Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-03-20

19:28 - Cortez Garza
"The Fall"
With a 2nd fret capo. Tender & sensitive, I should try to figure out the lead sheet for this one. It is so characteristic of Cortez.

Keeps playing straight through with the 2nd fret capo, as he tells us he's going into the next song.

"Song 002"

19:30 - Garrett Lott
Capo, on 6th fret.

About Brett Young.
"In Case You Didn't Know"
3rd fret capo. Garrett's more live for this song than the first one.

Garrett Lott has a YouTube Channel

19:43 - Kevin Murphy
"Song 005"
I can tell he's been a guitar player for many, many years. He knows this song cold. He plays with feeling. Feels so art house to me. Oo, has a nice high part that suits his voice well. Wearing black, he can't be seen very well though. The ending of this tune sounds like where half of a verse is.

"Song 006"
He's a good player, but this song doesn't have enough structure or hook to win over the crowd. I wanna here him play a cover that somebody else (who has sense) picks for him.

Paul Edgar is here now.

19:52 - Cory Jolly and Brent Davenport
"Song 007"
It's not easy to hear the part of the lyrics that aren't the soaring loudly parts. I can't tell what the song is about.

"The Mountain"
Brent the mandolin player takes the singing lead here, but guitarist Cory sings much louder than he does during the chorus, it overpowers the song's mood established by the mandolin player. This is the better song of the two.

20:04 - Joseph Mosman
Joeseph says the name of this song, but it's so soft I can't catch it.
"Song 009"
Has a great opening line, really sets the scene, like the greatest of novels. Wearing black. The mic is up too high. He needs to look at the fretboard a little and this means his mouth must move away from the mic.

"All The New ____"
1st fret capo. Sensitive singing. He'll sound great in a studio.

20:14 - Paul Edgar
Guitars Are Hard

A new song.
"Song 011"
For his girlfriend, best roommate he's ever had.

For his friend Matty.
"Song 012"

He'll be putting out an EP in the summer.

Paul thinks he's got 2 minutes more to play, and Cortez doesn't stop him.
"Song 013"
Has a progressive message. Mic's up too high, he has to stand completely straight up to be heard in it.

20:25 - Greg Benson
A song for millionaires.
"Song 014"

The thought strikes me that it would be nice if we had a rather permanent good backdrop for taking easy photos of open mic performers, so we could be all but guaranteed to get at least a few excellent event photos of each act. It might be a lot like a red-carpet awards show photo, or especially like those modern many-tiled-logos backdrops that are seen on T.V. for major gatherings, such en economic summit or The Grammy Awards.

A song for guys who wear Andy Capp-style golf hats, the kind without a pom-pom.
"Song 015"
A Burt Bacharach song.

20:34 - David LoCoco
"I Left My Heart In San Francisco"
Fuckin' awesome! Flawless singing.

Maybe it would be easier to change the backdrop curtains to a different color than get the artists to find clothes that aren't so dark.

"The Shadow Of Your Smile"
A nice song, but only right for an audience who can appreciate it.

Kevin has arrived.

20:42 - Rick Bedell
with David LoCoco
"Flute Plus Guitar Improvization 018"

"Flute Plus Guitar Improvization 019"

20:54 - Kevin Jeffrey Whitfield
4th fret capo? Or maybe a 5th fret capo. Kevin just wrote this song this week, he's still relying on notes.
"Song 020"

Kevin has a Partridge Family bus-style graphics on his pick guard, and the guitar strap matches. I've never seen a matching pair of those anywhere else.

Kevin switches to the house piano for this sad song.

Kevin's music website.

21:07 - Brittany Williams
"Song 022"
maybe called *your heart is as black as mine*. Would be perfect for a gothic convention with Voltaire.

"Someone To Watch Over Me"
Very good. More than just a recital.

21:10 - Sara Zaidspiner NO SHOW
Hello Kitty Kat
"Song 024"
A bit off-pitch here & there.

"Song 025"
He's a little bit too far from the mic, especially when saying the cuss words I love. I've heard Jimmy sing the "...I can't handle this" portion of this song with more passion before. It sounded kinda recital-ish compared to normal.

21:24 - Emily Hansford
An original.
"Song 026"
4th fret capo. This is nice, needs backup musicians to play with her. Her voice should be the most prominent part of the mix by far.

Definitely a 4th fret capo for this one, at least tonite, she even says so.
"Couldn't Love You More"

She's got another Open Mic Nite
1st Thursday of each month
18:30-20:30 at Watkinsville Jittery Joe's
Next one is 2017-04-06.

21:33 - Mac McComb
"Basket Case"
This is not a cover of the Green Day song, it's a different original. This song fools the audience a bit, everyone pays attention.

"My Pitiful Creation"

21:44 - Yancarlos Sanchez
Has a red Epiphone with a white racing stripe on it, & serious Max Headroom sunglasses on. And he's wearing a light brown Carrhart-style winter-weight coveralls. He must be hot as can be. Uses mouth style jazz trumpet noises. Very neat, switches to outright beat-boxing meringue rhythm.
"Song 030"

Yancarlos Sanchez' act is the most off-beat performances I've seen here in a year. His mouth-trumpet noises are swell.

"Song 031"
Yancarlos switches to the house piano for the next song. I think he's got beat-box track pre-recorded, but manages to trigger it while playing in perfect sync with it. Very interesting. Captures attention.

21:50 - Monique Osario
It's her 22nd birthday.
Daniel Allen plays the ukulele for her.
"Las Mañanitas"
a traditional Mexican birthday song. Cool. She sings with a strong comedic opera style. Good for a musical.

Yip Harburg's
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
Not too bad, but she's reading the lyrics, but loses it part-way through. Maybe Daniel's having trouble finding the right chords? Playful hamming it up anyway. Perfect for a stage show.

22:00 - Cortez Garza


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-02-27

19:29 - Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail"
"One Drunk Down"

19:30 - Sasha
"Poem 003"
"Poem 004"

We need to make sure poets do 3 normal size poems, as that will help us stay on time. 2 poems is too short, as the poet will done minutes early, and that puts us way ahead of time.

19:38 - Katie Collins
"Silent Voice"

Performs Jason Webley's
There was a false stop there.

Jason Webley's Icarus on YouTube

I just noticed the back of the upright piano has 2 microphones pointing at the back of it.

19:47 - Roberto Gomez
A cover
"Song 005"
A song with something about about a guillotine as the hook.

Roberto's own song
"Song 006"

Roberto plays guitar well, and his voice a smooth quality good for ballads & sad songs. His hair is jet black, and that reveals to my eye that the stage's backdrop isn't purely black, it's a very dark purple almost-black.

19:56 - Evelyn Reneè
She's from Commerce.
"Sunday Kind Of Love"
She holds the microphone, and belts it out like a diva. Her movements are a lot more entertaining than most singers here. Has a sweater tied around her waist though, not the greatest outfit. It does show that a sari or other flowing outfit would shake around on stage in fun ways on some future performance

"Big Bad Handsome Man"
This is a good burlesque style number. Worth listening to.

Evelyn's artist page on facebook.

20:05 - Gage Howe
The Beatles'

Gage is a tenor.
This is awesome! Excellent bass grove notes lines. Clever concept executed with concrete, satisfying rhymes that work. Has nifty finger picking fill-ins too. I bet it's fun to play on guitar. Gage needs an electric bass player to back him up on this song.

20:12 - Henry Rogers

I just go an idea that Open Mic Nite could use those little pager square devices that often-crowded restaurants use to call parties to their reservations. We could hand them to artists to call them right before their slot.

Henry is from Nashville
That was pretty good.

"Laundry Room"
By The Avery Brothers. Played with a 4th fret capo. Not bad. He plays it well, but the thing is just complicated enough that he can't look at the audience, he has to concentrate on the instrument. A simpler song would allow him to play FOR the audience and be here with them. The song is generally OK, but it's getting repetitive and long. And it ends just in time after I have this thought.

20:22 - Xavien Yearby
"Let Me Love You"
His partner's phone or cord with the backing track fails with scratchiness, so Xavien does it acapella. He asks the audience to finger snap, and this works well. Evelyn sings along from the audience, she knows the background singer part to this and sings along. This is nice.

Xavien *might* have planned to sing another song, but wisely bails instead of doing another acapella song unplanned.

20:27 - Trey Powell
Damien Rice's
"Green Room"
Trey sounds a lot like other famous romantic R&B singers, say, Isaac Hayes. Wearing all-black including a black hat against the dark background, he vanishes. Which is hard, he's a huge mountain of a man.

"Outlook On Life"
Trey is playing this guitar without using the strap. He's got both glasses on and a hat. He's got his eyes all-closed too.

20:36 - Jay Bowers
Ed Sheeran's
"Shape Of You"

"Poster Wife"
About a pin-up girl poster. Funny as most country song. Katie Collin's table full of friends clap along.

Has an Instagram page: JayBowersMusic

20:47 - Rick Bedell
joined by David Lococo on guitar & Katie Collins on piano

"Flute Improvization With Guitar And Piano 018"
Wow, they pulled off a cold stop somehow. I wasn't looking at them when they did it, I don't know how they signaled the ending to each other, I didn't hear a lead-up to a finish in the music itself.

"Flute Improvization With Guitar And Piano 020"

20:58 - Hello Kitty Kat
Jimmy records loops in his den. When any of his 3 cats meow, that gets included into the track a little bit.
"Song 021"
I see Jimmy reaches to the tablet on the floor to trigger playback, this is kinda hard 'cuz he's already got his guitar on his lap. I'm gonna suggest using a music stand for the tablet. This could also play to the audience, by showing them the tablet too. Forgot to adjust the mic. He has to lean far over the guitar to get close to the mic.

"Song 022"
He says the name of the song, but the thing starts to play so fast I can't understand what Jimmy called it.

Hello Kitty Kat's website.

21:09 - Larry Clinton NO SHOW
David Lococo
Covers Frank Sinatra's
"She's Funny That Way"

And Tony Bennett's
"The Shadow Of Your Smile"
I wonder if David comes to sing here on Jazz Nite?

21:19 - Duke Wayland & Deb Carter
Duke has a terrific rock & roll haircut.

"God Damn"
We get some feedback off of the mic arm that points at Deb's guitar. This is a good song, but Deb's not close enough to her voice mic, and isn't pointing her mouth at it. I like this song, but Deb's performance tonite doesn't rise to the level of ownership that the lyrics God Damn demand. Make the audience believe you MEAN IT. I know open mic nite is friendly, but this song's meaning is one of astonishment. Like an actor in role, you need to make us feel like you're astonished.

A tip for the Open Mic Nite Checklist: make sure your guitar has some kind of pick-up that you can plug directly into the sound system, if at all possible, to avoid a microphone feedback issue.

They have a band called Scarlet Stitch. Both of these songs are their own.

The finger picking here is impressive. Hard to pull off, that guitar doesn't even have a cut-out shape.

21:31 - Duncan Sligh
2 covers.
"Fake Plastic Trees"
By Radiohead. I don't like Radiohead very much. Duncan sings their song better than they do.

Dave Matthew's Band
Duncan's roomie is a big Dave Matthews fan. Duncan should save his talent for better songs than this. His performing skills are greater than this forgettable B-side song deserves.

21:40 - Stanley Miller NO SHOW
Steps up to play the piano.
"Song 029"
Not bad, but he isn't singing anything. The tune doesn't have a strong melody or motif. It's just competent background music. A static dinner music song. I can't tell if it's all improv or a song certain, memorized. Oh no, after 10 minutes, he starts to sing. Apparently a Leonard Cohen song about coffee or something.

21:52 - Michael Brandt
This is a good song. Unfortunately, and bunch of people who don't know any better choose this moment to leave. They haven't learned Micheal is awesome yet. Maybe if he had a flashy outfit, he'd catch them long enough to keep them. Also, they had plenty of time to go before he started. That wasn't very thoughtful of them.

"Put It On The Letter"
This would sound good with an upright bass behind it. Jeez, this song is like an amusement park ride with highs & lows. It might be fun to parody, if it gets more famous.

22:00 - Liam Parke NO SHOW


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-02-20

19:30 - Larry Forte
"Song 001"
"Song 002"
Pretty good, but Larry biffs the last line, it was kinda funny to me.

19:34 - Ethan Phillips
"Front Row"
This is a well written song. Needs more musicians.

A song about going to church just so you can watch a girl there.
"Song 004"

19:40 - Hello Kitty Kat
"Song 005"

Jimmy throws his ball cap onto the stage floor for this song, 'cuz it's hot on stage tonite.
"Song 006"

19:50 - The Powers
It's only the Mitchell power tonite.
5th fret capo.
His guitar sounds great. I wonder what his rig is.
"Song 007"
This is radio-ready! OMG planet Earth will eat up everything Mitchell is cooking right now. His long sweeping haircut is camera friendly. He is ready for a show at any time right now. Playing Live Wire Athens 2017-02-27 at 23:00.

4th fret capo. Mitchell wrote this in high school.

20:05 - Kevin Murphey
His Ball cap is halfway between green & cyan, and matches his plaid shirt.
"Song 009"
This song starts out as an impressive Scarborough Fair sung in a grassland style, but then immediately becomes a different song about Bartow ( city in the state of Georgia, U.S.A.). It's a good different song, but I also don't want to miss a complete cool style shifted Scarborough Fair that the intro promised! It ends with an unexpected Scarborough Fair outro. 3rd fret capo. Kevin's using an excellent dynamic range.

I guess Kevin only sang the 1 song.

20:15 - David Wiseman
"Missouri River Runner"
A blues song with harmonica. It has a good beat. David has a huge white hairdo that is fun. 5th fret capo.

A song about a protagonist who's about to be hanged.
"Song 011"

Kevin is from Asheville, NC. He's selling CD's for $5.

20:23 - Ron Perry
Capo 1
"Song 012"
He sounds good. I mistook him for a homeless dude. His blue bandanna & grey beard are interesting to see with his medium-grey raspberry colored shirt. This song has an identifiable hook too.

Cortez Garza is checking in with Larry right now.

"Song 013"
A song about moving to Colorado to grow weed. Ron Perry is like a much younger Willie Nelson. An even stronger hook, which I like. Hook-wise, not weed-wise. That was fun. I wonder if we'll see him again?

20:30 - Phillip Brooke
1st fret capo.
"Song 014"
This one is quiet-ish. An "I'm so lonely" song sung kinda happy. Phillip is so cute when he forgets the words.

Phillip wrote both of these songs.

"Song 015"
A hippy song about the river that runs past his house, that he spends a lot of time next to.
It's just not Phillip's nite tonite at all.

20:41 - Jay Bowers
2 originals about Jay's love life.

Capo 2.
"Song 016"
Good rhymes. Needs some more practice.

"Drink All Day"
This one's more humorous. It's the sentiment of wage slaves running the rat race everywhere.

20:50 - Cortez Garza
3rd fret capo. Cortez ask for more vocals in the monitor. And now more guitar. check check. He always does that.
"Song 018"
Full of rhymes.

Rick Bedell's T-shirt says something about duct tape.

With Sarah.
"Shooting Star"
Cortez has lived in Athens for ~9Y. Recorded this once, is re-recording it. Not bad at all. Sarah's wearing all black, and has her hands in the pockets of that jacket. They need to trade positions, as the head of Cortez's guitar is in just about the right place to whack Sarah in the face. Can't take a great picture that way.

21:00 - Sarah Zuniga
A cover:
"Murder Song"
With Cortez. He puts on a black jacket, and almost vanishes against the black stage backdrop. We get some microphone feedback, and Cortez moves the mic stand further away from the monitor.

They did a show at 2-Story coffee last Friday and erred with "Murder Song", so this is their make-up.

2017-03-24 @ Flickr bar they're doing a show with 2 other acts.

"Song 021"
4th fret capo. Cool lyric:I don't want to hold your hand if you don't give it willingly.

Released a single on Spotify & iTunes called "This Year".

21:11 - Ken Williams NO SHOW
"Poem 022"

"Poem 023"
About a houseplant.

21:17 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvization 024"
Sometimes it's just nice to hear Rick play the flute alone.

Yuck! The wretched smell of cigarette smoke is blowing in through the open door, ruining what would otherwise be a perfect moment.

Rick's got his looper out, the Line 6.
"Twin-V Flute Improvization 025"
A little peppier than usual.

I see Salathiel looking at the art on the far wall, so he's ready for his slot.

21:30 - Michael Brandt
Seeing Brandt's name on the list banished any earlier thoughts I had of skipping open mic nite. Let's hear if he's as on-the-ball as usual.
"The Mouse Song"
YES! He's finger picking with the powers of Lucifer the light-bringer. Sailing up & down the fretboard LONG distances, without a miss. Impressed I am!

"Doctor Jeckyll & Mister Hyde"
This is a fine gothic tune. I want the TAB for it. Good for a Voltaire concert. ooo this would awesome with accordion. Holy crap I wish I could play like that. Fuck yeah.

21:37 - Emil Dmello
An original.
This isn't a story-telling song, but part of the lyrics include we've reached the end of the song, which needlessly breaks the 4th wall without establishing that's what we're doing first. It's just O.K..

Micheal Jackson's
"Billie Jean"
Covered in an almost vaudeville style. I like the idea a lot. It's O.K. but his eyes are closed, and he's glancing at sheet music for prompting. This could be a lot more fun if he had it memorized & could look at us. Plus his expectation that we would sing-a-long to this weird beat is unrealistic. The original is not a sing-a-long, how could an audience join this unexpected style-shift out-of-the-blue?

21:46 - Salathiel Saldana
An original.
"Song 030"
It's O.K., but no hook.

"A Bit Strange"
Unfortunately the cigarette smoke is back, blowing in the door, I'm sure he's getting some of it on the stage. Salathiel is in all-black, but for white shoes.

21:54 - Emily Hansford NO SHOW
Boone Hood
He's got a blond dreadnought. He's from Monroe, GA.
"Song 032"
Boone Hood's arm is moving like the the head of an inkjet printer. And he's got a clear glass slide on his pinky. He's got metal fingertip picks on his right plucking hand.

"Song 033"
Some other guy who played in coffee bars wrote this one. Jeez, Boon's left arm & fingers are downright pick-and-place machine-like here. Pretty intense.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-02-06

19:20 - Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail" 

19:30 - Darius Phelps is MAXIM
"Poem 002" 
About how awful it is to work in a call center.

"Poem 003"
Chickens Don't Swim, They Drown.

Maxim has a show tomorrow at The World Famous, hhe's the featured artist.

19:43 - Shannon Lichet NO SHOW
Andrew Linden
"Song 004"

"Society's Fall"

19:51 - Hello Kitty Kat
Having some signal set-up issues to start out. Uh-oh! ABORT!

19:57 - Jack Reed
Picking up for Hello Kitty Kat.
"Song 006"
A sad indie-style song. Jack sounds good, but there's no hook FOR the audience in this song. I understood the words porcelain & time. It's not awful. It is hard to understand the words.

"Song 007"
Jack is a nice guy who dresses very badly for every performance. This sucks for him. He's walking the fretboard like a champ on this song, but all any prospective fan might remember is that he's get a GIANT white forehead sticking out prominently at the audience from under a dumpy knit cap that hides all of his hair from across the top of the crown of his head like a girl's bonnet, and over the straight brow frame of his black glasses, containing eyes that the audience can not see open over the course of 2 songs. I know it's bright up there, but it's like he playing in a room all alone, like the audience isn't here, like we don't have a relationship to him. Also dressed in darker greys in front of a black curtain. Screams 'Jay' from Jay & Silent Bob.
Jay from the movie Clerks

20:00 - Katie Collins
"Song 008"
Not bad, but no hook to recall. Some woman in the audience lets loose an inappropriately histrionic scream at the end of the song that misdirects all attention away from Katie. I was startled out of clapping to look to see who was hurt.

A cover.
"Song 009"
More bad screaming from that one socially inept audience member.

20:19 - Hill Ary
"Song 010"
A short song that has a spooky feel to it, but is not halloweeny.

Has slanted swishy bangs that don't hide her face, and a hat with a burgundy-red circular brim that makes a great frame on stage.

"Song 011"

20:28 - Zach Parks
"Song 012"
OK. Interesting gravel voice. Stays exactly same during every line of this song.

"Song 013"
Wearing matte black jean jacket & black knit cap. Just like Jack, a mistake, especially for this stage. Plays left-handed.

20:30 - John Stevicks
That's [stee-viks].
A fresh fish, total newbie.
"Song 014"
Woo, good job! He's a pharmacy student, married, his wife is here. I like this as much as Hill Ary's Song 010 tonite.

"Song 015"

20:44 - Paul Edgar
It's been a while since we've heard him here.
Mal Blum's song.
"Song 016"

"Song 017"
Uh-oh, at the start of this song he loses track of the microphone's location. I don't think he's got this one completely memorized. It sounds off-pitch. Yeah, he's completely struggling with this one. That's unlike him.

20:54 - David Lococo
"The Shadow Of Your Smile"
Song to a backing track on his phone. Jeez, David Lococo sounds as good as a member of The Rat Pack, and his track is quality!. David outperforms expectations consistently. Also needs an outfit. Dark clothes & glasses hanging from the middle of his shirt don't match the quality of his sound at ALL.

A Frank Sinatra song,
"Funny That Way"
Swell, I can't tell it's not Frank, almost.

21:05 - Salathiel Saldana
"Song 020"
Salathiel is playing a dobro. This song sound better on it. It's a guitar that sounds a lot more like a banjo.

He says something to audience I can't hear 'cuz it's too quiet.
"Song 021"

21:13 - Emily Hansford
3rd fret capo.
"Song 022"
She's doing fine here. I notice that the mic stand with arm is above, while she plays seated, so the arm must angle down about 15 degrees. This make it harder to take good pictures of the performer. Another item for the Open Mic Nite Checklist!

About insomnia, her most recent song.
"Song 023"
4th fret capo.

21:23 - Stanley Miller
"Song 024"
Lovely, but very soft-palate-y, I think. Some of the low-pitch notes have such low volume, they can't be heard as well. The other qualities are nice.

21:29 - Tyler & Crystal
Uh-oh, they brought back the darn MacBook Air. They don't need that thing.

A straight-ahead cover of
3rd fret capo. It's alright, but not nearly as successful as everyone else who covers this song from memory. We all know the words, why do you need that laptop? You don't know the song as well as a general audience does? Aw, it's a barrier, not a help. ooo, Crystal is doing this unsettling eyes rolling around looking from one side of the rafters to the other. That's not where the audience is, and shows you're NOT OK with this song.

by that one drug-abusing singer who overdosed to death really young. What was her name? I forget. I guess that's one of the bad points of covering another artist, you'll remind the audience of the original artist, and if they died tragically, that's the memory you're provoking, like-it-or-not.
Both wearing drab heather grey.

21:40 - Brooks Dixon
His own song.
"Song 027"
ahhh, excellent content in this song, it has story & meaning for an audience. A compelling driving strum rhythm too! A solid hook. And there's a phrase that's almost a cry-break, but not, that Brooks does right.

Has a show in April at Terrapin Brewery.

"Down Low"
4th fret capo. It's good, he can be proud of this. Need to get him more than a free t-shirt to perform in.

21:48 - Rick Bedell
"Flute And Guitar Improvization 029"
This one has fine, in-sync ending.

"Flute And Guitar Improvization 030"
David Lococo does an hip hard strum during this session. Dave's phone goes off near the end, I can't tell if it happens before or after the finish.

22:00 - Upstate Rubdown

Hello Kitty Kat
"Song 031"
I try to get a good picture of Jimmy, but he's like 2.8m farther back from the front of the stage than he needs to be. I can't get around the piano to the left. These arm mic stands kind of wipe out an entire horizontal view area of the artist even when the central pipe is all the way at the bottom.

"Song 032"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-01-30

19:29 - Larry Forte
"Can My Guitar Go To Heaven"
Missing a verse?

"One Drunk Down"

Larry Forte's music on iTunes

19:34 - Hello Kitty Kat
"Song 003"
"Song 004"

19:46 - Jon Croxton
"Invisible Woman"
Jon Croxton has an original Apple Computer logo sticker on his guitar, on the side of the body, above where the neck joins the body. This is a well-written song, a fun one. He's straining a little more than he needs to on the pitch, but he doesn't go off the rails. With a little more practice, and some performance coaching, he'd be a good add to a band's live act.

"Song 006"
Raw material for a great song. Sounds like he's a tenor shaving some trouble with the high end of his range. I think he'd benefit from the kind of warm-up vocal chord exercises that choirs do before a performance.

19:54 - Rob Derrick
Plans to sing 2 originals tonite. Starts with some good chat to crowd.

"Song 007"
Jon Croxton loans his guitar to Rob Derrick. Rob's having some moderate pitch trouble. He's playing with a cold, and has some excellent crowd chat about that.

"Song 008"
Starts with an awesome rhyme. Good writing, I want to hear him when he's not sick though. Mic isn't quite by his mouth. I gotta remember to add "excellent mic placement" to the pre-song Open Mic Nite Success Checklist.

20:01 - Katie Collins
"More Black"
Her own composition. All verse, no chorus, no hook, down in tone.

A cover of Tori Amos
What a weird song title.

20:10 - Garret Lott
2nd fret capo. From Maysville, GA, next to Commerce. Plays Chris Stapleton's
"Fire Away"
Ah, he's good. A sad song performed well. Best thing yet tonite. Note to self: audience doesn't care if you played on original or a cover. They care for a great performance.

Luke Combs cover
"When It Rains It Pours"
This is good too. I know the lights are bright up there, but I'd like to see him look up more, sing TO the audience.

20:20 - Russell Edwards
1st fret capo, using a travel-size wedge guitar.
"Deep River Blues"
I liked it generally. Needs more practice, and some more soul. I see a spark of soul there.

Sung acapella. Cool, big finish.

20:30 - Christy Fox

Liam Parke, Rick Bedell, and RUMSFELD are all here, but they aren't on the list...Perhaps they might join David Lococo later?

Leonard Cohen's
"Dance Me To The End Of Love"
2nd fret capo.

"Oncoming Train"
1st fret capo. This song is too long by 1 or 2 verses.

Andrew Payne just walked in the back door.

20:40 - Sam Ray NO SHOW

Emily & Will of Blackwater Deep (minus Andrew Payne)

"Song 017"
She's reading the words from a smartphone, I recon that's probably the 1st taste of that song in public anyone's had. The part with the 'hey' near the end suggests it's gonna be a future audience participation song.

"Song 018"

20:50 - David Lococo NO SHOW
Andrew Linden
Plays Bob Dylan's
"Blowin' In The Wind"
Sings the chorus differently than anyone ever has before. This is best thing I've heard Andrew play! It's interesting, it cancels the audience's ability to sing along. That's fine.

"Society's Fall"
I like this writing.

21:00 - Salathiel Saldana
He looks good tonite. His face is glowing. Wearing dark clothes that disappear in front of those black Hendershot's curtains. Gotta add that as advice to the Open Mic Checklist. Costume contrast. It's subtle, not obvious. I wore black myself the last time I played here.
"Song 021"
Wow, the crowd falls silent for a moment listening to his fingerpicking tonite. I don't know what he's doing differently, but he's just better tonite. Maybe lucky argyle socks?

A song he took 1.5 years to write. Is this the first public performance? Salathiel says he finished it recently. It's about this time he met a woman, and didn't tell her his name, 'cuz it's difficult.
I think Salathiel might turn into a songwriting monster if he learned about scriptwriting; story structure & narrative arc.

21:05 - Emily Hansford
Also in a black outfit.
An original, about insomnia, with a 4th fret capo.
"Song 023"

I think Jessica Srdar just arrived, I think I recognize her from before. I just noticed Greg Benson at a table behind me.

Ah, it's a torch song! I envision this with a backup band, and with Emily burning down the descending lines.

Kicking myself, I just realized I had a perfect opportunity to get Garret's e-Mail address. Need to add a "bring new artist profile-contact card" item to Open Mic Nite Checklist. I prefer to have the best musician's address book in Athens...

21:15 - Jared Long
Graduating college in a few months.

"Poem 025"

21:20 - Jessica Srdar
"Song 026"

Duet with Jay Bowers
"Goin' To Jackson"
By Johnny Cash & Roseanne Cash.

21:31 - Liam Parke
"Song 028"

"Sarah Jane"
A song about some long-gone real people.

21:47 - Nina Nunet
Nina is from Argentina.
Regina Spector's

"Song 031"

21:58 - Greg Benson
"Song 032"
"Song 033"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-01-23

Tonite I'm trying to use a goseneck clamp to hold up my smartphone to take pictures with. Hopefully that will capture clearer images,

19:34 - Larry Forte
"Can My Guitar Go To Heaven"
This is a good performance, and Larry has done this one a lot.

"One Drunk Down"

19:39 - SASHA
"Poem 003"
"Space Pickle"

19:44 - A.M. Rodriguez
He's from Savannah, GA
"Song 005"
2nd fret capo. He's bending his neck to the right really far like it's broken, when playing. Sounds like he's trying to squeeze all sound out his throat by squeezing his neck like an orange with his throat muscles. This song is written pretty well.
There's a singer-songwriter happy hour in Savannah that he likes to bring in other musicians to.

"Song 006"

I've got the gooseneck clipped to my laptop, and that's sitting on the long thin tall desk along the brick exterior wall of Hendershot's. I've discovered the table wobbles away from the wall a little bit, and that translates into a large movement of the gooseneck. But I can kinda hold it still-ish if I press the the table against the wall.

A.M.'s big cowboy hat & tattoos has given the audience something more to look at than usual. They keep much quieter than usual, but as this song drags on into what feels like it's 12th verse, he starts to loose them, they start talking louder.

19:50 - Matt Linden
Matt Linden is playing the house piano tonite.

"Inspired By Mania"
This has good writing.

"Hit Somebody"
Matt manages to play the upright almost as loud as his powered synth. This song would also sound good with a "slightly out-of-tune honky-tonk piano" MIDI voice.

20:08 - Andrew Linden

I suspect that even if the gooseneck moves the smartphone camera a little bit as the capture takes place, it still produces a better picture that if it is hand-held, as hands & fingers move the camera in fast rotation ways that the gooseneck does not.

"The Mask"
Quiet punk rock. Andrew needs to sing out more, not just whisper. This a pretty good song, it could use some additional musicians to help, bass & drum for sure.

20:16 - Cory Jolly & Brent Davenport
Cory is on guitar. Brent is on mandolin.
This song is about a singer-songwriter's woes.
"Amy's Song"
Oh, jeez, slick, early on, the mic arm in front of Cory starts to rotate the microphone lower, so Brent step away from his mic & tightens the knob on Cory's mic stand, and they keep the song going without missing a beat! Proof positive these guys are ready for festivals.

"Bury Me Beneath The Willow"
A traditional bluegrass song. A wonderful performance.

20:20 - David Lococo
Cover of America's

A Beetles cover
"Song 014"
David nails this cover, which is hard, because EVERYONE knows this one.

But I miss most of that, because a booker for The Iron Factory comes to ask me to play on April 1 to open for a cover band! He was here last week, and heard my set, the one I did with a keyboard for the very first time.

20:30 - Tom Littlejohn
"The End"
Tom sound great here, and he's singing high notes very well.

"Hold Me"
This is an excellent composition for a crooner to sing. Tom sounds really good here, but he's looking at the floor, not the audience. I'd prefer to see him backed up by a band so that he can just sing, and play with the audience on this song.

20:44 - Paul Edgar NO SHOW
Sam Lane
Sam taught a class recently.
"Poem 017"
He's got a great voice. And he's a crystal-clear speaker. Diction good enough for news broadcasting.

"I Miss The Deep South"
An excellent work, and he did it all from memory. Good poet, take a merit.

20:50 - Katie Collins
"I See Fire"
Katie Collins is swell on this performance, and the audience is as quiet as they ever get. I can understand more of the words she pronouncing in her operatic style than before. This would sound great with a string quartet to go along with it. Even students doing homework twist around to watch.

By The Dresden Dolls, Katie's a big fan of Amanda Palmer.
"Good Day"

21:02 - Looper Nova
Oh boy, it's Mike Dyer on a sequencer, & Brent Davenport on a bass guitar!
"Song 021"

They're playing a show Friday nite at Flicker.
"Song 022"
Funky groove played live. It could only get cooler if they got CLOSER together while playing, and Brent wasn't hidden next to the piano. They could even go back-to-back, it would look great. These guys need costumes.

21:10 - Emily Hansford
"Song 023"
4th fret capo. Emily asks for extra reverb for this song, and that's great match for the long vowel riffs in this song. It's a slow, saddish-song, but it won't leave you depressed. Good composition. It sounds like the slow-down song you play during your outdoor concert.

Emily wrote this song a couple of years ago, and she thinks it's fun to play.
"Song 024"
3rd fret capo. She has an excellent interaction with the audience in between, before & after songs. Now for the curmudgeon advice:look at the audience, you know these songs by heart, so stand up to play, and need a costume too, doesn't need to be a gimmick, but something other than "I'm going to geography class now". This song was great, but the crowd starts to talk a little more at the end because they have no visual stimulation.

21:20 - Rick Bedell
Tags Katie Collins & David Lococo to help out.
"Flute Improvisation With Piano & Guitar 025"
Jeez, each one of these guys is good. I need to learn to improvise so I can play like them. They could totally score a movie, if needed.

21:32 - Liam Parke
"The Lovely, Lovely, Lochs Of Mount Shannon"
This an original song that he plays with his band, Repent At Liesure. I need to get Liam to memorize at least SOME of his music, so he can play standing up. And then I need to get him to wear a kilt when he performs, to really capture the audience's attention. And then, if he would just do a side-to-side two-step, he'll keep their attention.

"So Long Mary Ann"
Liam says he's never played this song in public before. It's OK, needs to be shorter. Sorry Liam! I know it's about your broken heart, but this song is like 6600 verses long. There must be a red light shining on his face, Liam's face looks fire-engine red.
There is one recording of the full performance of this song that performed in 1993 in Oslo, Norway on YouTube. OK.

21:40 - A Threat To Residents
Playing with a guitar & a bass.
"Song 0028"

Covers Weezer
"Say It Ain't So"
This is pretty good, even if the guitarist who does all the singing has trouble hitting the notes. It would be better if we could see at least SOME of his face through his hair. Also, he's up & down and not where the microphone is .

21:50 - Mitchell Powers NO SHOW

Crystal & Tyler
Excellent cover of Fleetwood Mac's
Using a MacBook to read the lyrics. This sounds great, but this song is so well known, you should know it by heart. The laptop computer while seated totally hides you from the audience, and makes this into a very good recital instead of an excellent performance.

"Song 031"
A good composition. Tyler's playing, but the mic isn't close enough to him, he has to lean far for it.. His harmony is good here, need to hear it more. They clearly had fun here.

22:00 - Trey Wood
Gary Clark Jr.'s
"Things Are Changin'"
Trey's voice sounds good here, but there doesn't seem to be a hook.

"Tennessee Whiskey"
1st fret capo. Trey stands up to play this one. This one is much better than his first song. He should dump the Gary Clark song, it's a loser for him. Ahhh yeah, he raps on the face of the guitar near the end, it sound great.

He's on SoundCloud.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-01-16

19:30 - Larry Forte
"Freight Train"

19:30 - Stanley Miller NO SHOW

Annie Paisley
"By Guitar & Candlelight"
A hippie singer outta the timestream. Good for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

"Forever On Tomorrow"
Is a song like a fairy tale within a fairy tale within a fairy tale. Not terrible. But it is kinda long. Well, Paul hasn't shown up yet, so I guess that puts us back on time?

19:57 - Paul Edgar NO SHOW

Jared Long
"Poem 004"
Reciting from the page an opinion article that he should have memorized. Bad delivery, the crowd just talks over them, as though his speech was just another coffee shop conversation they aren't a part of. This might go over better with a techie crowd. When he says the word "atheist" though, the crowd gets quieter.

20:01 - Andy Morehead
"Song 005"
This is improving, he's singing out the notes more.

"Song 006"
I think this one is new.

20:07 - Katie Collins
A song also sung by Hurt
"The Old Mission"

"Song 008"

20:20 - Captain Ace Frahm
"All Along The Watchtower"


20:29 - Jessica Srdar

Has an entourage who cheers for her.
"You Will Come Through"
An original.

Jessica has her sheet music on the stage floor in front of her. I guess that doesn't block the view of her to the audience, but I don't think she actually needs them at all. Good job. Her one friend is completely out-of-range of the rest of the audience.

20:37 - Jay Bowers
A song by George Strait
"Give It Away"

"You Are My Sunshine"

20:46 - David LoCoco on piano
with Rick Bedell, Liam Park, Liam Parke, and Joey Quiggins

The Beetles'
"Let It Be"
Sounds like they've had zero practice, and none but the piano player & Quiggins have practiced it alone. That was bad, but at least they tried to collaborate. That's more than I can say for The Federation team I'm on in a Star Trek game I'm playing.

"Hey, Jude"
Also quite bad. It doesn't matter, the crowd likes the ending anyway... It's more fun if you're personally familiar with these guys.

20:59 - Rick Bedell
with Joey Quiggins
and that piano player moves to an accoustic-style gutiar.
"Flute, Electric And Acoustic Guitars Improvisation 017"
Acoustic guitar face is tapped upon and played just a bit here. LoCoco whole-hand smacks the strings while fretting a chord often during this song. Sounds like they might be following a 12-bar blues pattern? But I can't be sure without trying it out later.

Joey claims that when playing with Rick last nite, somebody called the cops on them.
"Gimmie One Reason: On Flute, Electric And Acoustic Guitars"
David LoCoco sings here. This is the best thing played so far tonite.

21:10 - Mitchell Powers
Has a band called "The Powers" with his brother, his cousin, and his cousin's brother, who are all Powers.
On 2017-02-24 The Powers have a show at Live Wire, up the street about 3-4 blocks.
"Tapping On Glass"

"Even If It Kills Me"
Mitchell is good, but after Rick Bedell got done, the crowd is louder than ever tonite. This song is a great composition.

21:0 - Emily Hansford22
"Song 021"
2nd fret capo. Emily performs this boring song very well.

"Song 022"
Also a 2nd fret capo song. I'll have to listen to this one on the recording, 'cause the crowd is in a conversation loudness race condition.

21:32 - Zach Parks
"Song 023"
He sounds like Hank Williams Jr..

Joined by a lady, if they mentioned her name, I can't hear it over the crowd.
"Song 024"

21:30 - Mac McComb
Brought a harmonica holder & a hi-hat. And he's using a bass drum's pedal mallet facing backwards on a box drum that he's using for a seat. It's a neat-o set-up.
"Just Another Day"
About the monotonous life that college students live. He's recorded this one in a studio.

"Song 026"
Capo 3. I like the gothic feel of this song. Jeez, this is great!

21:40 - Liam Parke
as GENERATIONS, since Liam is playing with Joey Quiggins
"Song 027"

"Song 028"

I just talked to Rick Bedell, He says he's got 2-3 flute makers that he gets flutes from, but all they make are pentatonic scale chords in minore keys. So if I want him to play a certain flute solo, he may not even be able to play the exact notes with a given flute. This could force a creative change.

GENERATIONS has a show on Wednesday from 19:00-22:00 @ The Foundry in Athens.
21:50 - Alex Edrington is the guitarist part of this band, Sojoürn
"Song 029"
They're playing their hearts out.

"My Sweetest Memory"
Sojoürn's Facebook Page

Book Sojoürn

I think I overheard Mac say he's a political science major.

22:00 - Mark & Petty
One of 'em has a mandolin.
"Song 031"
The mandolin player wiggles all over like he's been dropped on a giant hot skillet.

"Song 032"
Guitar's on a 2nd fret capo, at least on this song. OK background music, has a steady beat, you could dance to i.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-01-09

19:20 - Larry Forte
did not play tonite.

19:30 - Jackson Gafford
Had some feedback issues, first time here. It'll be nicer next time, I can tell.

19:42 - Reno Roberts
From Alabama.
Nice sad western song.
"Song 003"
2nd fret capo.

A song about being too sad to move.
"Song 004"
I think this is a 1st fret capo. It has a good climax before the solo break.

19:55 - Cory Jolly and Brent Davenport

Cory is on the left, playing the guitar. Brent is on the mandolin.
"Song 005"
This song is about the time they went to see Paul McCartney's son play. He seemed like a snob on stage. They're terrific! Hot rock 'n roll mandolin action. Soaring kick-ass harmonies.

"___ Dream"
Hmm, this song is a little too long, it has the same chords throughout.

Without having heard the rest of their set list, I'd be looking for a strong hook, and some songs that are good for audience participation.

20:06 - Katie Collins
An original.
"Song 007"
A hook-free torch song.

A cover song.
"Dirty Diana"
Cool. It's neat to hear the way Katie places the emphasis in different places than other performers. I've never heard a piano-based cover of this before. Clean finish, hard to do 'cuz the original just fades out on the album.

20:17 - Timothy O'Connell NO SHOW
Joe Orr
"Song 009"
The song says 'I'm a rebel!', but his outfit & haircut screams 'I'm here to fix your internet!'. This is a pretty good song, well written. Needs to be sung by somebody with a chainsaw for vocal chords.

A song about finding porn in the woods.
"Song 010"
This is excellent writing too. He's too far from the microphone, though.

20:28 - Jessica Srdar
"Song 011"
Good fist time performance here.

"You __ __"
All verse, no chorus. The audience has nothing to remember or sing for themselves later about this song. It reads more like a church song than anything else. The guitar playing & singing is strong, but the writing is not as good as she is at performance.

20:38 - Zac Crook
"Classic (Seed?)"
3rd or 4th fret capo. Zac has a David Cassidy haircut & jacket-shirt. It looks good on him.

"Segue 2"
He's keeping his eyes closed the whole time. Even during the lyric inside this song that says 'look you straight in the eyes".

20:50 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvisation 015"

Katie Collin joins Rick Bedell for this one.
"Flute & Piano Improvisation 016"
Swell! I can't do that.

21:01 - Jay Bowers
Trying to facetime this to his mom, Cynthia. A Chris Stapleton cover.
"Nobody To Blame"
Best song yet tonite.

Jeff Buckley's
First song tonite that the audience could possibly sing along any part of.

21:11 - Andrew Payne
His partners in crime are here, but not joining him on stage tonite.

"Ants Marching Into A Fire"
Excellent job, considering the crowd is talking loudly. Hooray!

"Song 018"

21:21 - Emily Hansford
A song about finding friends who make you feel like a person.
"Song 019"

"Couldn't Love You More"

21:31 - Andy Morehead
A song about existential angst.
"Song 020"
Hey, not so bad! I bet I could whip this into a rock 'n roll composition.

A song for his roommate.
"Song 021"

21:39 - Liam Parke
"Song 022"
A song about his lost dog.

"True Love Never Ends"
Pretty good for Liam, no popping this time.

21:50 - Rumsfeld
With a MacBook Air tonite.
"Song 024"

22:01 - Abbey Tomlin
A song written in high school when she was really stressed out.
"Song 025"

"Song 026"
Capo 1

22:00 - Juliana Money
"Song 027"
Long dark bangs & high-contrast lipstick make her look great on camera, her look is rock-star-ready. Her voice is like a not-overly-sweet syrup that you almost-but-not-quite need to shake the bottle to get it to pour at room temperature. This song uses a very high fret capo.

Another song about the same guy.
"Song 028"
8th fret capo. The first song used capo on an even higher fret.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-01-02

19:32 - Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail"

19:36 - Adam Cooper
With harmonica.
"Down Home Girl"

"The Ballad Of Liquor & Love"
3rd fret capo. Has a clever ending.

19:45 - Haley Beach
Covers Corinne Bailey Rae's
"Put Your Records On"
With a 3rd fret capo. Wonderful! Good song choice.

Haley is fascinated by the dry west, by deserts, and how things can grow there despite being so dry. She says Joshua Trees grow sideways with the wind if they have to, and that's the inspiration for this song.
"Joshua Tree"
5th fret capo.

19:50 - Andrew Linden
Andrew says it's about marriage.
"Song 005"
He said the name, I missed it.

Covers The Who
"Pinball Wizard"

20:00 - Katie Collins
Covers a band called Hurt.
"Alone By The Sea"

An original about her own demons.

20:10 - Jay Margolis

"Song 009"
It's like an 8 or 9th fret capo.

A song about going home, but you can't really go home.
"Song 010"

20:20 - Daniel (Mapp?)
Written in spring of 2016, about the gulf between African Americans and the culture they live in.
"Poem 011"

I can't tell, did he switch to a different poem?

"Poem 012"
Couldn't hear him over the rain on the roof.

20:27 - Connor Gruver
"Song 013"
Yay, he's using head voice! And it's OK. A sad song though.

A cover of some sort
"Song 014"

20:37 - Jay Bowers
Plays Eric Clapton
"Lay Down Sally"
Not bad, but the short cold stops are bit weird for this song.

and John Legend
"All Of You"

20:50 - Liam Parke nope! It's Andy Moorehead instead
"Song 017"
Andy's got a smaller guitar than average, but it's not a sub-compact.

"Song 018"

20:52 - Emily Hansford
"I Could Love You More"
3rd fret capo. Well, not terrible, but she usually plays it better than tonite.

In 8th grade she got a guitar in December, and played the school talent show in March.
A cover.
"Song 020"
1st fret capo.

21:10 - A Threat To Residents NO SHOW
Stanley Miller
"Song 021"
"Song 022"

21:15 - Benjamin (Hinesman)
"Miles Away"
"Song 024"
This poor guy, his playing isn't too off, but his singing is way off pitch.

21:21 - Julianna Money
"Song 025"
"Song 026"

21:30 - Joseph Mosman NO SHOW

21:34 - (Luke Rushing?)
2nd fret capo.
"Song 027"
This song is repetitive, and I can't make out the words. Also, too long.

"Song 028"
Also with a 2nd fret capo.

21:40 - Cortez Garza
"Song 029"
"Song 030"

21:50 - Grant Cowan
"Song 031"
"Song 032"

22:00 - Reno Roberts
"So It Goes"
Strong lungs. Good strumming.

"Song 034"
4th fret capo. A nihilistic song he wrote while high at a canyon that attracted all kinds of crime.
This is nicer than modern country-pop.

Creepy Simon Sinek Smears Generation Y And Confuses Them With Millenials

There's a bad video of a deepak chopra-like white dude smearing Gen Y going around. He's a worthless lout with hazy pseudoscience ideas about business he's been huckstering in "business" books. He's not "insightful". He's counter-productively wrong, frequently. So here's a blog post you can use to counter that stupid "IQ" video if it ever rears it's ugly face on your facebook feed.
The offensive smear video:

Well, I'm gonna be a critical-thinking curmudgeon about what simon sinek says in this here video. I'd advise you to question what I think about him too (and tell me so!, share! share!).

First off, sinek doesn't even know the correct timing of generations.

Generation X is the one that built the internet (World Wide Web). They are the first generation for whom the American Dream was not at least as equally available or better than it was for their parents. For a lucky few, the dot-com boom worked out. For the rest, they earn a great deal less, and have no retirement savings or plans. All generations so far that follow Generation X suffer the same lack of opportunities problem.

Generation Y is the one that has never known a time without an internet. Generation Y is the one sinek is actually smearing and he incorrectly identifies them as Millennials.

Millennials are ALL born after the turn of the century, 2000-01-01. Although the most important event delineating their generation from Gen Y is post-2001-09-11, the terrorist attack, of course. Small-minded sinek can't have a worthwhile opinion of managing them, they've only begun to go to work at all.

His statements are ageist nonsense, and have a lot in common with class war statements of the rich against the poor. For example, a billionaire who got rich through inheritance claims of his own hard-working full-time employees earning poverty-level wages:"They're lazy & entitled!".

sinek's smears amount to an over-generalized case of the "fundamental attribution error". He doesn't actually understand the perfectly rational behaviors & motivations of others, so he presumes they have inherent character flaws.

The right-wing commonplace behavioral & emotional stereotype of Generation Y seems to ONLY apply to wealthy, healthy, white suburban children, who are only a fraction of Generation Y. Poor whites, and minorities of any kind, who are the majority of the people born at that time, strongly don't have anything at all in common with those attributes.

Also, his mannerisms have all the hallmarks of a creep. He acts like steve jobs did, and steve jobs was stealing from & abusing his own employees for his whole putrid life. I would not be at all shocked to discover at a later time that sinek is a serial rapist or something awful like that.

Gen Y could respond that their behavior is perfectly adapted to the environment they experience. They will never get more for their work than they get the moment they are hired. No raises will EVER come for them. Getting paid well to start with is a MUST for them. Gen X & Y are smarter and more creative than any who came before Gen X, but it's the pre-Gen X oldsters who control the levers of power, and wield them against Gen X and below. It's the power disparity that Gen Y deals with even more effectively than Gen X can.

Gen Y is so diverse that they defy such stupid stereotypes as sinek's dumb opinions. Perhaps they are better defined as the 1st generation whose commentators-analyzers are uniformly bad at defining them, possibly even including myself here. Gen Y perhaps doesn't have such strong-trending stand-out characteristics by which you could successfully stereotype them, even as a handful of sub-groups, and this is why sinek fails. Digital natives. Superior to their predecessors, but dispossessed of power equal to the predecessors. As numerous as the baby boomers, it is a fool's errand to characterize them as flippantly as the idiot sinek does.

IQ? A fake show with a nobody host no one has ever seen or heard of before? Not the slightest bit of critical thinking from the interviewer?

Also, facebook is a MISTAKE. 2+ hours later, and now I'm writing this into a separate blog post, oh boy! Good-bye, my weekend!