Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-05-25

19:30 - Larry Forte  "Can My Guitar Go To Heaven"  Today is Memorial Day.  Larry says he's feeling sluggish, but he sounds good as ever.  Matt Linden is here with his son Andrew.  Matt just had a talk about Hemmingway with another guy.
19:33 - Joanna Morgan  Cover of Copeland, "No One Really Wins".  Strong performer.  Well practiced, no doubt that she knows the words by heart, and plays well.  Knows her barre chords.  Her bracelet has a dangling charm on it that matches her earrings and catches the light as she plays.  2nd song is an untitled original.  I would call it "Now I'm Broken".  
Rumsfeld just walked in wearing a T-shirt with a bicycle graphic on it!  I'm wearing my new "BIKE ATHENS" T-shirt right now too.  
19:43 - Eric Campbell?   Avery & Taylor  1st song original "Stitch".  Weak start.  He's playing well, but his speaking is without conviction.  He's very nasally sounding, perhaps without intention.  Not bad, but they need more practice.  The duet part could be nice if they did.  2nd song is a cover.  I haven't heard it before.  Perfectly good.  The song doesn't feature a hook, however.
19:51 - Matt Linden  He's wearing a Motorhead T-shirt.  A song inspired by Raymond Carver.  "Talk About Love".  This time his volume is lower & under control, less shout-y.  This is better, if he goes a notch or 2 more, it'll be just right.  2nd song is a bit funny.  "It Makes Me Mad"  Crowd appreciates the humor.
20:02 - Lee Averly Maxwelll Baker  Poetry.  I did not know this guy was  a man of words.  I've seen him in the audience a few times.  
A guy named Alexander is getting the lowdown on Open Mic Nite from Larry just now.  He's got a tattoo of a crescent moon on his left elbow, and another with a 4-leaf clover inside a horseshoe.  
20:06 - Rex Hussmann  He's got a folding table, and hi-hat cymbal of a drum set.  What's happening?  
Sounds great, but he's a great singer too.  "Call Of The Wild", an original.  2nd song, "Jimmy Said"  Never mind the fancy instruments, his singing alone could front Maroon 5.  
This instrument is called a Jyil.

20:20 - Jason Rumsfeld  "Electric Love"  He's using a traditional music stand to hold his electronics box, no guitar this time.
On Periscope, at Rumsfeld
20:28 - Logan Hobus  He's one half of The Indigo Boys, the one with the long hair.  Covering "Creep", a nice choice.
His voice is an excellent match for this song.  Perfect delivery.  Glad I'm recording this!  
Original: "How We Were", a love song.  3rd fret capo.  
20:36 - Dimitrius Sicililianus  He's got a T-shirt with a cute mean almost-Pac-Man-like ghost over crossed bones.  He's a good performer, and he's totally into it, but the song has no real hook.  The composition is beneath him.  2nd song, he plays guitar well.  I could imagine him in The Bare Naked Ladies, or Blues Traveler.  This 2nd song doesn't have good structure, if it has a chorus, I can't tell, and if the verses are distinct, I can't tell.  It sounds like one long verse.  It's not wrong, but there's nothing right with it either.  He could use an A&R guy to direct his songwriting or pick his covers.
20:47 - Rick Bedell.  Rain just started again outside.  This should be a good match for Rick's flute.
2nd song, the rain gets heavy, and Rick says "See, it does work!"  The crowd likes this.
20:58 - Aurora Bunton  1st song, she wrote 1 week ago or so. Using the sheet music, she lost her place.  2nd song is one of the first she ever wrote.  She has played before at Hendershot's first location in Normaltown.  Nothing wrong with  this 2nd song, but it is forgettable.  A crowd is here, and screaming out of proportion to lend support.
21:04 - Peter MJ  "Burned Away"  An OK yet forgettable composition.  Guitar is too loud for his voice on the 2nd song.  He's having trouble with losing his place, he's playing from the sheet music.  Too bad, I've seen him do better before.
21:13 - Paco Trevino  I have such high hopes!  Don't let me down!  His friend Amy is with him.  1st song original.  A pirate-style song!  The composition is good, but the pitch is off.  Um, it is still entertaining.  I guess Paco is like a Bob Dillon, great writing, trouble performing.  He should shop around his songs to other acts.  This really is a good song,  He's trying so hard.  I so want him to do well.  Amy takes the lead on the 2nd song, a    cover of Pink's "Give Me A Reason".  Maybe some work with a vocal coach could rehabilitate Paco's pitch, and that would create serious value.  Despite the pitch problems, both the crowd & I like it.  I can't get that song on the radio in that condition, though.
21:23 - Mark Katzman  Strumming chords.
21:31 - STAN  Uh oh.  He stuck the mic right in front of the amp.  I got up to turn down the recorder's input volume.  It sounds like he's playing the same thing he played last week, but this time with the audio setup Patrick suggested.  Matt Linden REALLY likes this.  Of course he would.
21:39 - ChanceMcConnell   It is his first time here.  "Daybreak", written for his son.  He introduces while playing, and goes right into the song.  It starts with some harmonics.  
21:48 - Alexander Korponay  Poetry.  Nice, he aludes to My Little Pony to introduce himself.  A Navy nuclear mechanic, once upon a time.  Wrote 505th poem recently.  Learning to play guitar.  
21:53 - Sally Cruz  Just flew in from Austrailia


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-05-18

`19:36 - Larry Forte
19:40 - Michelle Corelle  
19:50 - Matthew Linden
1st song is a quieter song than he usually  plays, I got a look at his left hand doing a slidey-slappy motion, it was pretty fun looking.  2nd song, he's screaming right into the microphone, probably gonna overwhelm the recorder with excess modulation, nothing I can do to prevent that or fix it later.  This is long, but it includes some info on how to get rid of dead bodies in New Jersey.
20:02 - Eric Strand  1st song about returning to Athens.  It's rather like a story-talker similar to "Alice's Restaurant".  
"21st Century Tolerant Man".  2nd Song:"Old Man Dreams".  
20:15 - Rachel House  Recently learned guitar.  "Defiant".  2 depressing songs in a row.
20:28 - Johnny Rowland  "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay"
"My Mountain".  He says this is 2 chords, and the first song he ever wrote.
He's got some CD's for sale, $2.  I scored one!
20:36 - Rob Moore  Christian rap.  His T-Shirt reads "Christian Swagg Entertainment".  First rapper I've seen here who brought his own backing tracks on a device to play through the mixer.  2nd song is a little flat, maybe he can't hear himself well on stage with the sound coming back at him?  
20:49 - William Freeman  "Crossbones", wonderful.  2nd song, a cover of a WILCO song.   
His band is "Bel Vas".  He's from Elberton, learned to play Bosso Nova.  His bass player is a punk artist, so they meet together to do post-punk.  
20:57 - Greg Benson  "I'm Not Doing Good Today".  Greg's wearing a nice straw beach-goer hat.  He reminds me of Jimmy Buffet.  Patrick the sound engineer just requested a song by Lucinda Williams.  
21:07 - Mark Katzman  Good guitar-chords-only music, I would use it for background music of a casual game.
21:15 - STAN  Brought his own amplifier.  Lead guitar with tapping, no band to go with it.  Did an interesting thing where he grabs the tuning knob of the low-pitch string and raised or lowered it with his right hand IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG, while holding a chord with his left, thus change from a dropped D (or other non-standard tuning) back to standard tuning, or vice-versa.  
21:23 - Paco Trevino, Kimbal on violin, John on other guitar, and Robert on wood-box drum.  An original:"Gone To California"
Paco's gang plays for Rick Bedell's beer & hat.

Darn, lost a few live updates here.

Peter MJ played, his songs are nice, but the hooks are understated.
Rumsfeld's first song built up to a nice sudden unexpected halt.  For his 2nd number, he used a looped drum beat, but it was not pre-recorded.  This is exciting, as the work is played live, and so the work is an experiment.  The effort is laudable, as it is basic exploratory research.  This is the kind of thing that can lead to breakthroughs (even if leads to lots more unsatisfactory paths).  Rumsfeld punches a button that introduces a synthesizer sound, and he ends the work.  He's giving some tiny micro-flashes of smiling, he's happy with it, and proud of it too.  (Rumsfeld doesn't have a long smile, if you blink, you'll miss it.)   But his mustache looks great tonite, it seems to float 1mm off of his face with anti-gravity.  This is good work.

Rick Bedell played his deeper pitch flute, 'cause 1 guy in the audience + I asked for that when he gave us a choice of that or his mid-size flute.  Rick's T-Shirt has a beaver on it, with a statement about too much work to do, or something like that.  
Robert from Paco's troup joins him for the 2nd performance.  That wood-box drum is not just some crate, it is a musical instrument.  It sounds like snare drum harness is on the inside.

22:07 - Liam Parke  2 nice comfortable songs that evoke the feeling of a comfortable, caring  domestic life at home.  He says he owns 2 dogs.

22:16 - Tom Cassarelli  "Letter To An Angel".  He introduces himself so quietly, it's as though a shy wallflower just asked another shy wallflower to dance.  He's got a nice skull graphic on his T-shirt.
22:20 - Bubba Wills  Wanted to sing "Bitches 'N Ho's", singing "Burn Me Up", I song he created by improvising while inspired, and he just happened to have his recorder active at the time.  He went back and wrote down what he had done, and that was this song.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-05-04

I had a nice talk with Cortez Garza.  He told me that he hosts the Wednesday nite Open Mic at "Live Wire", which had been called "Earth - (something)" until recently.  He says a lot of the performers who come here tonite go there too.  Too bad I have to work most Wednesdays, if I get one off by accident, I'll go.  What a nice guy, Cortez has to work 2 jobs, and had to decide whether to ride his new cycle or practice music with what little time off is available.  I know what those hard choices are like.  He says I totally guessed the wrong titles of the 2 songs he played last week.

I also got to talk to Jason, the sound guy who handles the mixer & stage & lights when Patrick doesn't.  Patrick's here, and we all talked about what it takes to connect external digital recorders to the mixer.  It could be RCA, XLR, or 1/8" cables.  It looks like a pair of 1/8" mono for left & right will be easiest & best   Jason says he plays guitar & 2 other instruments too.

19:30 - Larry Forte  "Friday Nite"  "Lonesome Trail"  --> Larry wants me to send him my recording **NOTE TO SELF** don't forget!
19:39 - Jenna Lee  She is smiling & confident.  oh, she's got a foot-tamborine-bells on.  
19:47 - Matt Linden  His first song is about a boxing match, in which "Boom-Boom Mancini" fights Bobby Jim Cole.  "First You Slip"

19:50 - Cory Cromer & Andrew Payne.  Andrew brought a banjo!  "Polly, Oh Polly".  Corey has this easy to hear tenor voice.  Must be a new song to him, he can't quite remember all the lyrics.  He says it's a 200 year-old murder ballad.  I'll have to look that up, I think I'd like to try it.
20:06 - Rachel Morgan  2nd fret capo.  Cover, "Don't Leave This World To Me"  4th fret capo.  She wrote this 2nd song after watching an episode of "Supernatural".  "We're Dancing With The Devil"  This is a good song, good lyrics, runs slightly too long though, need to chop out one of the "oh, oh, oh" portions, it'll be perfect.  Doing that "oh, oh, oh" twice doesn't add to the song since it has no lyrics & the melody is the same both times but this part is not the hook.  Her guitar has a pretty design on it. 
20:14 - Andrew Payne  "Like The Rain"  facebook/andewpayne  http://www.andrewpaynemusic.com  Covering John Lennon, "Had To Let It Go"
20:20 - Gilmore Jones  2 original songs, "Tears In Heaven", "You"  This is pretty good, accapella as is, with just even one extra musician, a drummer or guitar would move these 2 songs from a raw demo composition into a complete song.  Possibly needs drum track, some sequenced keyboards, & background vocals?  Too hard to keep an even beat alone on such a long 2nd song without some of this extra support.  Hey Gilmore! (He's sitting right next to me), try more structure (clear verse, clear rhyme, clear chorus, clear hook) in a slightly shorter song.     Not complaints, just some curmudgenly advice.  I think Gilmore could potentially generate a smash in time. 
20:30 - Kevin Whitfield  "I Finally Found My Best Friend"  Playing here Friday at 20:00 with Clara.  "Sailboat".  He heard it on the radio on the way here tonite, decided to play it for certain.
20:40 - Rick Bedell
20:50 - Rumsfeld  2nd song: "Meaning Of The Square"
21:00 - Peter Imjai  "Brothers"  It seems he's part of Paco Trevino's social circle, so the coffee house is now packed with their friends.   
21:10 - Paco Trevino & Katherine (Freeman?)  "Lost Stars"  Come on Jason, the guitar is too loud for her voice, bring her up & Paco's axe down.  Though their friends are screaming applause in excess that they wouldn't get from a crowd of strangers, it was a nice song .  This 2nd song "Chase The Sun" is more fun, peppy.  With a wistling part she's doing well.  Paco's not singing with compete confidence, and slightly off-pitch, it's still a good performance, but if they'd just get some practice and get it down pat, rock-solid, they'd be great, really really great.
21:20 - Melanie Morgan  "Your Place In The Sun".  "This One Is For You"  She's presenting these very well tonite.   
21:30 -  Mark Katzman  OK, this appears to be nothing but chords, I'm bored.  There's nothing wrong with them, but there's nothing right with the composition either.  Um, I guess you could use this as background music for something else though, so that's great.  Yeah, you could use it that way, 
21:37 - Stan  Playing an electric with lots of delay but not overdrive.  He can do tapping.  Not bad, needs to be part of complete composition though.  He used harmonics & feedback
21:45 - Jack Reed  "Motion"  Lucid Union:"Black Box"
21:55 - Erin Strand  "If She Was Still In Love With Him", wrote it today.  
It's nice, real lyrics.  2nd song:"Drunk On A Train, On New Year's Eve"  Strong!  oo, it's funny too.  He hasn't got his lyric memorized yet, but the composition is swell, maybe he'll let me cover it.  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-04-27

19:30 - Larry Forte  Covering a duo he found on the internet called "My Terrible Friend", "I Started A Joke".
19:35 - Andrew Payne  Covering a main influence he says, Neil Young.  2nd fret capo.  "After The Goldrush"  This is neat to hear from him, I first learned it in my choir class at Ben Lomond High School.  2nd song, "Locked Up", is on his "Burning Gasoline" EP, which just came out.
Locked Up is a song by a guitarist every guitarist can appreciate, he's certainly got a song aimed squarely for them (me).  Maybe I will learn to play it.
19:46 - Emily Spilane  Covering something.  3rd fret capo.  She's an experienced journeyman on the guitar.  Her index & middle fingers are moving as sharp as servos on the low strings over the rest of the chord.  Guitar is drowning out her words though, a sin for any song with lyrics.  She's a strong, non-bashful singer.  
19:51 - Carlos Camblor  "Sic Transit Gloria".  Inspired by the Movie "Rushmore", in which one character likes this phrase.
20:05 - Matt Linden  "When We Talk About Love"  Will Pope showed up with a SLR video camera on a big tripod, and enlisted my aid to set it up pointed at the stage.  I thought Will planned to leave for New York on 2015-04-06, so this is a surprise.  Covering "Rehab".  
20:19 - Cortez Garza  3rd fret capo.  "Got To Take A Fall".  A friend from Nashville is joining him.  Friend (Drew Cole) has 6th fret capo, is doing some extra picking on an acoustic with an add-on attachment over the sound hole for electric pick-up.  "I Try, I Cry".
20:28 - Rumsfeld  "Median Squared?"  Marvelous harmonics sounding extra-good through that feedback box of his.  I wonder if he chose the Ovation guitar for its harmonics qualities?  "Paris ---?"  
20:38 - Kevin Whitfield  While Rumsfeld played his 2nd song and Kevin played his 1st, I went to talk to Cortez Garza & Drew Cole who ran outside.  Fortunately, I got to talk to them before they could light up any cigarettes.  Drew says he spent a few years in Nashville, and is kind of on a tour of the South.  Cortez is serving at Iron Factory when he's not playing.  Just as I went inside, my contact from the Grassland String Band walked around the front corner of Hendershots.  Apparently Cortez knows him too.  He says just got done working at Uberprints.  I told him I was just listening to Grassland String Band's CD when I had to rush out the door to make it here on time tonite.  He asked me to write some parodies of Grassland String Band's songs.  I'll have to hear the rest of the album when I get home, to see if there's a hook I can work with.
21:01 -  Robert Higgs  Back with the smallish guitar.  5th fret capo.  "We Kissed & Saved The World"  Nice, but each line is delivered with equally calm delivery.  He backs his head away from the microphone after every line, mostly to look down at the soundhole.  He's got this nice "gentle boyfriend" saying comforting things delivery.  What he needs is less guitar volume drowning his bedroom voice, and a song with a crystal clear HOOK in it.
21:09 - Phillip Brooke  Both he & his friend have big muscles, his friend is wearing a shirt about an Athens gym.  Phil says he's been feeling super blues-ey lately.  From the context, he clearly means this refers to the musical genre, not "depression".  OH JEEZ, I have GOT to get him to show me how he does these little trills while playing.  
21:18 - Michelle Correll  Has a quality agansty sound.  The drawl is so thick, I can't make out all the words.  That's not bad, I had the same problem with Green Day, I had to read the lyrics of their liner notes on the Dookie album before I understood what they were saying, then I loved them.  Needs songs with identifiable chorus & hook though.  I can't tell what the structure of these all-prose song is, each line seems to to have the same plaintiff lilt as the one before.  I wonder if we can get her to cover something, say, Rogers & Hammerstein?
21:26 - Mark Plemmons  On a Yamaha CP keyboard.  Playing standing up, bobbing his whole body in time as he plays.  Pleasant, he has earned his light saber.  Daft Punk cover, "Something About Us".  Perfectly good.  He's got his "10,000 hours" on the keyboard.
I see Liam Parke has arrived, standing next to Larry Forte.
Johnny Rowland came earlier, still on crutches.  He's scheduled for the last slot.  
21:34 - Emissary  Says his friend, Phillip Brooke will join him for his 2nd piece.  Says he's phasing out his older works.  Soundcloud.com/emmissary89, off his album, "Truth Cafe".
21:43 - William Freeman of Bel Vas, doing some non-Bel Vas songs.  
I just scored Mark Plemmon's e-Mail, says he's willing to collaborate with other acts, and help me parody a song if I need it.  2nd song:"I Was Made To Love Her" or "Let My Baby Stay".  His silky voice & delivery carry this all-prose work.
He knows Will Pope by name, and that Will is finger-snapping.
21:55 - Drew Cole  "I Can't Make You Love Me".  On 2015-05-09 right here @ Hendershot's, releasing a CD.  "Need Someone To Let You Down".


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-04-20

UI19:00 - Larry Forte
19:03 - Robert Higgs.  Plays a small guitar that isn't a Ukelele.   Song has no hook or chorus.  Guitar drowns out the quiet parts.  3rd Fret capo, cover "Surrender". Very nice.  There's some sort of teddy-bear finger puppet on his capo.  
19:12 - Cory Cromer  Wrote this song today.  "Count To 99".   He plays left-handed.  "Don't Be Scared Of The Thunder"  
19:24 - Rachel Morgan & Elise. Cover practiced only 20 minutes ago.  "Peter Pan". They seemed especially comfortable with it near the end.  Capo on 3rd fret for 2nd song.  
19:34 - Tucker Morgan. Playing electric, kicked on some overdrive, he's good at it.  Seems bashful about it though, I 5 frat bros are here for him, yes, 5 roommates. Covering "The White Stripes", sounds like almost the real thing.  
19:41 - Matt Linden  "Hired Gun", his song about playing cover songs in a fun band that kept him working & happy, and how his other band was so lame they refused to play a cover song.  "Song For A Musician" 
19:52 - Emissary  Untitled spoken word.  
19:57 - The Indigo Boys  Both have 1st fret capos.  
20:10 - Zachary Bradley  "Lizard King". 
"Velvet Bloodline".  Both songs are pensive, sad, destroyed here by too much volume, PATRICK!
20:20 - Andrew Payne. "Bridge Is Burning".  Using a capo on 2nd fret.  
"Highway In My Mind".  Some ill-mannered little boy is playing a loud video from a cell phone even though I told him not too, and his mom told him not to.  
20:29 - Kevin Whitfield  covering "Collide".  "Lighthouse".  KevinWhitfieldMusic.com, also on Instagram.
20:40 - Rumsfeld  "Paris Blues" uses a 3rd fret capo.  rumsfeldmusic.com
20:49 - Rick Beddel  Our flutist.  
20:58 - Jessica Lustikow & Grace Thompson  "Panic Cord". "Hello World", written a couple of days ago.  
21:05 - Phillip Brook  His talking voice is so different from his singing voice!  Holy moly, what a picker.  "Wash Me Clean"  "Out Of Sight". 
21:13 - Johnny Rowland, broke his kneecap somehow.  "Springtime", just the number I wanted him to play.  "Josephine" 
A swell performance!

Andrew Payne just put "BURNING GASOLINE" into my hands!  Oh boy, it's got "Late Night Highway Blues" on it!  "Roll Credits" too!

21:22 - Melody Morgan  2nd song is inspired by her homesickness.

21:32 - Freeman Leverette of Bel Vas.  
2nd song is a Bel Vas number, first time in public.  

21:43 - Liam Parke  "So Many Years Ago" 
"Long Night's Rainfall"

21:52 - Howie Johnson  from Long Beach, CA.  She's a pro.  Move over Beyoncè.  PureHowie.com. 

3 masters.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-04-06

19:36 - Larry Forte  
19:39 - Gilmore Jones  Accapella.  Pop Operatic.  "The Color Blue"  I'd like to hear that with a full pop backup, singers, synth, e-Drum kit, maybe needs a place for an instrumental break
"How Did An Angel" 
19:48 - Trey Powell  Says he's played around town for 5 years.  Finished this song yesterday afternoon.  "1 For The Gun"  Yesterday was "easter".  "Play", this is a 2-chord song on purpose, he thought it was a funny that a simple song like that was big on the radio, so he made this.
20:00 - Emissary  Rapper, this here is his poetry.  "Stay Sober"  Not in alcohol, in "thoughts".  "I Don't Trust Anybody"  
Soundcloud, Emissary89, always down to collaborate.
20:06 - The Indigo Boys  A song by Gene Love:"Rainbow"
Cover Johnny Cash:"Big River", in the style of The Grateful Dead.
20:15 - Michelle Corelle  Has a very Tracy Chapman-like voice, to such a degree that some of the words are distorted.  The first song had no hook, no verse, no chorus.  The 2nd song has similar lack of rhymes & structure.  This is a shame, her voice alone is sufficient to carry a good song, it almost does it for these bad ones.  I want to see her pick a great composition (cover something) and provide some more annuciation.
20:24 - Andrew Payne  Covering Wilco:"Jesus, Don't Cry"
AndrewPayneMusic.com  This 2nd song is on a EP that drops 2015-04-17.  "Late Night Highway Blues"
20:34 - Kevin Whitfield  "Not Over You"  
"Make Believe", can be found on iTunes
20:45 - Rumsfeld  It occurs to me that I've pobably seen Rumsfeld perform more than anyone else in Athens.  
"Paris Blues"  "Meeting At The Square"
20:55 - Jeremy Ozier & Chellla Casselli "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" cover.  Perfectly comfortable.  Crowd is large now, at least a handful are willing to sing the refrain.  2nd song inspired by our middle eastern wars, but is merely about people who can't be here, nothing more.  Singer is struggling to remember the lyrics, but she appears to be doing it.
21:08 - Jesica Lustikoff  2nd time  Cover of Ben Joy?  2nd fret capo.  2nd song original "Not What Friends Are For".  4th fret capo.  Good voice for minor keys, & the cry break technique in the way of Jewel.  
21:15 - Paco Trevino  Big shouts from the back of the room, that explains the full house, he apparently brought a whole family reuinion with him.  Plus 4 other musicians.  The Jackson 5:"I Want You Back" very good, I like it.  "Baby You Were Wrong".  The singers are sharp.  As in #.  The instruments are too loud, oops, now they're just yelling the ending off-pitch.  Ouch, while the crowd appreciates thier enthusiasm, that was an injured ending.  Keep practicing until it is as good as the first song.
21:26 - William Freeman
Bel Vas on bandcamp.   Cosmopolitan with a liquid caramel voice.  "One Eyed King?"
21:38 - Melody Morgan  1st song she wrote while waiting in line to pick up her kid from school.  I saw her play at The Globe before a poetry reading about 2-3 weeks ago.  Her thick accent and earnest delivery are charmingly sweet.  The rhymes are simple ones, but she owns it.  Perhaps this the songwriting pattern of those who speak American as a 2nd language?
21:47 - Liam Parke  "So Many Years Ago"  "The Good Old American Way" About the corruption of America's politics by the wealthy.  Takes the form of the Irish Songs that Liam plays.
21:57 - Johnny Rowland  He's grown a beard since last I've seen him.  If a lion could be a man, he'd become Johnny.  "I Will"  He's got a PBR on the barstool behind him on stage.  
"No Time"  Man, his vocals soar.
22:07 - Corey Cromer  He is a left-handed player.
"Set Me Free"  Spiffy tenor.  His playing is as good as his singing, well-rounded & practiced.  Could use a drummer, bassist & possibly some back-up vocals.  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-03-31

19:41 - Larry Forte 
19:42 - Matt Lindon  Playing keyboard.  "Hold Tightly To Your Love"  Nice.  "This Is The Way?" A creepy song, not clear what the topic is.  
19:51 - Jess Lesikoff  First Timer.  A mashup of "Titanium" & "Brave".  The quality of her voice is pleasant & slightly nosey in the right way.  It is a little hard to hear her consonants clearly, I can't tell if it is the audio setup, her delivery or a bit of both.  Capo on 3rd fret for second song.  With some extra practice, she could give delivery with more confidence, and then audiences won't be able to ignore her interesting voice.  Kind of like the way Bob Dillon has an un-ignorable voice.
She just started a YouTube channel.
19:59 - Jess Staley?  Her guitar is a small red one with "Fritz Tthe Cat" Graphics.  Pleasant, delivery was a little weak, I want to hear more, stronger.  Just one song.
20:03 - Passionate Stoic  "Strange Island" I like this song.  Something is scratching audibly over the mic.  I can't tell what it is.  His delivery is charmingly fun, but he should get his songs placed into other artist's repertoires.  His friend with a painter's cap with message buttons on it is tuning up, Annie Paisley.  An original song: "The Siren Of Time".  
She is on SoundCloud
20:19 - Andrew Paine  "Like The Rain", an original he hasn't played in a long time.  AndrewPaineMusic.com  EP coming out April 7.  Bob Dillon cover for 2nd song. 
20:30 - Jacob Martin  "Young Enough"  He is haappy & comfortable on stage, and it shows.  Capo on 5th fret.  I hope he has some sing-a-long songs in his set list, he would be a popular festival act for sure.  He's got this song down pat, clearly ready to play it.  2nd song is an untitled song, I think he was saying he hasn't performed it before, but that was unclear.    He could use some additional bandmates to round out his sound.  Jacob Davis Martin on YouTube & Facebook
20:41 - Jimmy Mancini  First time here.  Capo on 2nd fret.  Comes from Hartford, CT.  "Silver".  Says he plays originals because he's bad at covers.  I suspect that might not be true.  His guitar looks like a well-made one, with a cut-out to reach the high frets.  ProdigalWelfare.com?  "Smile Town"  He's using the "cry-break" technique effectively.  Also doing a creative deliberate vowel-smearing rather like Billy Joe of Green  Day does.  Both of these songs seem to have painful, intense content.
20:53  - The Indigo Boys  J.T. & Logan  Huge fans of Taylor Swift.  Wonderful harmony!  

21:04 - Rick Biddel  Playing flute again, everybody but the back of the crowd got quiet.  2nd improv song, trying to channel Bob Marley.  Rick has CDs on hand for sale.
21:15 - Richard Becker coming on standby, a band called Tribute is not here for their slot.  "Dustin?"  He said this song would be quiet, so I turned up the levels on my recorder, and now he's playing loud, and it is peaking.  He's using an alternate tuning for 2nd song.  I'm turning down levels.  He's in a band called "Walden" on iTunes & Spotify.  "Heights Of Desire".  3rd fret capo.  
Rumsfeld is here now, I don't see his guitar though, I wonder if he's on the line-up?
Chris Gustin has his violin & cable out. . . .
21:28  Chris Gustin  Ooo, he brought out an electronics footboard of some kind.  Aw neat, he's looped the plucking he did at the start of the song with the effect box, and now he's grabbed the bow and is playing over it, very good.  I want a picture, but I don't want to distract him, either.  
21:42  - Brian Moore  Playing banjo.  "We'll see you in Athens Tonite"  Now Chris Gustin joins him for song 2.  Bluegrass picking.  No words, I guess.  Bryan is keeping solid time with his foot.
21:48 - Philip Brooke  2 Originals.  Blues scales, he's got a talking-song delivery that is spot-on.  Very relaxed, smooth, soft breathy tenor.  His normal speaking voice is deeper.  His eyes are closed mostly during playing.  
21:57 - Brian Steadham  Loud & fast.  A song about laziness.  A deliberately harshed pitch to match the song.  "I Want To Make A Mistake"  A neo-alt-punk sound.  Good, needs some more musicians to play with.
22:02 - Rumsfeld  "Conversational Suicide"  Halfway through, he reversed the looping part, into the end.  "Paris Blues"  3rd fret capo.  A very ringing synth after-sound on these notes.  He chopped off the effects box, is playing acoustically, and stomping the stage into the finish.  RumsfeldMusic.com
22:12 - Liam Parke  "Grace"  "She's The Dawn Of My Morning"  "Help Me To Walk With You"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-01-26

19:30 - James Griffith  Pretty good song construction
19:40 - Phillip Limerick  Sings like a quiet screamer.  Every word sounds like he's hurting his vocal chords to produce it.  Uniformly loud singing & strumming, only slightly even louder at the end.
19:50 - Adam Carter  The first song had an unclear ending, confusing the audience.  Confusing the audience like this is a no-no.  2nd song "The Good Old Days Are Never Getting Better"
20:00 - Rumsfeld  He's got his electronics box again tonite.  Not bad.
20:10 - Melanie Morgan  He accent is neat to listen to.
20:20 - Johnny Rowland  NO SHOW.  That's unlike him.  Here's a standby performer named Matt.  Lyrics include "The Book Of Life" and "I don't have a fucking clue", so it's pretty refreshingly honest.  He's got a great sounding tenor.  
Matt Kreisher

20:30 - Kevin Whitfield  "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" cover, sweet & slow.  Ooo, Mashed-up with "Imagine" by John Lennon!  I didn't expect that.  2nd song "I Knew".
20:40 - Rick Bedell    Micheal on percussion.  
Micheal kept playing through into the 2nd  half, Rick picked up his twin-flute and kept going.
20:50 - Sarah Elizabeth  Strong brassy vocals.  Asked crowd to come close to the front.  Body of crowd is over by the bar instead.  No shrinking violet here.  soundcloud.com/selizabethmusic
2nd song "Strong As What I'm Drinking"
21:00 - Alex Young  Very animated while playing.  
21:10 - Gabby Graham & Samuel Dickinson  Quiet, easy listening.  My hands are freezing, is it my circulation, or the overhead vent blowing lots of cold air directly on me in the corner chair.  2nd song is a cover.  Never heard it before.  It's OK, but has no obvious hook.  Samuel's guitar seems to have a smooth sound, I wonder what make it is?  I think I'd like to try one out.  Strong finishing line.
21:20 - Josh Neese  Played 1 song
21:43 actual - Trey Yip.  Adding a capo to 1st fret for 2nd song.  Song is about this one time he was in Bangkok, a women stole his watch, so he stole her purse.
21:52 actual - Zack Bradley  1st song:"Serotonin".  (I can't tell if we just went to all stand-by acts for the rest of the nite or what.)   
On the wall is the art for Kishi Bashi's "Royal Daark Blend" of Jittery Joe's coffe.  Looks like Kishi Bashi's a new set of Kishi Bashi's art is on the wall, too, at least I don't remember them from last time.   

21:30 - Morgan  NO SHOW 
21:40 - William Leverett  NO SHOW

21:50 - Me & Gloria  3 piece band.  Guitar, Bass & Percussion, it's Micheal without a full drum set
22:00 - The Tuten Brothers  3 piece band also.  OOO, they're good.  Tenor lead singing brother is very strong.  Instruments &  vocals have very nice balance.  "Evergreen"  --> mashup with a few lines of "Man In The Mirror".  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2015-01-05

19:30 - Austin Green  
19:40 - Emily Horton  

19:30 - Larry Forte  Our freindly host starts off.  I don't know if we're going to see Austin Green or Emily Horton at all . . . . I can't tell if they didn't show or got re-arranged.
19:40 actual - Freeman Leveritte, other project is Castaway, castaway.bandcamp.com  Big band sad boy sound, rather Morrisey-like.  Sultry strumming.  Too bad he's a smoker, and so yound.  Destrying the vocal chords which are his great treasure 2nd to his songwriting brain.  He asked Patrick Ware (Hendershot's resident sound guy) to give enough reverb to melt a face.  This is "dangerous", since the last time I was here, somebody joked that they wanted Led Zepplin levels, and Patrick warned them that he's the kind of guy who might give it, If he didn't know it was a joke.  I get the impression Patrick might have heard so much music over time that his hearing could be hurt.  I should get my hearing checked too, and protect it.

19:50 actual - Emily Horton  Her 2nd time playing here.  Nifty, plaintive delivery that sounds just like another famous female singer I don't know the name of, I'm gonna have to look it up later.  Voice is too quiet compared to guitar.  The mic is too high for her, but the mic is too far to front of the stage too, so feedback is a danger.  Her endings are not obvious enough as cold stops.  The audience can't tell whether another verse is coming, or if the song is over, so they are reluctant to clap.  The sound was quite beautiful, even if I can't tell what the words are.  I don't care.
19:50 - Philip Limerick  19:59 actual.  Sounds like the Gin Blossoms, I already like it.  Capo on 3rd fret.  Plays right-handed guitar left-handed.  2nd song cover of Anti-Flag's "Turncoat".  Swell!  5th fret capo.  I bet Anti-fans will like it.

20:00 - Michelle Corell  20:10 actual.  Sounds kinda like Tracy Chapman.  She's got the building blocks for some sultry rock, but this number won't take her there.  It sounds like 2 or chords only, with no swing.   The right A&R person could hook her up with better songs.

I just met Katy from Habersham county.  She's got an awesome Southern drawl she says she can't hear in herself.  

20:10 - Rumsfeld  20:18 actual.  He's using his looper for the 2nd week.  It's interesting, spacey (but not "space-rock").  "Meaning Of The Square" is his 2nd song.  He's using a plastic-body guitar, the kind with many small holes in the smaller top lobe.  Good cold stop.  RumsfeldMusic.com.  Good music for background at a dinner party.  His songs are not readily distinguishable from each other by name though.  

20:20 - Jeff Coward  20:30 actual.  "Already Wealthy".  He's playing with the loose ends of the strings unclipped from his winders, so they're wobbling around and shining in the dim stage light.  That gives me an idea: I could do that on purpose too, and deliberately bend the remainders in neat ways, and then bind some small pom-poms or tassles or plastic stars or something there.

20:30 - Kevin Whitfield  20:35 actual.  KevinWhitfieldMusic.com.  "The Greatest Fan Of Your Life"  

"Fair Warning".  Swell!  Is he using a brand new guitar tonite?  That pickguard is gleaming smartly.  

20:40 - Benjamin Simpson  Leading with cover of Pink Floyd.  He's fairly good, but the sound system is way too hot this time.      "Sheep".  He played with neck pointing up to ceiling at one point.  I think he's having fun at this.  2nd song, an original.  iTunes album "Apathy".  BenjaminSimpson.com                                                               

20:50 - Lauren Lieu   20:56 actual.  Athens is her hometown.  Confident & practiced, she is reaching "the cheap seats".  "Drink Until You Miss Me" or "Painting The Walls".  2nd song is a cover, "Basket Case".  She's got all the skills to rock out, but this song is too long & verse-y.  I want to her many shorter, songs with hook-ier choruses from her.  She could easily get world-famous quick that way.

21:00 - Gage Howe  21:09 actual.  Playing an 8-string mandolin.    "I Hope Time Goes By Real Slow".  High tenor, peppy song.  2nd song, "Losing Control".  Joined by Brian Dinizio on 6-string acoustic.  Their harmony works well, Most bluegrass-sounding thing I've heard on this stage yet.  Brian is playing some walking bass notes, and also picking some notes in between chords on the beat.   

21:10 - Brian Dinizio  21:20 actual.  Gage Howe & Brian met at the original Herdershot's in January of 2012.  Gage is staying to play 1st song with  Brian.
Funny 2nd song, I got a picture, but not a recording.

21:20 - Morgan & Josh  21:28 actual.  One gets to sing while the other plays 6-string.  2nd song:"Don't Live It Down".  aw, he was a off-pitch for some of it.  he's reading lyrics on & off from paper.  Needs to memorize this one & practice some more.

21:30 - Lisa Dinh  NO SHOW

21:36 actual - ___ Tembelor.  Just moved back here from Washington state a few months ago.  Using harmonica neck holder.  "Blackberry, I Love You".  Pretty peppy, good.  I this 2nd song is full of pedestrian rhymes + a whole verse of repeated "Nothing rhymes with orange!", is loud, and so long, it breaks his alotted 10 minutes.  LocalMagneticDisturbance.wordpress.com.  His enthusiam lasts though.  He'd do better pairing his performance talent with cover songs, or more fun stuff like his 1st song.

21:40 - Connor Pledger  21:47 actual.  This is a song abut leaving Georgia.  "On My Way Out".  The grapevine says he got a contract in Los Angeles.  Larry Forte says Conner was the host for Larry's 1st open mic nite (here at Hendershots, or generally speaking, is not clear from the context).  2nd song.  This is the largest crowd I've ever seen at Hendershot's, and I get the Impression a large fraction are here to see Connor.

21:50 - Brett Vaughn  21:59 actual.  "I Find It Kinda Hard To Breathe"  2nd song: "Losing, In The Battle?"

22:00 - Scott Low 22:09 actual.  "The Bodybag".  He read a story about a guy who woke up in a bodybag, about to get the fluid sucked out of him.  2nd song is way too long, but at least he sounds like Tom Waits or raspy Bruce Springsteen.

20:20 actual.  Larry Forte  Cover of Tom Waits"As A Train Goes By"  or "Looks Like Rain Today"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2014-12-29

19:39 actual - Larry Forte opens with a Tom Waits song. 

19:30 - Jacob Fleming 19:43 actual.  "You Don't Have To Say It Back" He's got a thick twee character voice, instantly  distinctive.  2nd song, capo on 5th or 6th fret.  Seems like lots of tacit chord strikes mixed with slides & fingerpicking.
19:40 - Rachel Wiggins 19:50 actual.  Friend Darby on drum box seat.  "Crazy Without You".  Capo on 1st fret, sounds like minor 3rd chords used liberally?  Rachel Wiggins has a bright, clear, strong voice, high pitch but without being squeaky.  "Everything Is Gonna Be Okay"  written for a friend who went to rehab on Halloween of 2014, and they haven't seen her yet.
20:20 - Rumsfeld 20:00 actual.  Struming harmonics.  !! He just turned on a looping pedal like Kishinev Bashi uses !!  I've never heard Rumsfeld do this before.  He's grown.  
19:50 - Jules Wood 
20:00 - Sarah Elizabeth 20:08 actual.  
Just arrived in Athens this past weekend from South Carolina.  A guy in a bar referred to her as "Just As Just Some Girl  He Met In A Bar", and so she wrote a song about it.
20:10 - Johnny Rowland
20:21 - A visitor from Winston Salem, North Carolina  Rebecca Reel  "You Can Always Count On Me". "Call Me". 
20:21 actual - Larry Forte "Country Road"
20:30 - Kevin Whitfield NO SHOW
20:40 - Rick Bedell 20:35 actual.  Made a few CDs.  "Spontaneous Acceptance".  He's got a brand new flute to try out.  Darby is joining him for 2nd song.  

20:50 - DJ Wayland 20:47 actual.  Pleasantly dischordant.  Good for the sad parts of "The Real World".  
21:00 - Devin Dennis 20:55 actual.  "Hello, Trouble!"  Wow, awesome!  Capo on 4th fret.  2nd song:"Never Be A Quitter" 
21:10 - Carlos Camblor

"Big Dead Tree" Fun, could totally be a clap-along.  Covering a Neutral Milk Hotel song, because he went to the Elephant6 exhibit at the Georgia museum.  

21:20 - Nick Bradfield 21:13 actual.  Keyboardist with chest length hair, wearing a Serapè.  Half-hippie, half Paul McCartney.  Playing with eyes closed.  The song itself kinda sucks, but he plays OK.  Ug, another religious song.  Too bad he's wasting his talent on crap content.  He could use an A&R pro to line him up with better selections.  Wow this song should have ended 2 minutes ago, and it's still not over.  Way too long.

21:30 - Drew Albenesius 21:28 Actual.  Covering "Oh, Caroline" by Old Crow Medicine Show.  5 song EP coming in~February.  "Roll Credits".  

21:40 - Liam Parke   NO SHOW.   21:39 actual, Larry Forte.  "To Be Free"

21:50 - Open 21:43 actual.  Spoken word.  Alex, good funny fiction story.

Liam Parke just arrived by the back door.  
22:00 - Open  21:48 actual.  Liam Parke  "Loving You, Loving Me"
"It's Not Too Late".   3rd Song, "Road To Freedom"