Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-05-29

19:27 - Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail"
19:29 - Andrew Linden is now Andrew Christian
"Let There Be Love"
The Doors'
"People Are Strange"
Does a backwards controlled fall to the stage at the end, that was cool & unexpected.
19:36 - Duncan Sligh Covers 2 songs.
"Make You Better"
By The Decemberists
"Hey Self Defeater"
From Mark Mulcahy Duncan's all-dark outfit vanishes him. Tenor with sad white boy music. He sings & plays well, but these sad songs are not at all what the audienc
e wants to hear on this 3-day weekend start of summer.
19:47 - Meagan Moye
"Song 006"
2nd fret capo. The vocal twang is sharp. I'll cut back the pierciness on the audio, if I can. Meagan says she's going to have her tonsils out, this might be the last we hear from her for a season.

"Song 007"
5th fret capo. Has to stop to cough during this one. For some reason a piece of Take A Piece Of My Heart is inside this song where it doesn't belong.
19:53 - Travis Williams Starts by berating the audience, a bad sign, hope it gets better.
"Story 008"
Medication for his mind works. Start his story, and then passes around a tip jar right away. No one's ever done that here before. Maybe not the right move for a first-time-in-this-venue performance…
20:04 - Marcelo Treviño & Cole
Marcelo gets his guitar's cable stuck in the tuning pegs of Cole's bass before they start to play. Covers
Uninspired, reading from the music stand this current hit that's been out a while. Nobody else who's played it here hasn't memorized this simple tune. It's a simple song, and Marcelo is off-pitch. Marcelo is far away from the microphone. Man, this performance needs work. An original from Marcelo.

"Song 010"
The composition might add up to a fun tune, but some other singer needs to perform it.
20:13 - Peter Imjai
Uh-oh, more music stand. Rick Bedell slides into the green room. Cover of The Tallest Man On Earth.
"Song 011"

"Song 012"
20:26 - Paco Trevino
Has a good hook. If he could really emphasize that hook when the phrase comes around, it'd make for a better performance. As it is, all the lines have the same dynamics.

"When I Get Home"
4th fret capo. Paco is fairly handsome, needs to look out into the audience more. I think the lights are probably painful to look out at with eyeballs from the stage.
20:36 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvization 015"
A barista takes this bad moment to bang an expresso grounds holder many times to clean it.

"Flute With Sitar Improvization 016"
Nolan Harris joins Rick.
20:47 - Nolan Harris
"Raga Yaman"
Uses lydian scale in any relative major key.

"Poem 018"
20:54 - Drew Albenesius
"Lonesome Jerry"
Jeez, the song is so specific, it might be about a real guy that Drew met. Drew really knows how to write.

"Song 020"
A song with a baseball theme. Forgets his lyrics.
21:03 - Emily Hansford
I notice that the boom arm on the mic stands point down from horizontal at the artist's mouth when seated, so trying to take photos from the floor, this means the an extra 20 centimers of microphone tube or so are in the way of the performer's face. Even worse, the fat parts of the tube end cover & the plastic pivot-hinge that meets the boom are place in the way too. When they're not used at all, they also kinda need to be out of the way for every slot. A cover of Melanie Martinez's

Her own writing.
"I Couldn't Love You More"
3rd fret capo, I think. The mic isn't as loud as it needs to be, and the reverb is up way high.
21:11 - RUMSFELD
Jason is using a rig attached to his laptop computer. I'm not sure if he's using a MIDI pickup, or a signal post-processor. 9732 is the apartment number of Deckard, the protagonist in the movie Blade Runner, played in the original film by the actor Harrison Ford.
21:19 - Katie Collins & Dustin Stewart
We're running 11m early. Every other Wednesday nite at The Iron Factory Katie is hosting an open mic nite.
Katie is the only one tonite dressed the part of the rock star. This song strikes me as hard to cover because not a lot of people could manage those vocal gymnastics. "Underneath"
This is the one written last week. But the white piano is out of commission tonite, so it's Dustin's guitar back-up only.
21:40 - Kevin Whitfield
"Song 026"
3rd fret capo.
Holy crap, the intro to this is the best thing I've heard so far tonite! I gotta try to write out this song. Kevin Whitfield's music website, he's available for weddings & other events!
21:42 - Dustin Stewart & Rick Bedell
"Song 028"
Uh, this would make excellent chase scene music!
"Song 029"
This is how classic rock gets started. At least, before lyrics are added.
21:50 - Jay Bowers
His original.
"She Won't Text Me Back"
Humorous, and solid writing too.
Greg Alman
"Midnight Rider"
Very good, excellent alone. Add some backup singer & musicians, and you've got a perfect cover. Jay Bower's website


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-05-22

19:30 - Larry Forte
"Song 001"
"Lonesome Trail"

19:36 - Andrew Christian
"Pinball Wizard"
By The Who. Andrew's got a black & white electric dreadnought.


19:43 - Vanessa Murray
A cover.
"Song 005"
1st fret capo. A good first-time performance here.

OH, that's a good composition. Even the bridge is solid! Also on the 1st fret.

After about 41m of searching, I finally found Vanessa Murray's music page, because facebook didn't want to just show it to me, even though it typed in properly in several variations!

Soundcloud did a MUCH better job of just showing me Vanessa's music right away. I guess she's got a second soundcloud page too?

19:51 - Katie Collins
"Learn To Hurt"

"Like A Gypsy"
Written for a friend having a hard time with addiction.

20:02 - Dustin Stewart

Joined by Katie Collins
They literally just composed this song today.

20:12 - Bill Vongsoury NO SHOW

"God Bless The Child"
He says it's a Billie Holiday song. He plays piano and sings a little.

20:20 - Paco Trevin~o and John Manack and Matt on the box drum
"Over You"

"Laundry Room"
It's a love song. John Manack sings lead.

20:30 - David LoCoco
Lee Hires on dobro
Duck Peters must be the tallest guy with the guitar.
Joe Willie on harmonica.

"Can't Find My Way Home"
A Steve Winwood cover.

"Song 015"

Way over time, took so long to set up, and played so long, they've stomped on Rick's entire performance slot.

20:50 - Spontaneous Denial
is definitely not composed of Rick Bedell, Larry Clinton, Katie Collins, Cory Jolly and Brent Davenport

"Ensemble Improvization In D 016"

"Ensemble Improvization In A 017"
Larry Clinton uses a 5th fret capo here. Save this for a world music album.

21:03 - Cory Jolly and Brent Davenport
Cory's got a 2nd fret capo on the guitar.
"Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms"
It seems Brent's hands are hurt from playing the bongo, and now the mandolin is hard to play.

"Song 019"

Wednesday 20:00H there is an Open Mic Nite at The Iron Factory, Katie Collins will host that.

21:12 - Jay Bowers
An Eric Church cover
"Leave My Willie Alone"
Well, Willie Nelson died 2 days ago... Sounds like the guitar is slightly out-of-tune.

"Poster Wife"

Jay Bower's music website

21:20 - Johnathan Bemid
"Song 022"

"Song 023"
Restarts in 2 measures.

21:27 - Salathiel Saldana
"On My Own"

"Song 024"

21:36 - Wendy Westmoreland
A song about a break-up.

"Song 025"

21:44 - Liam Parke
"Don't Trust Her"

"You Aren't Promised Tomorrow"
A song Liam wrote for his daughter.

21:54 - Dujuan Eliot
"Song 028"
His backing track is good, got some electronc details that catch my interest. Good stage presence, strong singing, moving all about using the whole stage. The audience (Katie!) sings the whoa-oh part near the end.

22:01 - Maxx VonShadow NO SHOW
Larry Clinton & David LoCoco
"Whiskey In My Water"
Larry's got a 2nd fret capo here, and David plays open.

Both play without capos here.
"Song 030"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-05-17

19:35 - Larry Forte
"One Drunk Down"

"Song 002"

19:40 - Andy Rogers
2nd fret capo.
"Song 003"
He's got some Batman socks on. This is a song about recovering from alcoholism. Good writing, with pleasing rhyme. The pull-offs & hammer ons make for an excellent instrumental break.

A blues song.
"Song 004"
He's flicking the strings very hard with the fingernails on his strumming hand, with no apparent protection on them. No fickertip picks or anything. Andy has long meaty fingers that can really throw the strings around wherever he wants them to go.

19:50 - Shannon Lachot NO SHOW

Gretchen Waters
WOW! This is easily the best introduction I've ever seen here!

"Gretchen Waters Introduces Herself To Hendershot's"

"Performance Art 005"
Borrows from They Might Be Giants. Needs some music to finish it off.

19:58 - Troy Bedwell oops, Larry had KJ on the brain, forgot to call Troy for his slot.

KJ Whitehead
Standup from Chicago.

"Humor 006"
Tries airline humor, and talks about his own travel, trump supporters, Luke Cage on Netflix. T.V. puns.

20:07 - Another Me
This is Katie Collins.

"Trust Me"
Written for a dear friend.

Covers Radiohead's
A swell rendition.

20:16 - Andrew Christian
"Let There Be Love"

Troy realizes something's up and talks to Larry about his slot.

Cover of
"Ties That Bind"
Andrew's looking at the fretboard, so his mouth is away from the mic. And not looking at the audience. He's lost them. Guitar strings aren't trimmed off at the tuning pegs.

20:24 - Cory Jolly and Brent Davenport
"Let Me Dream"
Cory has such a piercing voice. Reminds me of Dan Wilson, lead singer of Semisonic.

"Shady Grove"
An old song about a shifty woman. They're playing The Iron Factory on 2017-05-20.

20:34 - Paul Edgar
A song about crying in public. It's a friend's song.
"Crying At The Wawa"
A Wawa is a gas station-convenience store chain in the eastern United states. 1st fret capo. Paul has an interesting performing effect caused by his unique look: He's got beady eyes, thick, black-rimmed rectangle-shaped glasses & redish hair that's combed down in front of his glasses. This means when he's looks into the audience, 5 different people could imagine he's looking right at THEM alone.


20:42 - Larry Clinton
Covers Alan Parsons Project
"Nothing Left To Lose"

The Beetles'
"Let It Be"
2nd fret capo. Who are we kidding? Paul definitely wrote this one ALONE. This is a good song choice for Larry.

20:52 - Kevin Whitfield NO SHOW
Troy Bedwell
"Rap 017"
He's indeed looking at the monitor speaker, I guess his lyrics are on it?

20:56 - Greg Benson Squeezing Kevin in instead!
Kevin Whitfield
Covers The Plain White T's
"The Rhythm Of Love"
Tells us it's O.K. to sing along, but nobody else knows this song well enough for that to happen, and it is not a simple enough for that.

"Ocean Tide"
4th fret capo.

I see Melanie is listening over by the bar's employee opening.

21:04 - Greg Benson
His lament for millionaires.
"Song 020"
Greg tells the audience they can sing Boo Hoo for the chorus, but this a minor song, they've never heard it, and the phrase is 5 long not-obvious notes. Um, the music is minor & depressing. However, nobody's actually sad for a millionaire's nice-to-have problems. So maybe this song would work better as a happy, major-key schoolyard taunt song, because the words are clever.

The band he's in is "Between Naybors", they play this song, but tonight he's gonna play it bluesier, jazzier, and down.
"Song 021"
Song has no hook, I can't hear a rhyme scheme. Greg's playing with eyes closed and never looking even sideways to the audience. I should make a set list for him to cover...

21:15 - Jay Bowers
Mashing up Johnny Cash + The Backstreet Boys
"Ring Of Fire + I Want It That Way"

Jay's own song
"Kiss You In The Moonlight"
3rd fret capo. Good rhyme, beat and story creation. Good enough for C&W stations. Properly structured tune. Needs some lap steel.

Jay Bowers' Website

21:24 - Salathiel Saldana
"Song 024"
Good look, but black shirt disappears againt backdrop. Great hair, shoes, cuffs, and that silver-grey dobro is gorgeous. Now, If his songs could get rhyme, hook, and structure, he'll be a hit.

"Song 025"
This is one long, enormous verse. Salathiel needs to cover something fun instead. He plays well, sing hard, not bashful at all. Needs an A&R man to create his set list.

21:35 - Rick Bedell

Spontaneous Denial
Is definitely not composed of Katie Collins, Larry Clinton, Cory Jolly, Rick Bedell, & Brent Davenport

"Ensemble Improvization 026"
Earth music 4 sure. Larry's got a 5th fret capo here.

"Ensemble Improvization 027"
Crowd's having a grand time socializing with their friends. Spontaneous Denial plays louder, harder. Rick uses his twin V flute. I guess it's more like an "A" shape.

21:50 - Liam Parke
"Don't Trust Her"
The popping audio problem is dogging Liam from the very start of this song. It's not his sunglasses, I don't think.

"Be My One"
No popping on this one, I wonder why?

There's a 15 page article about "The Best Of Unknown Athens" show that Liam created in the Southern

21:59 - Melanie Morgan
"Song 030"
She wrote this yesterday.

"Song 031"
1st fret capo.

22:07 - Cortez Garza NO SHOW
Michelle Defoe
"Song 032"

"Song 033"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-05-01

19:29 - Larry Forte
Sings Tom Waits'
"Green Grass"

"Lonesome Trail"

19:36 - Stanley Miller NO SHOW

Sam Weeks
He just came from a finals test. This is his own song.
"Sleeping Till Noon"
This is good. Well written, it really sets a scene. He's got the crowd's attention, even though it's a quiet, slow, soft rock tune.

Plays Paul Simon's
"Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes"
Played with a 5th fret capo. I couldn't tell at the start that he was trying to do the Ladysmith Black Mambazo intro. It was not nearly as effective done solo. The rest is played soft-rockier than even Paul Simon plays this UP song. It's OK, but too down.

19:42 - Dowell
Sounds just like Green Day's I Walk Alone. Capo's on the 1st fret. It's only 3 verses with no chorus. Maybe she cut it short?

A song by The Lumineers
1st or 2nd fret capo

Dowell's Facebook Fan Page

19:56 - Bemsi Wallang
"Poem 007"

"Poem 008"

"I Live"

19:59 - Cory Jolly and Brent Davenport
Their original
"James McCartney"
I like Brent harmony. His who body bounces in opposite-but-equal reaction to the super-fast mandolin strumming.

They call it a bluegrass hard rock song?
"Song 011"
I think this is called A Letter From The Real World.

Playing The Iron Factory on Sunday ~21:00.

20:11 - Holden Le Dinh
Holden's face vanishes under his red ball cap's long red bill. But at least he's not wearing purple-black like the color of the backdrop.
"Song 012"
His eyes are completely hidden in shadow, so he isn't really connecting with any part of the audience. His cold ending here is quite cold.

3rd fret capo.
"Straight Up + No Diggity"
Paula Abul cover! Cool, style transformation. He should have lead with this. And probably should be at least standing instead of seated for this extremely dance-y song. Also, the cold ending isn't a good hard stop.

20:20 - Larry Clinton
"Song 014"
Fingerstyle without lyrics. Sounds almost like Classical Gas, but only some parts, it's definitely not that song.

A Jimmy Buffet cover.
"A Cowboy In The Jungle"
This is a long song, but Larry knows all the words.

20:30 - Robert Higgs
"Sam Versus The Ape"
This is a really long song. Every line seems to have the same sort of fading punch delivery.

Andrew Payne arrives with hard case covered in stickers.

"Song 017"
Even when singing loud, Robert's got a sort of loud, breathy whisper tone to all words. Needs more dynamics.

I wanna hear Robert play some covers instead. I wanna heard him play with others, at least 1 duet.

20:40 - Nolan Harris
I've never seen a sitar played live before, Nolan brought one.
"Song 018"

The fretboard is wider than our fingers could reach.

20:45 - Rick Bedell
Spontaneous Denial
"Song 019"
This is pretty awesome, I bet you'll hear the ambulance that drove by on the recording. I really dig the bongo on this one.

"Song 020"
Swell! This is a keeper. Larry's guitar has a 5th fret capo, Cory Jolly's guitar has none.

21:00 - Andrew Payne
"Song 021"
A swell song, great writing.

Andrew is playing The Foundry next Thursday.

"The Company Kept"
The chorus here is just a sing-a-long honeypot.

Rumsfeld is hanging out next to the 3 coffee grinders.

21:10 - Emily Hansford
"Song 022"
4th fret capo. Essentially, there's artful yodelling in this song, and it's not like a traditional yodelling song. It's just nice. She's doing a bang-up job with it tonite! I want to sing harmony on it.

A cover.
"Song 023"
1st fret capo. Some knucklehead not-musicians think this the right time to fail at stacking chairs. At least they depart immediately.

21:20 - Trey Wood
"Things Are Changing"
By Gary Clark Jr. There's no hook. OR if there is a hook, I can't tell what it is here. I mean, there's a chorus, and a title, and the title is in it, but it's not a hook. Trey sings & plays better than this song is worth. In my opinion, he should dump this song for a better one.

"This Town"
2nd fret capo. Trey's playing & singing remarkably well for reading the music from a tablet. But he'd do better if he had it memorized, and could gaze into the audience.

The acts are performing lock CLOCKWORK tonite, everyone is right on time, 10m each.

21:30 - Mitchell Powers
1st fret capo. The mic arm is falling down on him during the song, Jason comes to secure it, but it causes a disruption. Too bad, this song has good composition.

Written by John Hartford, sung by Glenn Campbell most famously.
"Gentle On My Mind"
3rd fret capo. It's a good song for Mitchell, it'll be best when he's got it memorized, the way Larry Clinton had his Jimmy Buffett song memorized.

21:40 - Liam Parke NO SHOW
Pierce Delahunt
A traveling progressive activist.

"Poem 028"
"Poem 029"
A poem about engaging bigots to change them rather than discount them and lose them. This is probably more successful as a blog post.

Pierce on the series of tubes

21:50 - Jordan Rowe
"Song 030"

He found out a dude from his hometown got killed in Iraq, so he wrote this song today. I think that's what he said?
"Song 031"
Someone in the back seems to be singing part of this? How can that be, if Jordan just wrote it?

22:00 - Cortez Garza
4th fret capo.
"Song 032"
The hook here is I'll only drag you down too. That's an intense hook. I've never heard Cortez play this song before. I really like it. He says it's a cover from Caleb Cotter?

Vic Chestnut songwriting awards are 2017-05-11 Thursday at The Foundry, Cortez Garza will be there.

"Song 033"
4th fret capo.


Hendershot's Open Mic NIte 2017-04-10

19:28 - Larry Forte
"Blowin' In The Wind"

"Amazing Grace"

19:30 - Katie Collins
"Song 003"
A song from the main singer of her favorite band (I understand that's The Dresden Dolls).

"Where We Begin"
There's so much reverb effect on her mic tonite, it's tough to understand the words she speaking even when she's just talking about the song to the audience.

19:40 - Kevin Murphy
Is wearing a jersey sleeve shirt that matches the shade of the backdrop curtain pretty much exactly.

"Captain Margot"
This was played in the GAP stores in 1996. Kevin is a very strong strummer & singer. But playing while seated & hunched severely over the guitar body to get down to the mic.
He's got light eyebrows and dark medium-thick glasses frames. This causes his eyes to disappear on stage, plus he's keeping them closed on top of it. He's not connecting to the people at the bar.

This gives me an idea: If you're supposed to sing FOR the audience you've got, and that means each song is there FOR THEM, how do you figure out how to please them? I can't exactly tell what the folks at the bar want, but if you're playing an Open Mic Nite, the other performers will tell you who their favorite acts are, and play covers of them. So you can find out at least what's going to please THEM.


"Song 006"
This one has a good big finish. Unfortunately, it's the best part of the song.

But Kevin is very good player...how could I make use of his talents?

19:54 - Cory Jolly & Brent Davenport NO SHOW

Jack Reed
I think Jack said either his dad or maybe his band wrote this one?
"Song 007"

"Song 008"
Jack is fully engaged in this song. But there's no hook for audience inside of it. Jack's wearing a "son volt" shirt.

20:04 - Hello Kitty Kat
Both original songs.

"Song 010"
they love you 'cuz they have to


20:15 - Dane Khan
Dane is from South Korea.
"Song 011"
I think the name of the song is ka-to, I think he said this is the name of the most popular texting app in South Korea. This is fun.

"Strong As A Man"
A song about the strength of his mother. Dane's whistling is just right for this song. His eyes are screwed shut, plus dressed in all-black.

20:26 - Rick Bedell, David LoCoco, Katie Collins & Larry Clinton
Spontaneous Denial
"DENIAL 013"

"DENIAL 014"
I tried to record a backing drums on my phone to go along with this, I'll try to pair it up with the recording later to see how successful it was.

Larry jokes that this ensemble should be called Katie Collins And 3 Old Dudes.

20:40 - David LoCoco
A commercial starts playing. David mentions YouTube. So I guess he's streaming an instrumental version of this tracks from YouTube?
"The Way You Look Tonight"

"She's Funny That Way"

Not bad. If we got these tracks stored directly as files on his phone, they could be put into a playlist. This would make it easier for David, he could hit play, and even insert some blank pauses in between songs, if he needs to.

20:50 - Stanley Miller NO SHOW

Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail"
Pretty good, Larry's yodeling a little more on this one tonite. I like that.

"One Drunk Down"

20:56 - Geo
Geo's friend here in the front chair says he's very good, and put him up on stage, suggesting some John Mayer. Geo seems to indicate that he isn't used to a standard tuning?
"Song 019"
"Song 020"

21:02 - Jay Bowers
Covers Jonny Cash
"Folsom Prison Blues + Cocaine"
Spontaneous Denial likes this.

"Poster Wife"
Funny, good performance.


Good choices. Grabbed the audience with a cover, and kept them with an equally good original song.

21:13 - Trey Wood
"Word Song"
Trey brought an iPad holder on a stand. Trey is not bad, but Jay kinda just hit a home run, and this music holder totally separates Trey from the audience's attention. I don't even think he was using that thing for this song.

James Bay cover
"If I Ever Want To Be In Love"
Trey's definitely using the tablet to read this song. 2nd fret capo. At least one guy in the legit audience is singing the words by heart. Crowd likes it. Was that a 2nd fret capo? I forgot to take a close look.

21:22 - Emily Hansford
1st fret capo.
"All Along"
This is the song she wrote shortly after her high school graduation.

"Beneath Myself"
Her newest song (I think that's what she meant). 2nd fret capo. Emily is using an add-on pick-up that spans the sound hole of her acoustic guitar.

21:33 - Larry Clinton
Plays Jimmy Buffett's
"Come Monday"
Larry's fingerpicking is the best part of this song. Larry's whole face vanishes under his beard, glasses, and black UGA ball cap.

Hard fingerpicking.
"Your Song"
The Elton John song. Aw, so sentimental. Crowd is subdued, the other musicians are singing along all quiet-like. Me too. Shucks, mister Clinton has a hard time singing out with much force.

21:43 - Jonathan Bemid
Come on, show us what you can do since last time!

This is a cover of something.
"Song 029"
3rd fret capo. Yes, much improved.

"Song 030"
Rick Bedell is playing around at his table, with a hands-over-mounth wah-wah trumpet sound, he could add backup to this song, and it would be good.

21:50 - Zach Crook NO SHOW

Ian Bates
An Open Mic Nite virgin.
2nd fret capo.
"Song 031"
Ian's good. The strumming is strong. Just needs to get a little closer to the microphone. During the quiet break, his voice suddenly comes cutting through. That's cool.

"Song 032"
This composition needs a little more work to be a full song, but it can do it.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-04-03

19:33 - Cortez Garza
I think Cortez is using a guitar I haven't seen him with before.
4th fret capo.
"Song 001"

"Song 002"
5th fret capo. Cortez clearly has fun playing this song. He wiggles his head to the beat.

19:44- Sasha NO SHOW

19:44 - Trey Wood
Oh, Trey has a looper out tonite! He starts by beat-boxing a backing track into it, cool.

Covers The Weeknd
"Earned It"
Neat. That's a good way to use that box. I think he adds a layer of chord sting, and a few individual notes in a melody. I'm surprise the song is so simple to assemble from easy parts. It sounds great, the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

"Wayfaring Stranger"
Nifty, he's ready for Athfest.

19:59 - (Tim or Tom)
An apology song written post-fight with dad.
"Song 005"
Wow, his voice is swell. More baritone than I expected. 4th fret capo. The hook:'how did daddy know?'. Partway through the song, he plugs the jack in a little further, and the volume increases.

Holden's playing on Cortez's guitar.
"Song 006"

20:08 - Holden Le Dinh
3rd fret capo. He brought a friend to play bass.
"Song 007"
Sounds great! Similar to Jonny Lang. Very sexy song & tone, so romantic.

Rick Bedell is at the bar.

Also with a 3rd fret capo.
"Song 008"
Bassist does a bang-up job with the harmony. Trey Wood seems to know the words and likes it, he appears to be singing along.

20:20 - Hello Kitty Kat NO SHOW

20:20 - Katie Collins
2 originals.
"Song 009"
"Song 010"
Hmm, Katie is good, but all of her songs are high-drama opera. The pronunciations are difficult to understand, if you can do it. There's no hooks, there's no slow romance songs, there's no dance songs or sing-a-long choruses (chorusai?) for the audience to participate in. I've never heard anything light-hearted or pop or country & western or oldies or even just torch from her, although I'm sure she could find or write a piece of any and every one of these kinds and own it. I'd like to see that she could fill out a whole hour's set with a structured plan. Even an grand opera has variations.

20:31 - Larry Clinton
"Song 011"

"Whiskey In My Water"
David LoCoco joins Larry with a guitar. Severe feedback occurs, I don't see any obvious source. Larry always plays this. But it seems like he doesn't even have fun playing it. He's played good stuff before. Larry needs other songs.

20:42 - David LoCoco
A Frank Sinatra tune.
"All My Tomorrows"

It seems 2 drunkards have entered the building. One is interfering with another patron with a camera, and the other speaking louder than David is singing.

"The Way You Look Tonight"
When David announces the title of the song he's about to sing, the audience approves.

Rick's got his flutes out.

I don't feel entirely safe with this drunk in the chair 1m away.

20:54 - Rick Bedell
Larry Clinton joins him, forming Spontaneous Denial
"Flute & Guitar Improvization 015"
Larry's got a capo on the 3rd fret, and is playing better than he did during his own set earlier. Rick adds some nice trilling flutter, I like that.

I notice Cortez Garza has a hat that says "BROTHER MOTO" on it.

"Flute & Guitar Improvization 016"
The flute isn't making the crowd in the back that arrived during this 2nd improvization quiet tonite.

20:50 - Nathan Wasserman & Nick
These 2 are dressed bad, and their frizzy hairdos are a mess. I bet they can play like they sold their souls to the devil.
"Song 017"
Nope. The singer's way, way out of tune. The harmonica is awful, and the other guy's hair completely blocks his face from the audience. Everyone in the audience gets up and moves around. The singer's eyes are closed, even though the bright lights aren't even on tonite. Aw, too bad guys. You're in the same boat with me, we both need more practice than we thought. I don't think these lyrics are salvageable on this song though.

Huge delay while moving a screw-type capo. This is the wrong capo to perform with if you will ever need to move it during your set. Open spring capos are much faster and do the job just as well.

"Song 018"
Also out of tune on this song. Lyrics are slightly better. It would be better without the harmonica completely. Sorry guys, it's totally not your nite. Don't be sad or embarrassed, learn & grow.

21:19 - Jay Bowers
"No Diggity"
The best thing so far all nite.

"Sleep All Day"
We've heard him play this before, and it's strong, funny rhymes are fully cooked in the center. The chorus will become one that audiences sing along to.

21:28 - Emily Hansford
2 originals.
4th fret capo to start with.
"Song 021"
The caterwauling part of this song is satisfying. It is very good alone, but with a backup band of any kind it could be a hear-a-pin-drop-in-the-stadium song. oooo, You could even transform it into a duet!

2nd fret capo. A new-ish song.
"Song 022"

This is the end of the slots that were pre-reserved by acts. These others are all of the standby acts, and I spy at least 1 keyboardist and a separate guitarist ready to go.

Emily mentions open mic nite at JJ's in Watkinsville.

21:40 - Josh Daniels
Leads with "How ya'll doing tonite".
"Music Steals Your Soul"

Mark Brussard wrote a song about New Orleans. Josh first heard this song at a hurricane Katrina relief concert.
"Song 024"

Josh plays well and has good stage presence, but I don't like either one of these songs very much. This second song keeps repeating "take me home", but it doesn't work as a hook, and the rest of the lyrics don't support that idea very well. Singing it loud or histrionically isn't gonna be enough to touch people. I wanna hear Josh sing something else.

21:55 - Comrade Launchpad
The guy in the hat is James Bale
2 guys who don't get introduced. They've been here before.
"Song 025"
They've got good harmony. The guy in the hat is playing on his tip-toes. I wonder if the mic is too high for him?

Comrade Launchpad's Facebook Page

"Song 026"
James plays alone on this one.

22:05 - Matt Linden
About the opioid epidemic in America.
"Song 027"
I think Matt said a title, but I missed it. I like that it's political, and it's a message I love.

"Hit Somebody"
Matt's hands are so fast on the keys. His Casio wiggles a lot, he's playing really hard. This song is fully formed. It's on his new 4-song 12 inch vinyl record.

22:16 - Joey Quiggins
Covers a song by a woman that I don't know.
"Song 029"
First fret capo. Joey uses a thumb-wrap style pick. I like Joey, but this song is a long, boring one.

"Song 030"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-03-20

19:28 - Cortez Garza
"The Fall"
With a 2nd fret capo. Tender & sensitive, I should try to figure out the lead sheet for this one. It is so characteristic of Cortez.

Keeps playing straight through with the 2nd fret capo, as he tells us he's going into the next song.

"Song 002"

19:30 - Garrett Lott
Capo, on 6th fret.

About Brett Young.
"In Case You Didn't Know"
3rd fret capo. Garrett's more live for this song than the first one.

Garrett Lott has a YouTube Channel

19:43 - Kevin Murphy
"Song 005"
I can tell he's been a guitar player for many, many years. He knows this song cold. He plays with feeling. Feels so art house to me. Oo, has a nice high part that suits his voice well. Wearing black, he can't be seen very well though. The ending of this tune sounds like where half of a verse is.

"Song 006"
He's a good player, but this song doesn't have enough structure or hook to win over the crowd. I wanna here him play a cover that somebody else (who has sense) picks for him.

Paul Edgar is here now.

19:52 - Cory Jolly and Brent Davenport
"Song 007"
It's not easy to hear the part of the lyrics that aren't the soaring loudly parts. I can't tell what the song is about.

"The Mountain"
Brent the mandolin player takes the singing lead here, but guitarist Cory sings much louder than he does during the chorus, it overpowers the song's mood established by the mandolin player. This is the better song of the two.

20:04 - Joseph Mosman
Joeseph says the name of this song, but it's so soft I can't catch it.
"Song 009"
Has a great opening line, really sets the scene, like the greatest of novels. Wearing black. The mic is up too high. He needs to look at the fretboard a little and this means his mouth must move away from the mic.

"All The New ____"
1st fret capo. Sensitive singing. He'll sound great in a studio.

20:14 - Paul Edgar
Guitars Are Hard

A new song.
"Song 011"
For his girlfriend, best roommate he's ever had.

For his friend Matty.
"Song 012"

He'll be putting out an EP in the summer.

Paul thinks he's got 2 minutes more to play, and Cortez doesn't stop him.
"Song 013"
Has a progressive message. Mic's up too high, he has to stand completely straight up to be heard in it.

20:25 - Greg Benson
A song for millionaires.
"Song 014"

The thought strikes me that it would be nice if we had a rather permanent good backdrop for taking easy photos of open mic performers, so we could be all but guaranteed to get at least a few excellent event photos of each act. It might be a lot like a red-carpet awards show photo, or especially like those modern many-tiled-logos backdrops that are seen on T.V. for major gatherings, such en economic summit or The Grammy Awards.

A song for guys who wear Andy Capp-style golf hats, the kind without a pom-pom.
"Song 015"
A Burt Bacharach song.

20:34 - David LoCoco
"I Left My Heart In San Francisco"
Fuckin' awesome! Flawless singing.

Maybe it would be easier to change the backdrop curtains to a different color than get the artists to find clothes that aren't so dark.

"The Shadow Of Your Smile"
A nice song, but only right for an audience who can appreciate it.

Kevin has arrived.

20:42 - Rick Bedell
with David LoCoco
"Flute Plus Guitar Improvization 018"

"Flute Plus Guitar Improvization 019"

20:54 - Kevin Jeffrey Whitfield
4th fret capo? Or maybe a 5th fret capo. Kevin just wrote this song this week, he's still relying on notes.
"Song 020"

Kevin has a Partridge Family bus-style graphics on his pick guard, and the guitar strap matches. I've never seen a matching pair of those anywhere else.

Kevin switches to the house piano for this sad song.

Kevin's music website.

21:07 - Brittany Williams
"Song 022"
maybe called *your heart is as black as mine*. Would be perfect for a gothic convention with Voltaire.

"Someone To Watch Over Me"
Very good. More than just a recital.

21:10 - Sara Zaidspiner NO SHOW
Hello Kitty Kat
"Song 024"
A bit off-pitch here & there.

"Song 025"
He's a little bit too far from the mic, especially when saying the cuss words I love. I've heard Jimmy sing the "...I can't handle this" portion of this song with more passion before. It sounded kinda recital-ish compared to normal.

21:24 - Emily Hansford
An original.
"Song 026"
4th fret capo. This is nice, needs backup musicians to play with her. Her voice should be the most prominent part of the mix by far.

Definitely a 4th fret capo for this one, at least tonite, she even says so.
"Couldn't Love You More"

She's got another Open Mic Nite
1st Thursday of each month
18:30-20:30 at Watkinsville Jittery Joe's
Next one is 2017-04-06.

21:33 - Mac McComb
"Basket Case"
This is not a cover of the Green Day song, it's a different original. This song fools the audience a bit, everyone pays attention.

"My Pitiful Creation"

21:44 - Yancarlos Sanchez
Has a red Epiphone with a white racing stripe on it, & serious Max Headroom sunglasses on. And he's wearing a light brown Carrhart-style winter-weight coveralls. He must be hot as can be. Uses mouth style jazz trumpet noises. Very neat, switches to outright beat-boxing meringue rhythm.
"Song 030"

Yancarlos Sanchez' act is the most off-beat performances I've seen here in a year. His mouth-trumpet noises are swell.

"Song 031"
Yancarlos switches to the house piano for the next song. I think he's got beat-box track pre-recorded, but manages to trigger it while playing in perfect sync with it. Very interesting. Captures attention.

21:50 - Monique Osario
It's her 22nd birthday.
Daniel Allen plays the ukulele for her.
"Las Mañanitas"
a traditional Mexican birthday song. Cool. She sings with a strong comedic opera style. Good for a musical.

Yip Harburg's
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
Not too bad, but she's reading the lyrics, but loses it part-way through. Maybe Daniel's having trouble finding the right chords? Playful hamming it up anyway. Perfect for a stage show.

22:00 - Cortez Garza


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2017-02-27

19:29 - Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail"
"One Drunk Down"

19:30 - Sasha
"Poem 003"
"Poem 004"

We need to make sure poets do 3 normal size poems, as that will help us stay on time. 2 poems is too short, as the poet will done minutes early, and that puts us way ahead of time.

19:38 - Katie Collins
"Silent Voice"

Performs Jason Webley's
There was a false stop there.

Jason Webley's Icarus on YouTube

I just noticed the back of the upright piano has 2 microphones pointing at the back of it.

19:47 - Roberto Gomez
A cover
"Song 005"
A song with something about about a guillotine as the hook.

Roberto's own song
"Song 006"

Roberto plays guitar well, and his voice a smooth quality good for ballads & sad songs. His hair is jet black, and that reveals to my eye that the stage's backdrop isn't purely black, it's a very dark purple almost-black.

19:56 - Evelyn Reneè
She's from Commerce.
"Sunday Kind Of Love"
She holds the microphone, and belts it out like a diva. Her movements are a lot more entertaining than most singers here. Has a sweater tied around her waist though, not the greatest outfit. It does show that a sari or other flowing outfit would shake around on stage in fun ways on some future performance

"Big Bad Handsome Man"
This is a good burlesque style number. Worth listening to.

Evelyn's artist page on facebook.

20:05 - Gage Howe
The Beatles'

Gage is a tenor.
This is awesome! Excellent bass grove notes lines. Clever concept executed with concrete, satisfying rhymes that work. Has nifty finger picking fill-ins too. I bet it's fun to play on guitar. Gage needs an electric bass player to back him up on this song.

20:12 - Henry Rogers

I just go an idea that Open Mic Nite could use those little pager square devices that often-crowded restaurants use to call parties to their reservations. We could hand them to artists to call them right before their slot.

Henry is from Nashville
That was pretty good.

"Laundry Room"
By The Avery Brothers. Played with a 4th fret capo. Not bad. He plays it well, but the thing is just complicated enough that he can't look at the audience, he has to concentrate on the instrument. A simpler song would allow him to play FOR the audience and be here with them. The song is generally OK, but it's getting repetitive and long. And it ends just in time after I have this thought.

20:22 - Xavien Yearby
"Let Me Love You"
His partner's phone or cord with the backing track fails with scratchiness, so Xavien does it acapella. He asks the audience to finger snap, and this works well. Evelyn sings along from the audience, she knows the background singer part to this and sings along. This is nice.

Xavien *might* have planned to sing another song, but wisely bails instead of doing another acapella song unplanned.

20:27 - Trey Powell
Damien Rice's
"Green Room"
Trey sounds a lot like other famous romantic R&B singers, say, Isaac Hayes. Wearing all-black including a black hat against the dark background, he vanishes. Which is hard, he's a huge mountain of a man.

"Outlook On Life"
Trey is playing this guitar without using the strap. He's got both glasses on and a hat. He's got his eyes all-closed too.

20:36 - Jay Bowers
Ed Sheeran's
"Shape Of You"

"Poster Wife"
About a pin-up girl poster. Funny as most country song. Katie Collin's table full of friends clap along.

Has an Instagram page: JayBowersMusic

20:47 - Rick Bedell
joined by David Lococo on guitar & Katie Collins on piano

"Flute Improvization With Guitar And Piano 018"
Wow, they pulled off a cold stop somehow. I wasn't looking at them when they did it, I don't know how they signaled the ending to each other, I didn't hear a lead-up to a finish in the music itself.

"Flute Improvization With Guitar And Piano 020"

20:58 - Hello Kitty Kat
Jimmy records loops in his den. When any of his 3 cats meow, that gets included into the track a little bit.
"Song 021"
I see Jimmy reaches to the tablet on the floor to trigger playback, this is kinda hard 'cuz he's already got his guitar on his lap. I'm gonna suggest using a music stand for the tablet. This could also play to the audience, by showing them the tablet too. Forgot to adjust the mic. He has to lean far over the guitar to get close to the mic.

"Song 022"
He says the name of the song, but the thing starts to play so fast I can't understand what Jimmy called it.

Hello Kitty Kat's website.

21:09 - Larry Clinton NO SHOW
David Lococo
Covers Frank Sinatra's
"She's Funny That Way"

And Tony Bennett's
"The Shadow Of Your Smile"
I wonder if David comes to sing here on Jazz Nite?

21:19 - Duke Wayland & Deb Carter
Duke has a terrific rock & roll haircut.

"God Damn"
We get some feedback off of the mic arm that points at Deb's guitar. This is a good song, but Deb's not close enough to her voice mic, and isn't pointing her mouth at it. I like this song, but Deb's performance tonite doesn't rise to the level of ownership that the lyrics God Damn demand. Make the audience believe you MEAN IT. I know open mic nite is friendly, but this song's meaning is one of astonishment. Like an actor in role, you need to make us feel like you're astonished.

A tip for the Open Mic Nite Checklist: make sure your guitar has some kind of pick-up that you can plug directly into the sound system, if at all possible, to avoid a microphone feedback issue.

They have a band called Scarlet Stitch. Both of these songs are their own.

The finger picking here is impressive. Hard to pull off, that guitar doesn't even have a cut-out shape.

21:31 - Duncan Sligh
2 covers.
"Fake Plastic Trees"
By Radiohead. I don't like Radiohead very much. Duncan sings their song better than they do.

Dave Matthew's Band
Duncan's roomie is a big Dave Matthews fan. Duncan should save his talent for better songs than this. His performing skills are greater than this forgettable B-side song deserves.

21:40 - Stanley Miller NO SHOW
Steps up to play the piano.
"Song 029"
Not bad, but he isn't singing anything. The tune doesn't have a strong melody or motif. It's just competent background music. A static dinner music song. I can't tell if it's all improv or a song certain, memorized. Oh no, after 10 minutes, he starts to sing. Apparently a Leonard Cohen song about coffee or something.

21:52 - Michael Brandt
This is a good song. Unfortunately, and bunch of people who don't know any better choose this moment to leave. They haven't learned Micheal is awesome yet. Maybe if he had a flashy outfit, he'd catch them long enough to keep them. Also, they had plenty of time to go before he started. That wasn't very thoughtful of them.

"Put It On The Letter"
This would sound good with an upright bass behind it. Jeez, this song is like an amusement park ride with highs & lows. It might be fun to parody, if it gets more famous.

22:00 - Liam Parke NO SHOW