound quality is better than before.
"Song 010"
I think that was a 2nd fret capo. Good song structure.

"Lover Come Back"
Looks like a 2nd fret capo here too.

Robert Higgs heads to the green room.

Trey's got a new song out this week on soundcloud.

20:30 - Robert Higgs
"Song 012"

"I Can't Wait To Be Sided With"
3rd fret capo. A love song for scientists.

Robert Higgs has a white heart sticker on a black background inside his guitar, which can be seen through the soundhole.

20:40 - Jay Bowers
The Eagles'
"Peaceful Easy Feeling"

"Song 015"
Written a couple of months ago, about a girl.

20:50 - Emily Hansford
"Song 016"
3rd fret capo. This is a little repetitive & uninspired tonite. She's played this same song here better previously.

"Song 017"

21:00 - Avery Deakins & Lexi Long
Lexi is on the ukulele.
Covers an american folk song written by Ed Rush and George Cromarty in 1957
"Plastic Jesus"

Covers Elvis:
"I Can't Help Falling In Love (With You)"
Perfect harmony, very good.

21:10 - Groupgrass
Violin + acoustic then electric guitar + keyboard, a Roland RD-300GX. I've seen the guy with the keyboard before, but not the violinist.
Bob Dylan's
"Kansas City"
It happens to be the keyboardist's hometown. It's OK. Not Dylan's best writing.

Surprise, it's the keyboardist who picks up the electric guitar for the 2nd song, not the acoustic guitar player.
"Song 021"
Chords remind me of "All Along The Watchtower". This could easily be mashed-up with it.

Dan on keyboard & electric
Blake on acoustic
Terra on violin

21:20 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvization 022"
"Twin-V Flute Improvization 023"

21:30 - SHASHA
"Poem 024"
"Poem 025"
"Poem 026"
"Poem 027"

21:40 - Liam Parke
"The Maid With The Lovely Smile"

"Wishing It Was Christmastime"
I don't. I want endless Halloween.

Best Of Unknown Athens at The Foundry 2016-10-26 Wednesday 19:00-22:00

21:50 - Zach Bradley
Plays around town as The Blind Astronomer

"The Dragons In My Head"
About sleeping in too late. A strong singer.

"Lava Girl"
Great title, captures the imagine before you even hear it. Wow, this would be great with backup musicians to help him out. Needs somebody to play a lead during the instrumental break. Dark, good writing, even with a weak hook.

22:00 - The Powers
They play 2 Motion City Soundtrack songs.

"Together We'll Ring in the New Year"
Swell, plus harmonica.

"Her Words Destroyed My Planet"
They sound wonderful together.

Mitchell & his cousin Lawson
They normally also play with their brothers


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-10-17

19:20 - Larry Forte
Plays Bob Dylan's
"Tomorrow Is A Long Time"

19:30 - Jean Baptiste
Has a portable Blackstar amp.

RUMSFELD is in the house, maybe he's on standby?

"Song 002"
Holy Ned Flanders! The devil came down to Georgia 2-nite! I did not expect this awesome rock from such a tiny guy. Jack-booted thugs! Just right for my Halloween season. We are coming to the end! The end of the age! Wow! A feedback bend! That was cool. A small-body black electric guitar, with 4 knobs. Sounds a lot like The Pick Of Destiny. Complete with "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic"! Fuck yeah!

19:40 - Jim Wilson
A song written by Jim's friend.
"Song 003"
Jim Wilson's singing voice sounds like a blend of David Byrne and Bob Dylan.

"I Took A Left, I Took A Right, Now I'm Back"
How fun! Has some Rock Lobster spirit in it. Also, very short.

19:50 - Rob McCurry
2nd fret capo.

"Song 005"

So I go to get Jean Baptiste's contact info, and I do. I fear he might be distracting Rob since Jean seems to be talking very loud to me, but Rob says he didn't even notice. Jean has a degree in Electrical Engineering. Jean's a Gator. He's got an excellent home studio from Sweetwater music, with many MIDI patches.

20:00 - Zac Crook
Just moved to Athens.
"Song 006"

"The Other Day"
1st fret capo. Zac likes writing songs about girls he didn't go after. This is one of them.

20:10 - this spot intentionally left blank
Audience is shocked into silence by the on-stage disaster.

20:20 - Chase White
Reads Edgar Allan Poe
"The Raven"
It's being read. An not-memorized poem, and it sounds like it.

20:30 - Aarushi Lal
"Song 009"
Jay Margolis watched closely, pegs the progression as G Em C D pattern. He says she makes it sound fresh. Oh, Donna and Where Has My Baby Gone use this pattern.

Rob McCurry asks for directions to this blog, and I notice he was reading something about "Techiniques For Relaxed And Fluid Playing" with a guitarist's image.

"I Just Died In Your Arms Tonite"
I like it, a good pick for her. I want to hear it again next week.

20:40 - Emily Hansford
"Song 011"
3rd fret capo.


Drew Kohl plays here at Hendershot's on Friday.

Jay Margolis reports the 2nd stage at the North Georgia Folk Festival (which is actually not in North Georgia, it's at the Sandy Creek Nature Park just outside the Athens loop) that Cortez Garza set up was AWESOME. Drew Kohl played there with Cortez and Sidney Baker. It seems Drew Kohl is from Athens, but has been in Nashville, TN for a while.

20:50 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvisation 013"
"Flute Improvisation 014"

ooo, Karlie D's here to support her friend, I hope for the best 2-nite!

21:00 - CK Kelso
Carrington Kelso covers Amy Winehouse
"Back To Black"
3rd fret capo.

An original
This song is releasing this Friday, 2016-10-21, on Bandcamp, for free.
His bandcamp fan page, that is, the page of stuff he likes.

Probable location of the upcoming release

He's working hard and his voice has a great quality.

21:10 - Jay Bowers
2 songs about break-ups, good and bad.
"Song 017"
Karlie D knows the words to this one.

"Song 018"
Karlie D knows the words to this one too.

21:20 - Jay Margolis
A song from 1971.
5th fret capo. A song about drugs.
I think he played this before or something very similar, but this performance is better. He's getting used to the stage here.

"Song 020"
4th fret capo. uh oh, a drunk woman is dancing a little, badly in the cafe. She seem to like Jay's song, though. Breast exposure may be imminent.

21:30 (21:24 actual) - Ken Williams
"Song 021"
2nd fret capo. Hard fingerpicking while singing notes held long. Higher difficulty.

"Song 022"
Ken's a good singer, but both of these songs lack a hook, and a chorus. Both songs suffer because they are all verse. At the end of this one, he essentially starts to play a different song that is better than everything else. He should have been playing everything like that all along.

21:40 - Liam Parke
Covers Frank Sinatra's
"My Way"

"Song 024"

Plays at the farmer's market at Bishop Park on Saturday with his band, Repent At Leisure.

21:50 (21:46 actual) - Carley Kleben
2 originals. She sounds comfortable.
"Haitian Highway"


22:00 - Eric Hangartner
Settin' up his keyboard, a smaller grey one, more portable this week.
"Wasted Youth"
Excellent mournful cry-break makes this song. Most men can't even control it. Good job, Eric! oops, hits some off-notes, it doesn't break the song, he keeps playing.

"Song 028"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-10-10

19:20 - Larry Forte
"Song 001"
"Lonesome Trail"

19:30 - Brent Walker
Brent's 1st time at Hendershot's.
A cover.
"Song 003"

Covers Chris Staples
"Always On My Mind"

19:40 - Patrick Eaton
1st time at Hendershot's.
Says he's dissatisfied with the tuning on his guitar, that he just changed the strings today. Fetches a different guitar from another performer in the green room. Pulls the jack out of his axe without warning Jason.
A song about hell.
"Song 005"
Well, He's off-pitch, and searching for the high or low octave that he's gonna use. I sometimes have this problem too. I guess you really need to use a capo to solve the problem, raising the song out of the either|or Hi|Lo problem. The lyrics & structure are OK. I'd like to sing something with him, hear how that sounds.

"Song 006"
This has more technical playing, I like it. His singing is searching on this one too, and the mic is too far away. Still not bad for a 1st timer.

19:50 - Paul Edgar NO SHOW
sasha (it's REDSTRIPE.)
"Poem 007"
"Poem 008"

20:00 - Phillip Brooke
"Song 009"
A great performance. Phillip tells the audience he loves how quiet were as he played this song. It does make it easier to play, I know. Also helps to hear Phillips airy singing.

"Song 010"
Oh, fuck yeah! Slick perfect fast fingerpicking with a quiet, under control dirge-like lyric. SWELL. Near the end he beats the side of his guitar body with his fretting hand (his left) just below the neck, and then he keeps playing a little more, fuckin' NEAT. I've never seen ANYONE anywhere do that before.

20:10 - Zach Haines
Quick to the stage, starts playing right away. Very country.
"Song 011"
Capo 3. A very good performance, he knows this tune cold.

A break-up song.
"Song 012"

20:20 - Connor & Karlie D
Connor's song
"Next To Me"
With a 1st fret capo. Ah dammit, Connor's got a caramel crooner's voice. A woman in white asks if her missing charger is about where I'm sitting on this couch, but we don't find one.

"Mister Mysterious"
4th fret capo. Fuckin' perfect!

20:30 - Trey Wood
A song he wrote last week, so he's reading from sheet music.
"Song 015"
Trey's a strong singer, and strong songwriting is on display in this song.

Covers The Lumineer's

20:40 - Jay Bowers & Phillip Brooke
Oh, goody! They're collaborating!
Jay has a 2nd fret capo.
"You Are My Sunshine"
The crowd immediately starts to sing with the chorus.

Jay alone here.
Covers Justin Timberlake
"Song 018"
Looks like this is also a 2nd fret capo.

20:50 - Between Naybors
Greg Benson opens the white upright piano's keyboard cover.
They normally have 5 members, 3 are here. They skipped band practice today.
"Song 019"
Not bad. So I learned that Greg can play the piano, at least as well as the player who plays for your high school choir. Maybe it's his own piano? It's been here since last week.

"Song 020"
Melody Morgan has a 1st fret capo on this one. The total of Melody + Greg + drummer is greater than the sum of its parts.

21:00 - Greg Benson
A Richard Thompson song from the early 1990's with like ~12 different chords in it
"Song 021"
Greg's playing guitar as a left-hander. A drunk dude is being loud. Um, the lyrics of this song are boring, even though Greg plays it OK.

"Song 022"
This song seems to repeat the same melody in every single line, so it gets annoyingly repetitive fast.

21:10 - Salathiel Saldana
Both songs are brand new. He dithers about the title of this song? Why? How can you be unsure of what you titled your own song?
"Song 023"

"Song 024"

21:20 - Southern Wind Trinity
3/4 of Holman Autry Band?
"Song 025"
"Song 026"
Both guitars have a 1st fret capo.
Holman Autry Band

21:30 - Tom Littlejohn NO SHOW
Joe Willie
"Drink You In"

"Song 028"
This is funny. He asks the audience to sing along to the chorus before he begins, but it is way too hard for the audience to do, having never heard this before. So they can't do a good job.

21:40 - Liam Parke
"The Lovely Lochs Of Mount Shannon"

"Don't Be Ashamed Of Yourself"

21:50 - Rob McCurry
Micheal Jackson's
"Man In The Mirror"
5th fret capo. This is a lovely rendition. Good job, McCurry.

"Song 032"

(21:43 actual) - Tom Littlejohn
We're way ahead of time, so Tom can play late. He says the name of this song, but we can't hear it. He's reading from the sheet music.
"Song 033"
Not bad. The mic is too far away though. This would be even better with a backup band.

2nd fret capo. This'll be better when he commits it to memory and can simply PERFORM.

22:00 - Eric Hangartner


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-10-03

19:20 - Larry Forte
"Endless Highway"
"The Summer Wind"

19:30 - Hello Kitty Kat NO SHOW

"Cat Scratch"
"Poem 004"
"Poem 005"
"Poem 006"
This about an octopus

19:46 - Captain Ace Frahm
"Louisiana Saturday Night"
Well, that was fun. The large table of 8 right in front of me next to the stage decides to wait to all get up at once & depart until I begin my first song. THANKS, guys!

"I Need To Pee Now"
Slipped up on 1 lyric in the 1st verse, but it repeats, and it didn't hurt to keep playing.

19:52 - Karlie D
"Mysterious Man"
4th fret capo

20:00 - Phillip Brooke
"Wash Me Clean"
"Song 012"

20:10 - Trey Timmons NO SHOW
Emma Evers
Covers The Beatles

20:20 - William Freeman Leverett
"Song 015"
ah, William is doing that cool hand shake again this week, even better. I gotta remember to try that again.

"Song 016"
William Leverett will play here at Hendershot's Wednesday at 15:00.

Trey Timmons, the town drunk, afflicts the audience with awful. His time here was unwelcome, speaking loudly during other's performances.

20:49 - Stephen Chopek
"Song 017"
About a past radio station.

"The Ballad Of Cash & Dean"
A fictional song of real famous people.
2nd fret capo.

Stephen plays drums in Memphis, TN. He was in Float-(wood?), MS near Jackson last nite.

20:57 - Jay Bowers
Johnny Cash's
"Folsom Prison Blues"

Elvis Presley's
"Can't Help Falling In Love"

21:04 - Salathiel Saldana
"Song 021"
Salathiel's singing is stronger tonite.

"Living On Lies"
I wonder if I could take these lyrics, speed it up with a peppier tune behind it, and make it "pop!"?

21:10 - Robert Higgs
"Song 023"
"This Little Sound"
Capo 1. A song about writing songs.

21:20 - Rob McCurry
An old Amos Lee tune
"Song 025"
Solid. Never heard this song before.

"Song 024"
Capo 1. Nice easy listening.

21:30 - Tom Littlejohn NO SHOW

21:34 - Shania The Artist
Shania says a music maker from Jamaica asked her to sing to this track.
I think Shania's track has her own voice as backup, with some effects. Makes me wonder if it's possible to run voice through a smart phone, to create effects for Open Mic Nite? Surely, someone has written an Android app for that already?

21:40 - Andrew Elder
"Song 025"
The subject is depressing, but the song is written well. I like the way Andrew starts out weak-on-purpose (I think) and slowly performs stronger.

2nd fret capo, I think.

22:00 - Layne Denton
From (Deloughnahy?), GA.
Mashup of 2 blues tunes
"Voodoo Child + Folsom Prison Blues"

A song about a really bad day.
"Song 028"
2nd fret capo. This is good work too. Layne wants to play in Athens more.

Layne Denton Music Facebook Page


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-09-26

19:20 - Larry Forte
"The Summer Wind"
"I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"
19:30 - Andrew Linden
"A Dropkick Murphey's cover"

Andrew's own song
"Song 004"

19:40 - Trey Wood NO SHOW
Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail"

19:50 - Trey Timmons NO SHOW
Robert Higgs
"For All The Lonely Scientists"

"Sam Versus The Ape"

20:00 - Matt Linden
"Depression's The Muse"

Matt is finishing art for an album, and this song will be on it.
"Hit Somebody"

20:10 - Peter Imjai
"Song 010"
Uses a capo, probably on the 3rd fret, can't quite tell, his music stand is blocking the view. But he's got the capo slung up from under the bottom side of the neck so that he can do a finger slide over the top of the neck.

"Song 011"

Peter makes good simple-mumble sad-country boy songs. These could be used for background music in all kinds of projects that need the music not to overpower the rest of the action.

20:20 - Max Woolery
"Song 012"
WOW. Max sounds great, and that run he did in the break? He was look AWAY from the fretboard in the other direction.

"Song 013"
A song about ex-girlfriends. It's FUNNY too!

20:39 - Hello Kitty Kat
"Song 014"
Holy crap! Jimmy's background sound better than ever this way! He got his phone plugged in this time to play the backup with.

This song is named after one of his cats. He acquired it from a prostitute. OO, this is good too! He's not close enough to the mic though,.

20:40 - Rachel House
A Minaj & Bieber mashup.
"Song 016"
1st fret capo. This is fun. Hard to spit out all those words that fast.

A good song, a good performance. I think there is an audience for it.

20:50 - Devin Malnar-Watkins
The 1st time this song has been performed in public.
"Song 018"
This is not bad for a 1st performance. Something is missing, maybe this song needs additional band instruments.

Devin's guitar says:Hear No Evil.
Covers a Bo Burnham song
"Art Is Dead"

21:07 - Robert Higgs
We traded CD Baby download cards after his first set earlier tonite.

Robert wrote this for a friend who had a long string of bad 1st dates.
"Put Me Down"

A cover, Tom Petty
"American Girl"
7th fret capo. A barista drags her feet loudly during this song. I think she's wearing plastic shoes. She later dumps ice out. I'm surprised that doesn't screw Robert's performance up.

21:10 - Salathiel Saldana
"Naked As We Came"

"Something More"
2nd fret capo.

21:20 - Paul Edgar NO SHOW
William Freeman
"Song 024"
This instrumental fingerplucking song is a like a lovely unexpected trip to Europe. William is using some strong tremolo hand shake technique. So cool, I gotta remember to use that when I play.

21:30 - Tom Littlejohn
A cover
"The Ocean"
Not bad. When he starts to sing, the microphone is pointing the wrong way, and is far to the right of his face. He tries to move up closer to it as he plays.

Tom Littlejohn can slide & strum like a champ.

"Song For Amy"

21:40 - Liam Parke He cancelled.

21:44 - Eric Hangartner
A cover.
"Green Eyes"

"Fly With You"

22:00 - Andy Morehead
"Song 29"
"Song 30"


Hendeshot's Open Mic Nite 2016-09-19

19:30 - Larry Forte
"I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"

19:35 - Paul Edgar
"Song 002"

19:43 - Devin Watkins
"Song 003"

This is about a girl.
"Who Am I"

19:50 - Joshua Walker
He has played here in a band before.
"Old Spice, Sawdust, And Gasoline"
Yikes, this is what happens when the friends you brought to Open Mic Nite are the problem. Joshua's friends are showing approval that is orders of magnitude greater than the crowd is showing. And that makes THEM the show. His friend is singing like he should be on stage too, and this causes Joshua to forget the lyrics, twice. So add a note to the Open Mic Nite Success Checklist. If your friends are going along with you, you need to brief them to keep cool, that their behavior should be slightly subdued compared to the rest of the audience, and so shouting inside jokes or "Woo"'s of approval.

"Song 005"
This could have been a good performance, but his friend was singing all over it from the sofa. Maybe you're better off if you banish ex-bandmates from all of your future performances.

20:01 - Trey Wood
Covers Amy Winehouse
Pretty solid cover. He's read it all from sheet music though.

"Song 007"
A good performance. He needs to commit the song to memory, it's not so complex that he should need a music stand for it. He mumbles something after the song while the audience is still clapping.

20:10 - Karlie D
Covers Tori Kelly
3rd fret capo

"Mister Mysterious"
Her 1st single, Awesome here tonite! 4th fret capo.

She says the stage monitor has the guitar coming back at the artist so loud, that she couldn't hear herself sing for Funny, but since Mister Mysterious is a string-plucking song instead of a chord-strumming song, she could perform that one better. And boy, did she!

Karlie D will play Flicker Bar at 2016-09-24 @22:00. I'm gonna rush home to get ready for that.

20:20 - Sebastian Caballero
"Song 010"
"Song 011"
Oddly, his 2nd song is MUCH better than his 1st one. Did he have the some problem as Karlie D?

20:28 - Derek Sheffield NO SHOW

20:28 - Andrew Payne
"Lonesome Jerry"
Holy crap, his song tells a story. How the hell does Andrew keep writing these? I gotta ask him how he goes about it.

"My Stars"
A quality, sad, almost-dirge. I image this this a song his large festival audience gets quiet for.

20:40 - Emily Hansford
"Song 014"
"Song 015"

Same old boring forgettable songs she's sung before. She did better than that the last time. Why not do the good songs instead?

20:50 - Trey Timmons NO SHOW

20:50 - Andy Morehead
"Song 016"
"Song 017"

21:00 - Salathiel Saldana
"Song 018"
Jesus, Salathiel! Where's your ryhme scheme? Where's your hook? Free verse doesn't make a good lyric. He can play, he can sing, he's handsome, he's got an interesting outfit on, he just has trouble picking a worthwhile song to play, or writing one.

"Song 019"
This is way too long. I'm wondering why we aren't actually timing the 10 minutes rule.

21:06 - Liam Parke
"It's All About Love"
He wrote this yesterday, 2016-09-18.

"Don't Be Ashamed"

21:17 - Eric Hangartner
Currently a UGA senior.
"Song 022"
A sad song.

"Alone At The Sea"
A sad song about keeping promises.

I think Eric has a microphone run through his keyboard to give it a Tears-For-Fears ethereal, spacious quality. Looks like a Roland 08 keyboard? I can't imagine they made a modern keyboard and merely called it '08', that's a terrible, ungoogleable name. Found it, it's a model FA-08. Roland FA-08

21:30 - Rigoberto Bautista
"Just A Thought"

A Cover.
"I'll Follow You"
3rd fret capo.

21:40 - Juliana Money
Her mom is here. Sad girl music.
"Song 026"

"Song 027"

21:50 - STAN NO SHOW

21:52 - Joey Quiggins
"Song 028"
1st fret capo

"Song 029"

22:00 - Hello Kitty Kat
Jimmy brought electronics!
I think that's what he calls this.

"Song 031"