Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-11-13

(19:35 actual) - Larry Forte 
"Invitation To The Blues"  
REDSTRIPE and Andrew Linden are on standby.  

Liam Parke told me he writes screenplays.  He's currently working on a movie about the first 2 black police officers in Athens, GA.  

19:30 - Ariana Simon NO SHOW

(19:40 actual) - REDSTRIPE  
"Hello Shea"  

Redstripe has been playing Fallout 4.
"Lucy's 1950 Fallout"  

19:40 - Matt Lindon 
"Talk About Love"  
He's not screaming for the first half, it's more subdued than his usual performance, I like it this way better.  Yay!  Much smoother.  

"Hit Somebody"  
Mat plays the keys pretty hard, his CASIO bounces around a lot on the sissors-style stand.  

19:50 - Mark Katzman
"soundscape 1"  
Maybe Mark could play for a Riverdance-like troupe.  

"soundscape 2"  
I just realized I have the recorder's input still set to 0 for Matt Linden.  I wonder if that will alter the way Mark's recording sounds very much.  At the end, he makes a show of dropping his pick.  

20:00 - Michelle Corell
"1st song"  

Andrew Payne just walked in the back door, sporting shoulder-long hair.  

Michelle is showing off a strong palm-stop technique in this song.  She's transitioning from strumming to fingerpicking without a hiccup many times in this song.

"2nd song"  
She launches into this song just like the 1st one, without naming its title or saying anything about herself or her music, or addressing the crowd at all.  

20:10 (21:19 actual) - Rumsfeld 
"1st song"  

"2nd song"  
For the very first time, he sings.  

20:20 - Mellisa Biehl & David LoCoco NO SHOW

(20:27 actual) - Andrew Linden  
Tries some comedy.  About skinny jeans.  And smart phones.  And women's studies majors.  And divorced people who re-marry.  And being from New Jersey where you can't shoot somebody to death just because they throw an egg at your house.  Not too bad for a first try, I guess.  

20:30 - Greg Benson
"1st song"  
2nd fret capo.  He's a lefty on a left guitar.  

"2nd song"  

I just met a poet named (~Terron), he's been here about 2 months.  I told him a little abot open mic nite, and also the open mic nite on Wednesdays at Live Wire that I've never seen.  

20:40 - STAN 
He's wearing a Dark Side Of The Moon prism knit cap.  

20:50 (20:54 actual) - Rick Bedell
"flute improvisation 1"  

"flute improvisation 2"  
On twin flute.  

21:00 (21:04 actual) - Kevin Jeffrey Whitfield
3rd fret capo.  He's using a quieter volume, this is the best I've heard him do this.  

Kevin says he's been recording in Nashville.  Says his dog was with him when he wrote this.  4th fret capo.  He's on instagram.  KevinWhitfieldMusic.com

21:10 - Evan Botkin
Covers Alice In Chains' 
Off-key, uninspired singing.  Too bad, he's playing the chords just fine.  

Covers Jimi Hendrix's 
"Hey, Joe"  
The woman sitting next to recognized the opening chords even before I did.   Botkin's having the same kind of performance on this song.  O.K. on the guitar, but lackluster off-pitch singing.  

21:20 (21:24 actual) - Soleil Omiet
"~Hard Warbucks"  
Nice sounding voice.  Slightly timid.  I think she'd have a stronger performance while standing.  Her guitar has no strap.  

She wrote this in California.  It's good.

A 3rd song
Swell long held note vocal run.  4th fret capo.  This is good, but it's all verse, no chorus, no hook.

21:30 - Shania Hall NO SHOW.
(21:34 actual) - MAXIM
It's (~Terron)  
"Sunny Day"  
From memory!  


"Love For Candy"  

21:40 - Liam Parke
His own song, 
"Light Has No Shadow"  

A cover
"Long May You Run"

21:50 (21:53 actual) - Dean Malmberg
New to Athens from California  
"1st song"  
This song isn't "bad", but it is not compelling either.  It's boring, and that's bad.  I don't ever want to hear it again.  

"That Girl Is Insane"  
His right hand is doing a lot of fast work here.  It's got to be hard on his thumb.  

22:00 - Brandon Lawson
"1st song"  
"2nd song"  
Nothing but guitar, no singing.  Nothing notable.  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-11-02

19:25 - Larry Forte  
Gets things started with 
"Green Grass"  
19:30 - Larkin Dodgen
2 originals  
"Being 20"  
Hilarious, fun, lyrics.  About young loneliness.
"Goulish Girl"  
Consistent theme throughout, pleasant and no-exceptions ryhming.  Swell!
Got a job, has not been able to play here since 2015-06.

19:40 - Manny Cortes 
"Atlanta Rain"  
Written by a friend of Manny's.
Smooth vocal slides & low-max volume crescendoes.  Manny's got a slight speech quirk, I haven't identified it yet, but it works out just fine with his singing.  
2nd song is written by Michelle, whoever that is.
N7 NOTES is his YouTube Channel
I think this 2nd song is using a capo on the 4th fret.
"2nd song"  
He packed his bag and left through the front door without hanging out at all.

I see STAN is here watching from the bar.  

19:50 - Polar Waves 
"1st Song"  
Angsty, nice guitar solo.  Song doesn't have a strong hook.  Doesn't set a concrete scene or tell a story.  if the lyrics  had stronger content, the other elements could make for a strong song.  

With a 3rd fret capo.  It was O.K..  If the guitarist coulda sang the back-up on the chorus it woulda been stronger.  Maybe they could use a 3rd or 4th musician.

20:00 - Brent Bolde  
"Where Will We Go"  
"Calm Down"  
The quiet break with the whistle is the best part of this song.  

20:10 - Jonathan Bemid  
"1st song"  
I think that's a new guitar.  
"2nd song"  
He wrote this one this week.  

20:20 - Rachel House  
"1st song"  

It's not clear what the title ought to be.  

"2nd song"  
hmm, this is not at all a happy song.

Nick Bradfield has arrived with a tiny hand-held amplifier.

20:30 - Ethan Crump
His trucker hat says "I'm Not White Trash".  
"Mary Ann"  
"Hellfire & Amazing Grace"  
A song about his grandparents.  
5th fret capo.  Strong writing.  

20:40 - Philip Brooke
"Cat & Mouse"  
His fretboard runs are slick.  

RUMSFELD went into the green room with a backpack.  I didn't see his guitar, maybe he already staged it there.

"Please Explain"  

20:50 - James Anderson  
2 covers  
"1st song"  
He says it's an old Irish song.  
"2nd song"  
2nd fret capo.  A Johnny Cash song.  Dry Bone?  This one is perkier than the 1st one.  

21:00 - Kristian Rodriguez
Performing with RUMSFELD.  
"1st song"  
This is one long boring song, and the words are hard to understand.  

21:10 - Rumsfeld 
"La Vie"  
Nice and subdued tonite.  
"2nd song"  

21:20 - Roberto Gomez
Guitar & keyboard.  Omar is on keyboard.  
"1st song"  
"Heart-Shaped Box"
Cover of Nirvana.  Keyboard volume is drowning the vocals, and Omar isn't providing any backup vocals.

Nick is breaking out a harmonium.  

21:30 - Nick Bradfield 
"1st song"  
Starting out with a zither, no, an autoharp with keys removed?  He brought a drum, and a looper box too.  He's kind of doing what Rick Bedell was doing.  Improv playing only.  Using an electric guitar next, establishing the low notes then moving to the high-pitched strings.  Putting on a headset, now singing, but no words.  The effects box he's got is teal, with 4 visible foot switches on top.  He grabbed the drum, and begins to sing real words.  FM radio can't cope with this kind of art.  It is 21:28, we're 12 minutes ahead of schedule, he asks if there's time to play 1 more.  

"2nd song"  
He's totally meandering here with no composition ready.  No "wrong notes", complete improv, but maybe if he had a plan it would be better.  

21:40 - Greg Benson 
(21:35 actual)  
2 apacalyptic songs.  
"1st song"  
"Slow Cooker"  
Fun, with a political point.  I like it!  Greg plays left-hand guitar, on a left model.  

21:50 - Liam Parke  NO SHOW.
(21:45 actual)  RED STRIPE  
"The Lady's Old Man"  
Inspired by the woman named Burnadette who performed here before.  

22:00 - Highbeams
Got a box drum, an electric bass, a foot tambourine too.  They are from Woodside, GA.  
"1st song"  
Lyrics are buried in the instruments.  I can only hear part of what they're saying.  
"2nd song"  
Playing the farmer's market Wednesday at Creature Comforts brewery downtown.  
"2nd song"  
This one's very good.  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-10-12

19:32 - Larry Forte  
"Lonesome Trail"  
Very nice, as usual.  
Tom Waits' cover
"Green Grass"  

19:38 - Ryan Mahone
Cover of The Strokes
Solid, knows the lyrics cold.  Straight up Rock N' Roll song.
"My Girl & Me"  
(by "Das?")

19:44 - Jenna Lee (Counsel)  
Cover of Pat Benatar's  
"We Belong"  
Wonderful!  3rd fret capo.  Very girl-coustic proper cover.  Good choice.  
An original song written for her brother.  
"I'll Follow You Home"  
Nice soar in the middle.  This song could use some session musicians  to round it out, it could be popular.  

19:54 - Lexie Kelson  
"Mister Nice Guy"  
5th fret capo.  I think the vocals are too "soft", "weak" to match the meaning of the lyrics.  I can't identify a strong hook.  
A song about people who can't commit.  
"2nd song"  
4th fret capo.  Boring, too long, no hook, don't care.  No wrong notes, no forgotten lyrics, but nothing fun either.  

20:05 - REDSTRIPE  
Poem includes the phrase "midas tongue".  


20:10 - Polar Waves  
"1st song"  
A dischordant song.  I don't think they ever resolve to the tonic.  
Lyrics are angsty, and non-hooky.  Very pronoun, non-specific.  
"2nd song"  
Their playing is fine, but they didn't bother to introduce either one of their songs, not even a title.  If anybody liked it, how could they ask to hear it again?  They didn't even say the group  name, never mind their own names.  The guy playing electric with a slide sounds good.  They have some tools needed for a good act, but they haven't got good songs or the extra presentation skills.  Grab them & stick them into a larger band.  

20:23 - Jonathan Bemid  
"1st Song"  
That was better than the last time I heard it.  
"2nd Song"  
His performance of this one has improved too.  The composition is very repetitive though.  He needs to get some practice writing some better tunes.  

20:30 - Nicolas Benson  
"Into The Ground"  
Off-pitch singing.  
"Something They Can Use"  
Too bad.  This cat can't carry a melody.  His guitar playing is OK though.  He should play 2nd guitar in a band, and not do any vocals, not even back-up vocals.  

20:42 - Katie Ball  
"A Hard Way To Go"  
Almost a torch song, but the subject is not torch.  
"Crazy Without You"  

20:48 - Taylor & Chris Gustin  
Cover of Jackie Wilson's  
"Higher And Higher"  
Not bad, but Taylor screamed directly into the mic while eating it, ruining the recording.  It's like he's unaware those things are attached to amplification.  Otherwise, a near-perfect performance.  
Cover of The Weeknd's  
"Earned It"  
An OK performance.  I don't like this song though, because it is associated with that horrbile "50 Shades Of Grey" movie.  An emergency vechicle drove past with its siren on during the song, I wonder if it can be heard on the recording.  I'd be surprised if not.  

21:03 - (Zelefil Zoldana?)
"Only Love Can Break Your Heart"  
I bit breathe-y, pop-py, and plodding.  But it has some authentic charm.  
1st song from his 1st record  
"In My Time"  

Now that I think about it, Katie Ball might be the woman who performed with Andrew Payne before, but I'm not sure.  

21:11 - RUMSFELD  
"La Vie"  
Standard goodness & technical proficiency.  
"Meeting At The Square"  
Clean without effects.  An excellent job.  

21:21 - Tim Finamore  
"Me & Denver"  
"Red Lights"  
3rd fret capo.  A little strained on the high pitches.  Nice hipster haircut + beard.  

21:31 - Berto Gomez  
A Black Keys cover.  
"Little Black Submarines"  
His breath-phrasing is off.  

It's his 1st time playing for anyone but his friends privately.  
"Catfish In A Bottle"  

21:40 - Liam Parke  
"Do I Feel I"  
Sorta lounge-y, fun, calm, smirky.
"Light Has No Darkness"  

21:47 - Cortez Garza  
"1st Song"  
Smooth performance.  
"2nd song"  
6th fret capo.  A song written for his best friend.  

21:58 - Bindlepunk  
"1st song"  
Wow!  A true punk sound.  I can dance to it.  
"2nd song"  
An original.  2nd fret capo.  
Solid punk also.  
He holds up his kick drum so the audience can see his act's title.  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-09-14

(19:30 actual) - Larry Forte
"One Drunk Down"  

"I Live Beyond My Means"  
19:30 - Ariana Simon NO SHOW
(19:34 actual) - RUMSFELD  
"Guitar Improvization"  
Does poetry 1st Wednesday of every month at The Globe's Open Mouth poetry event  
"Meeting At The Square"
19:40 - Wade Walker
1st timer.  
(19:45 actual)  "Wallpaper"  
Not bad.  Not quite on pitch at the start, but he got better as the song went on.  Had a nice break for guitar solo.  1st fret capo   
"Pearly Gates"  
A gospell-y lord-i'm-a-dying song.  Much stronger performance than the 1st song.  
19:50 - Jamon Holt  NO SHOW  
(19:55 actual)  Larry went and snagged William Freeman Leveritte  
Sang a song about Waikiki.  
Rick Bedell has arrived, goes to the green room.
"Sing A Song To Me"?
20:00 - Nick Bradfield  
(19:59 actual)  Has a zither run through an echo-looper.  His friend Kevin has a hand drum and a glasses on his forehead, and a feather sticking straight up from the right side of his head.  Charles is playing guitar.  Halfway through they all switch places and play a different instrument.  
20:10 - Hill Elliot  NO SHOW  
(20:12 actual)  Ryan (Mihope?).  
A song from Superjail.  
"Life On The Intside"  
Covers a Velvet Underground song.
20:20 - Benjamin Murphy 
Groovy jazz guitar style.  
Liam Parke just arrived.
Benjamin has a smooth tenor voice.  
"All I Need"
An original song.  
"Pretty Ladies LIke You"
REDSTRIPE is here.  
This song has an awesome hook.
20:30 - Matt Erdman  NO SHOW  
(20:27 actual) - REDSTRIPE.  
A poem he wrote in high school.  
This is funny & ryhmes well.  
"Fat Cat"  
20:40 - Alexis Sauvagaeu-Robillard  NO SHOW
(20:31 actual) - Andy Moorehead  
the guy who works downtown @ Waffle House.  
It rhymes at least.  I see the green top of a cigarette pack in his shirt pocket.  Is that pal-mal?  I think I've heard those suck
20:50 - Rick Bedell 
(20:36 actual)  
"1st Flute Improvisation"  
"2nd Flute Improvisation"  
21:00 - Sam Street  
(20:50 actual)  
"It'll Never Work"  
Wonderful, cool, great hook.  I wish I hadn't forgotten my power plug for the recorder.  This is original Rock 'N Roll.  Fuckin' awesome.  Mashes it with "Stand By Me".  
Sticks a capo on.
Cortez Garza walks in the back hallway, scans the room with his guitar on his back and stashes it in the green room.  
"Lights Out"  
This song has a good sound, calm, city feel.
21:10 - Liam Parke  
(20:58 actual)  
An original, 
"The Maid With The Lovely Smile"  
Song about Liam's great-great-grandfather.  
"Sara Jane"  
Guess his ancestor married a wife half his age in Ireland.  Moved to America to escape the Irish Potato famon.  Crossed the ocean on a tiny ship known as a 'coffin'.  Lost half his children on that trip.  Started a shipping company around the Erie Canal, but it floundered.  Started a 100-acre farm with 13 children to help.  But got rich selling tools to gold rushers, i think.  

(21:11 actual) - Blackwater Deep  
Looks they're going early.  

Jason is doing the sound engineering tonite.  
"We've Seen It All Before"  
"Just Like The Rain"  
Great performance.  The guitarist is singing a swell backup for Andrew.  And the coordinated chord strums are perfectly in sync.
21:20 - Dan Philyaw  traded slots with Blackwater Deep
21:30 - Kerrie Elaine  NO SHOW
(21:23 actual) - Andrew (Huong)?
This is weird, the schedule is off.
Larry says Dan Philyaw traded slots with Blackwater Deep, 'cause he was waiting for another person to join him.  But Kerrie is a no show, so Andrew Huong is the next standby.   
Andrew is a strong singer.  Not afraid of head voice either.  Swell
Also an original.  The milk foamer on the expresso machine almost sounds like it is  shushing the audience.  
Andrew's singers has hints of John Mayer's style in it, but is distinct.  

(21:33 actual) - Dan Philyaw    
He's from Kansas City, and has some friends here in the audience.  
Covers John Mayer's "No Such Thing"  
and he does a kick-ass job of it!  How funny that Andrew Houng just sounded like it too.  
Covers "Blackbird"  
Excellent chops.  Plays & sings it without error.  Strong volume, without overpowering it.
21:40 - Blackwater Deep already went.
21:50 - Jessica Leistikow  
(21:41 actual)
"Between Friends"  
Jason realizes she's not singing into the microphone, so he goes to the stage and adjusts the mic to reach her mouth, and the sound gets a lot better.  
This song is OK, but maybe the hook is weak?  
Cover, "Clap"  
4th fret capo.  Her breathing is off on the last chorus, breaks up the phrasing.  
22:00 - Cortez Garza  
(21:46 actual)  
2015-10-10, a Saturday, will be a North Georgia Folk Festival, and Cortez is showing us the flyer-poster.  
This 1st song is localized, it refers to the intersection of Pope & Prince, which is like 1-3 blocks up the street from here, where The Daily Groceries Coop is, with The Pope On Prince 2nd hand shop above it.  
"Mistaking Children For Angels"  
Recorded a live video at Sanford Stadium recently.  It's on YouTube, Classic City Closeups.  
Katelyn Keesler is singing with him, and she can also play ukelele, though she's not playing it tonite.  
"Shooting Star"

While walking out the door, I spotted a table of musicians with a violin.  One of them offered to play a song for me.  I sat down with The Alcoholocaust.  They played a song or tow, and together we couldn't remember all of the words to "Hotel California".  Justin writes their words.  Dustin plays the violin.  Suzie plays the flute and says Dustin's name is Brandon.  Maybe I heard that wrong.  Justin says they've got 30 songs, and are working on an EP.  Their style is folk-punk.  Andrew Lindon comes along.  He reports the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Atlanta Falcons.  The Alcoholocaust says they like the Eagles.  I presume they mean both the band and the football team.  Looks like they may have some drug problems & homelessness problems.  Poor bastards.  These are people for whom capitalism will never work well.  Our society needs an alternative way by which their needs can be met. 
There is no Open Mic Nite next week.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-08-31

19:42 - Larry Forte  Covers Elvis' version of that Bob Dylan tune.  

19:46 - Mo Conoway  
A new original.
"Above The Cool"  
OK writing, but the performance is off-key & read from a paper.  Maybe with some practice & backup harmony this could be a nice, calm B-side.
Guy in hat who was singing on 1st song switches to a guitar for the 2nd song.  2nd guy performing was too weak to claim an empty chair and play the 2nd song before the guy in the hat started.  This is weird.  You're the friggin' performing act right now dude, you're the most important person in the room for the next 5 minutes, take the chair for cryin' out loud.  
"2nd song"  
Also off-key.  Protagonist of song claims he's going to rob a freight train, then says "we can talk about it all night long", which 
19:57 - Tyler Sloan  [NO SHOW]
19:58 - [Standby #1]  Lee Avery Maxwell Baker  
Yay!  I like Lee.  Poetry-Spoken Word-Short Story  
"Tribute To Arthur C. Clarke"  
20:02 - Jamie (Liddel, Waddel ?)  
"1st Song"  
Used a 4th, 5th or 6th fret capo.   2nd song uses a "half capo".  She says she geeks out on music gear.  She's loud & piercing. It's not bad, but I forgot my sound protection.  I'm surprised my recorder isn't pegging red, though.  
20:12 - RUMSFELD  
I see the singer from Grassland String Band is here, talking to REDSTRIPE.  
"1st song"  
This seems like a new composition.  I don't think it's an evolution of his other compostions.  
RUMSFELD is on Periscope.  
"Meeting At The Square"  
Although tonite he told the crowd this song is called Meeting OF The Square, he made the title he intended clear on a previous nite.  
Yes, he's playing it while blindfolded.
20:20 - REDSTRIPE  
A "Metal Gear Solid" poem from his 1st song.  
This time he did it from memory, at it was MUCH better than anything he did before.  
"2nd poem"  
20:27 - Johnny Rowland [NO SHOW]  
20:28 - [Standby #2]  Marc Katzman  
"1st song"  
"2nd song"  
STAN has arrived.  
Philip Brooke has walked in.  
Rick Bedell is here too.  
20:36 - Jess Lestikow  
"Number 16"  
An original.  Her voice is distinctive, it is not exactly nasal, but not exactly NOT nasal either.  I'm sort of ignoring the lyrics of the song and just listening to the general sound of this 1st song.  
2nd song is a cover.  
It's OK.  I probably wouldn't have recognized the original song this is meant to cover, had I not heard it here before.  It's not bad, just not recognizable.  
20:44 - Johnny Rowland  
Rolling in late with an "Operation Ivy" T-shirt on.  He shaved his face.  
Cover "Sea Of Love"  
in the style of (Cat Power ?)
Kevin Whitfield is peeking his head out of the green room door.  
"Livin' On The Levee"  
The volume is too loud for comfort.  
20:52 - Rick Bedell  
"flute improvisation 1"  
I think at the end of the song he hit the mic with his flute as he was taking it away.  
"flute improvisation 2"  
This one is a pretty good example of his solo flute work, this one was with the V flute.
21:05 - Kevin Whitfield  
3rd fret capo  
Cover, "Sailboat"  
21:15 - Philip Brooke  
"1st song"  
"2nd song"  
21:25 - Nick Bradfield  
with RUMSFELD, Rick Bedell,  and Jesse Baker playing the didgeridoo  
Nick is using some tiny sticks on a zither.  
Everything is run through an echo, and then turned up too loud.  
Sounds like som pre-recorded ethereal Nick vocals are being mixed in.  
This will probably sound better on the recording than it does live.  
21:38 - Joanna Morgan  
"1st Song"  
"You Had No Idea"  
2nd fret capo.  There's a music stand right there, but I don't think she's using it.  
Playing next Friday at Buffalo's Cafe at Alps & Baxter.
21:47 - Michael Lisowski  
Normally plays with Grassland String Band.  
"Woke Up Heavy"  
2nd fret capo.  A lot like an modern Irish rock song, ala Flogging Molly.  
Cortez Garza is standing so cool next to the green room window.  He nods at me as I recognize him.  
Playing Live Wire on Friday with his band, and there will be another one there called Hung Like A Horse.  
"2nd song"  
Micheal owned the room tonite, THE act of the evening.  
22:00 - STAN  
He's a bit slow on the fingerwork tonite, I've seen him do this faster before.  
22:06 - Andrew Payne & Buried With Children  
Andrew's on his banjo.  He pulled his hair back into a bun, it looks funny that way.  I've never seen him do that before.  
Will James is singing on guitar.  

"Highway In My Mind"  
Covers a song, Phish has also played it
"Nelly Canes"

22:16 - William Freeman Leveritte  
"Please Let Me Wander"  
Beach Boys cover,  
"God Only Knows"  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-08-03

hmmm some UGA college of business event is here, scheduled not to let us in right up until 19:30?  They take down the sign at about 19:20, which isn't enough time for musicians to setup on time.  Lost Larry Forte's set, and Isabella's 1st song because of it.  

19:30 - Isabella Summers 
These business people are ignoring her.
19:40 - Hannah Meachum & Casey Sixun  
(19:45 actual)
good thing 2 poets are coming early, they usually go way short,  and that should help keep the rest of the schedule on-track.
"1st Song" 
Off-pitch chorus.  Hard to blame them though, it's loud in here and the crowd is yammering loudly, even louder than the PA, which is turned way up right now.  
Cover of The Postal Service's "Sleeping In"  
These business people appear not to care about music or musicians.  Let's see how they react to poetry.  
Mark Katzman is here already.
19:50 - RED STRIPE  
Wrote this at the request of an ex-girlfriend.  
I'm not sure but I think Andrew Payne brought his parents tonite.
Michelle Correl has arrived.  
Seth Hendershot is here, I haven't seen him here in months.  
His books can be found at lulu.com - Red Stripe 
20:00 - EMISSARY  
Says "I put words together, they sometimes rhyme."
He's still working on the hook, promises we'll hear it later.  
"Playing In The Rain"  
He did this one last week.  He's wearing a T-shirt with an image of LEGO D.C. Comics characters, and I know them all.  

20:10 - Andrew Payne  with 2 friends, impromptu, calling themselves "Signs & Wonders".  The guitarist is Will James.  He works at Guitar Center, and gives lessons.  
Sushi is on the upright bass.  

"Burning Gasoline"  
Larry Forte under the EXIT sign adjusting his camera to record these guys.  
A swell performance.  Too bad there are screaming children present.  
20:20 - Sushi 
(20:15 actual)  A song he wrote in the shower.  "Burden"  
A song about the desire to live in many different locations when you travel a lot.  Solid songwriting.  He deserves some backup.  He ought to make Andrew get behind him with that banjo.  "Dead Flowers"  
In the key of G.  Couldn't quite understand the line about roses.  Seems to have stumbled over the lyrics in 2 places, but kept playing.  If he hadn't called attention to it, he could've gotten away with it unnoticed.  
20:30 - Jaman  
(20:23 actual)  "Paint The World"  
Done acapela.  Not too bad, but really needs a swing beat with instruments.  
Guess he doesn't have a 2nd work tonite. 
20:40 - Chris Gustin  
Setting up stomp effects box with at least 12 foot buttons on it, and a foot pedal.  
He records some plucking, and loops it.  Then he plays the rest of his song over that loop, for both songs.  Also calls in some recorded string chords in the background for part of it somehow.  
The box has a prominent "M13" on it.  
20:50 - Rick Bedell 
(20:42 actual) - Larry Forte  sings "Happy Birthday" to Rick.  
"flute improvisation"  
Most all of the business types have left.  The bar is kinda back to normal now.  I see Jonny Rowland taking a seat at a table with a PBR.  
Anna brings a tom onto stage.  
"twin V flute improvisation with drum"  
21:00 - Kevin Whitfield  Is plugging in something electronic.  
1st fret capo.  
Gavin DeGraw cover "Not Over You"  
says this song is good for electric guitar.  It's on one of his albums.  I guess his box must be for tone, a tiny bit of reverb or something, there's no obvious electric effect going on.  
Rumsfeld has arrived, talks with Johnny.  Aw, he talks over his own ending.  Nice live, but screws up the tail of the recording.  
21:10 - Michelle Correl  
Larry Forte says she set the stage at Hendershots (presumably the 1st location?) when he first started doing Open Mic Nite, and made him feel welcome.  
Right on schedule again now.  
"Fever"  She's playing from the sheet music.  This is nicer than normal.  I'd like to see this memorized, and played standing up.  She doesn't appear to use a guitar strap on her axe.  
"2nd song"  
She's played this before.  She's doing it smoother than before. Has never once told us a title for it though.  
21:20 - Rumsfeld  
Using Rick Bedell's pedal for "Meeting At The Square"  
Chris Gustin makes his departure out the back now, equipment packed on his back.  
Oop, here comes Rummy's looper for "La Vie"  
Oh, no wait, I think he's just adding extra reverb for the ending part.  Johnny Rowland really liked it.  
21:30 - Chamomile Summer  
5th fret capo on the guitar.  "1st song"  having some throat trouble.  But to be honest, they also need some more practice. They are an interesting trio to look at on stage, and they have the elements of what might become a great act, but lots of details need to be taken care of.
Cover of "No Diggity"  
forgot some early lyrics.  Sounds great, but damn some practice coulda helped them burn the house down.  Even a huge diamond looks like like rock until they clean it up.  
Erin Woo on facebook, with the glasses, is the one who does choreography.  
This was a good song pick for them though, so good I forgot to get a picture to share here.  
21:40 - Hello Kitty Kat  
His hat is on so low, I can't see his eyes.  Seems fun.  Says he's been recording for weeks.  Says he just moved back here from Texas, and offers to start a band with anyone who wants to.  hmm, I don't think he's giving off the air of a responsible pro. . . . 
"1st song"  
is about rehab.  He's moving his mouth too far away from the mic, his volume is up & down.  He's quite a character.  
Tuning in advance of 2nd song.  
"2nd song"  
He's wearing some forearm protection sleves too, separate from his thick shirt and long floppy cuff jeans in August in Georgia.  
21:50 - Mark Katzman  
"1st soundscape"  
hmm, just one from Mark tonite.  
20:00 - STAN 
22:05 - William Freeman Leverette
Late add-on, goody.
"Ebb Tide"  
Zowie, good climax there.  
Bel Vas on Facebook & Bandcamp  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-07-27

(19:36 actual) - Larry Forte  
"I Got Clout In This Town"  
"One Drunk Down"  
19:30 (19:42 actual) - Kelly Petronis  
2nd tune is about young love.  Takes a mulligan, restarts.  Which is kinda funny, 'cause the song is about playing collectible card games, which typically include the feature of "taking a mulligan", where you are permitted to discard the first hand dealt to you if you don't like those cards, in exchange for drawing 1 less card for your re-draw, after shuffling your deck.  Cuts short, tries to substitue a 3rd song, but Larry steps in to enforce the rules.   
19:40 (19:50 actual) - Matt Linden  
"Hit Somebody"  
Aw, his built-in humor is doing well with the audience, but Matt's tripping over some of the lyrics, in places he never did before.  Too, bad, falling just short of a perfect take.
"It's Not You, It's Me"  
Is about online dating.  One little trip, I think he choked a little on too much saliva, rather than forgetting the words.  I hate it when that happens when I'm practicing a song, and it's going great, but it forces you to cough.  
19:50 (20:02 actual) - RED STRIPE  
"Dream Cleaver"  
He wrote this one today.  
"2nd poem"
Is like an adventure story.  
20:00 (20:09 actual) - Mitchell Powers  
"Someone To Watch Over Me"  
Not too bad, but he's clearly trying to remember the complicated chords & picking pattern.  
Inspired by The Beetles' "Blackbird".  1st fret capo.  Pretty good.  
There's Liam Parke slipping into the green room over there.
20:10 (20:18 actual) - Open Slot  Zac Morgan  
"1st song"
1st song is about his dad, about seeing your parents more as "people".  
Larry Forte & Andrew Payne are talking with Johnny Rowland at the end of the garage door table.   
Oh jeez, he says song #2 was written today.  
"2nd song"  
He sings well.  He seems to marching in place to keep time, but it makes him look like he needs to pee.  
Rumsfeld just stashed his axe in the green room.  He's a got a plaid shirt on with a few buttons down, makes him look like Grizzly Adams.  
20:20 - EMISSARY  
"Playing In The Rain"  
Gets lost in his head just as he gets lost on the page.  Funny coincidence.  He's got some cyan addias kicks that match the pocket of his T-shirt, which is printed with an image of "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa"  
20:30 - Rumsfeld  
He's borrowing Rick Bedell's looper.  
"1st song"  
"2nd Song"  
Rick Bedell & Larry Forte watch Rumsfeld 's performance tonite.  
20:40 (20:43 actual) - Rick Bedell & Cody Hudson & ?  
"flute improvisation with digeridoo & hand drum" 
Cody takes the drum for the 2nd song.
"flute improvisation with drum" 

20:50 (20:56 actual) - Kevin Whitfield  Walks in a little late.  
"1st song"  
There's nothing "wrong" with this performance.  But the song just doesn't appeal to me.  No hook.  
He says he heard this on the radio, and might not know all the words.  What station is he listening to? 
"Ocean Tide"  
3rd fret capo.  
 aww, he can whistle like a charm.  I'm jealous.  
21:00 (21:04 actual) - Phillip Brooke  
2 originals.   He went a metal concert last nite, so he's raspy from screaming, not trying to rasp.  
JEEZ, I can really hear the injury.  It sounds great, too bad it comes with damage.  It's not worth trying to do that deliberately. 
"Wash Me Clean"  
"2nd song"  
He seems to play seated most of the time.  He doesn't have a guitar strap.  I wonder if he prefers it that way, or simply never thought about it.  
21:10 - Andrew Payne  
"The Company Kept"  
He's doing great tonite.  So reliable.  
Andrew is on facebook & soundcloud.  
Townes Van Zandt cover 
"Two Girls"  
I've never heard this song before.  The internet says it's also associated with Roseanne Cash.  I'll look up more details later, when I add the MP3 files here later.  
21:20 - The Dubious Duo  
It's the gentlemen from Groundhog Studio, wearing matching tie-dye shirts.
Robert is playing the guitar, Nick is on the harmonium.  Rocking out blues pattern.  
"1st song"  
"Love Like Yours"  
21:30 - Scott Tyson  
It's his first time here at Hendershot's.  
"1st song"  
Active, strong guitarist & singer.  Louder than it ought to be for the content.  
"We Bleed"  
Plays with more passion than just about everyone else.  
21:40 - Mark Katzman  
Calls what he does "Soundscapes".  I agree, that's a good name for his genre.  I think you could tag cloud him as "soundscapes" along with Enya and The Monks Of Santo Domingo De Silas.  
"1st song"  
Brianna joins him him on drum for 2nd piece.  
"soundscape with drum"  
21:50 - STAN  
Refer to image for clues on how to identify a STAN in the wild.  Notice the colorful amplier it displays, and the coresponding plumage of its feet.  
22:00 - Liam Parke 
Covers Frank Sinatra's "Love's Been Good To Me"  
(22:09 actual) - Isabella Summers  A late extra.  
Covers Pearl Jam's "Black"  
She knows the words, but the delivery is clinical.  
Covers Pink Floyd's "Mother"  
a rules violation: 2 covers.  aw, same problem as the first song, doesn't seem to love this song as much as we do.  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-07-20

(19:38 actual) - Larry Forte  "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"  
"2nd song"
19:30 - Mitchell Powers  (19:43 actual)  An original song about his grandmother, who died when he was in the 4th grade.  
Very well done.
Ooo, sounds like he's tuning 1/2 step down for the next song.
"Everybody Wants To Rule The World"  YAY!  Very good.
19:40 - Matt Linden  A song about online dating.
1st song probably ought to be titled "Fishing In A Dirty Pool"  
Says he just finished the last verse of that song in the green room tonite.  
A song he wrote about Athens in the first 6 months that he lived here.
"You're In Athens"  
Hmm, I thought he previously said he wrote this after visiting others in, what was it, New Jersey (?), on a recent trip.  Perhaps that was a different version of this song.  
Rick Bedell arrived through the back door just as Matt is taking away his keyboard from the stage.
19:50 - Jaclyn Steele & Micheal Gibson  "Strut"  Nice.  
She wrote the 2nd song in California.
"If You Love Me"
Sad lost love song.  Very good.  oo, there's more song when I thought was over.  Both songs need to lose 1 verse or chorus or both each.  
20:00 - Logan Hobus  It looks like he's got a brother here tonite.    A new sad song.
"Like I Told You So"  
Grity and good, ooo, he's giving a neat-o nasty mean look at the audience that is a spot-on match for this song.  He's wearing a black T-shirt, so a picture won't come out well, so I'm not gonna bother taking one.
Jesse Winchester wrote song #2
"How Come The Devils Smile"  
Andrew Payne just arrived, standing next to the green room door.  
20:10 - Xena Mansoura  
STAN has arrived just as she takes the stage.  
Cover of Halsey  
It seems she's choking off the last syllable of most lines, but I don't think it is quite right.  The delivery is sort of flattened out, not as in pitch, but as in not as dynamic as it could be.   
Cover of Deathcab For Cutie
"Tiny Vessel"  
An analytical coach could help her improve a lot, lots of potential here.
Both songs seem to have a 1st fret capo.
20:20 - Cody Hudson  Fails to introduce the 2 friends playing with him, or tell us what the title is.  2nd guitarist is left-handed, didn't cut the ends of 3 strings off..  
"1st song"  
Asked for the vocals to be turned down as the song begins, fails to start to the song fresh.  
Has no clear hook.  It rhymes at least, here and there.  
Justin & Brandon, are the other two, one of them sang the 1st song, the other plays the violin.  I didn't see him point when talking, so it is not clear who is who.
With Cody playing & singing the act is called "In The Name Of Love Featuring The Alcholocaust".  They traded guitars for this song.  Uh, the violin is not played badly, but it sounds like it's playing a completely different incompatible song.  These guys are dressed like slobs.  Cody has a nice voice, but this song has generic content that doesn't touch anyone, really.   
20:30 - Keith Wolfson  You can find him on facebook.  
"Restoration Project"  
He's turned up really loud, but that's wrong for this angsty song.  I wonder if he told Patrick he wants it that way?  
Keith is tuning down for the next number.  He says his songs have no point, make up your own meaning.  That strikes me a guaranteed recipe for bad songs.  
Stands for "Under The Influence".  oop, he's gonna muligan on that song and do
I guess he didn't quite have the correct tuning he wanted for UTI.  
Philip Brooke & his friends moved over to the empty couches area.
Keith has forgotten the 3rd verse.  Angsty & loud but with no apparent purpose.  I don't won't to hear these again.  
20:40 - Rumsfeld  Brought his electronics tonite.  
"This is a new song"  
Looks like a 10th fret capo.  I got the recorder input turned all the way down.  Yep, that was a good call.  It sounds like he's got a slow kind of auto-wah effect combined an echo.  He's using similar effects for the 
"2nd song"  
He starts by striking the fretboard overhand at the harmonic 12th fret.  It's pretty hot down here, he must be roasting up there.  
On Periscope as Rumsfeld.
20:50 - Rick Bedell  Cody Hudson joins him for the 1st number.  
"flute improvisation with dijeridoo"  
Next number uses his twin flute.  
"2nd song"  
21:00 - Phillip Brooke & Harry Cloud  
Friend joines him to play jazzy drums with brushes.  
"Cat & Mouse"  
"You Couldn't Explain To Me"  
Very good. 
Zach asks whether I'd like to hear a song about a candy bar or a race war.  I say I want both.  Then he makes it clear the other song is about a race horse.  I pick the candy bar song.  
21:10 - Andrew Payne  This is a Decemberists cover.  
"By The Old Main Drag"  
Andrew's levels are too hot, Patrick's never turned him up this loud before.  He's peaking, sorry.  I'll turn it down for the next song.  
"Highway In My Mind"  
Andrew's got shoulder length hair, and has maybe 2-4 days of a beard tonite.
Liam Parke has arrived.  It doesn't look like RED STRIPE or EMISSARY are going to get a standby slot tonite.  
21:20 - Zach Clayton  
"1st Song"
I think the last time heard this, it was acoustic.  It turns out I had to turn the input all the way down for Zach's guitar too.  
Especially since Harry Cloud stuck his drums next to the mixer, the hallway to the backdoor jammed up the stage right entrance-exit.  This made it hard most of the night to reach the recorder, and read it's levels.  Dropped his pick near the end of the song, I think.  Puts on a bandana for the 2nd song.
"Melting In The Milky Way"  
21:30 - Anna, Erin, Tamara  
Hmm.  A weak start.  Off-pitch.  
"1st song"  
Checked out the ukelele from the Athens Public Library.  'Cause that's a thing you can do in Athens.  
Cover of Micheal Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel".  A good choice.   Ahh, I can't quite tell if Anna can't remember the words, or is letting the audience jump in.  Mmmm, getting some the easy lyrics wrong, so I think she forgot.  To bad, the music behind the words is better than the vocals.  Such a shame, could have done so much better.  Anna says she dances and does choreography, so if you want to do a music video, she is willing to help.
21:40 - Mark Katzman  
"1st song"  
"2nd song"  
21:50 - Stan  "SONG"  
22:00 - Liam Parke  of Repent At Leisure
"Lonely Is The Night"  
"I Used To Be Lots Of Things"  


Testing Inclusion Of Videos

Here's a few videos clips of open mic nite, just to give a taste of what it is like to actually be there. This is just a test to see if it is technically possible to include videos easily into this blog, and an evaluation if some more videos would be worthwhile. These vids were taken hand-held from an iTouch4, so this is what I can get out of it. Perhaps with a serious camera that has better performance in low-light & high-contrast situations such as these, a better picture could be achieved.

Direct link to video file in various formats:
WebM  -:-  Ogg container for Theora Video & Vorbis audio  -:-  MP4

Direct link to video file in various formats:
WebM  -:-  Ogg container for Theora Video & Vorbis audio  -:-  MP4

Direct link to video file in various formats:
WebM  -:-  Ogg container for Theora Video & Vorbis audio  -:-  MP4


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-05-13

19:30 - Larry Forte  "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"  
19:34 - Mark Katzman  
"1st song"  
Sounds exactly like all the other songs he's ever done.  Tension building chords that never resolve.  
"2nd song"  
Sounds almost exactly like the 1st one he just played.  He may have strummed harder on 5 early-ish downstrokes in this one.  Might be okay as the background music for "waiting for other players to join" part of a multi-player game.  A guy I know might want that.
19:41 - STAN  
19:50 - Lucius Malcolm  
"You're Leaving Now"  
Not bad.  He talks like a "youth pastor" though.  
"2nd song"
Not too bad.  
19:57 - RED STRIPE  
A woman he used to date asked for more poems from him, this was the idea behind his 4th album of poetry.
The same woman asked him to include these words in the title inside of a poems.
"A Beautiful Disaster"
20:03 - Glen York  
Glen wrote this song right before he moved here from Montana. 
"Home With You In Georgia"  
I can tell he really feels this song.
"Seal It With A Kiss"  
This is good, good hook, this song suits him well.
20:10 - Zach Morgan  (NO SHOW)  Larry Forte thinks he might be 2 doors down at The Grit.  

Matt Linden  
"Woke Up This Morning"
Jeez, he's such a character.
"Wonder Woman Kicked My Ass"  
He's wearing a SUN Studio T-shirt.  Matt's played here so much, he can set up his keyboard pretty fast without tripping over cords or other trouble.  The part where the mad guy says "stay off my lawn, I'm buying a gun" was funnier tonite than usual.

20:20 - Larry Forte  
Tom Waits' "A Soldier's _____"  
Larry's original: "One Drunk Down"

20:28 - Rumsfeld  
A new song.
"This Is Gonna Be Chaotic"  
Rumsfeld says La Vie is about deciding to realizing that life is ups & downs.
"La Vie"
Rumsfeld is on Periscope, usually every day.

20:36 - Rick Bedell & Rumsfeld
"flute improvisation with guitar"  
"flute improvisation"  

20:48 - Philip Brooke
A Jeff Purdy cover
"I've Got These 4-Way Blues"
"Run, Run Away"

20:56 - EMISSARY & Philip Brooke
EMISSARY is Gabriel.
"It Was Always You"
"2nd poem"

21:02 - Mitchell Powers
A cover of the Weezer frontman's "Lover In The Snow"
Needs just 1 or more additional musicians to back him up, even just 1 other singer, and a fancy stage outfit, and he can go pro.
"Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" 
He was a lot louder on this 2nd song.

21:11 - Liam Parke
A song about how we always think god approves of our side when we fight a war.
"With God On Our Side"
"You're The Only One"

21:22 - Zach Morgan  
"Your Everlasting Light"
An original about when someone is pursuing you, but you feel like they don't really know who you are.
He's louder on the 2nd song.  He's got a great haircut, but that black T-Shirt under these dark lights doesn't make for good photos.  3rd fret capo.

21:31 - Andrew Payne  
2nd fret capo
Cover of Uncle ____
"1st song"
A very good solo performance of Like The Rain.
"Like The Rain"

21:41 - Cortez Garza
6th or 7th fret capo
"Mistaking Children For Angels"
2nd fret capo
"Immortal To Me"
AH jeez, I don't see the green lights on my recorder, is it catching this song or not?  Nope, missed it.  I'm sorry Cortez.  I need to watch more closely next time.