Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-05-23

19:20 - Larry Forte
"Song 001"
"Lonesome Trail"

19:30 - Devin Dennis NO SHOW
(19:36 actual) - REDSTRIPE

19:40 - AvaNu NO SHOW
(19:45 actual) - Andrew Lindon
"Everything Is Gonna Be Alright"
"Song 006"
Andrew says he wrote it today. He seems open. I quiz him on his practice schedule. He says he comes home, plays for 1/2 an hour, then goes to bed. He says he's got 2 verses. I tell him to write a chorus, practice 2 weeks morning & nite, then play it at Open Mic Nite.

19:50 - Layne Denton NO SHOW
(19:53 actual) - Carly King
"Make My Romance"

I'm not sure, but I think she started a 2nd song without stopping. Nope, the 2nd half of that song sounds completely different than the 1st part.


REDSTRIPE & I meet Leia. She is here to meet 2 friends. She's got black lipstick & a rebel alliance patch on her backpack.

Liam Parke is here already. Usually I don't see him until later.

20:00 - Peter Imjai
His own song
"Song 010"

20:10 - Connor Gruver
"Song 011"
"Song 012"

20:20 - Paco Marquez
"Song 013"
"Welcome Back"

20:30 - Michelle Correll
"Song 015"
This is the best singing she's done on this song so far.

20:40 (20:45 actual) - Julie Holmes
"Song 016"
"Song 017"
Perfectly lovely

20:50 - Julianna Money
Julie Holmes is singing with her.
"No Goodbyes"

With a dropped D tuning.
A song about when you're afraid of falling in love with someone, but it's happening, and you don't know what to do.
"Song 019"

21:00 - Mitchell Powers
Julian Lodge cover
"Day And Age"

Tears For Fears cover
"Everybody Wants To Rule The World"
Damn! Shit Hot, Mitchell!

21:10 - Salathiel Saldana
He says "this song is called", and apparently doesn't say what the title is. Is doesn't help that REDSTRIPE is yammering loudly at his religionist preacher right over my head. Hope he's unitarian.
"Song 022"
3rd fret capo.
This song is isn't very good. No verse structure, no chorus, no hook, boring music. There are no "wrong notes", but there isn't any melody either.

He gives the name of this song so quietly it's like he didn't say anything at all.
"Song 023"
This song has the same problems as his 1st one.
You're over time. Please stop. I want to hear Jay.

21:20 - Jay Margolis
3rd fret capo.
Bob Dylan cover
"Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"

"Song 025"

21:30 - Paul Edgar
A cover
It's funny
"Song 026"

Dating is bullshit.
"Black Heart"

21:40 - Rachel House
"Mortar And Pestle"
"Alone No Longer"

21:50 - Liam Parke
"Loving You, Loving Me"
"Song 031"
Liam's singing a little better tonite than usual.

Playing Wednesday at The Foundry, "The Best Of Unknown Athens" 19:00-22:00

22:00 - Cortez Garza
2nd fret capo. Cortez hasn't clearly separated his demanding sound check from the beginning of his song.
"I Finally Found You"

"Song 033"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-05-16

RUMSFELD is hosting tonite!

19:20 - RUMSFELD
"SONG 001"
"SONG 002"
He doesn't name his songs.

19:30 - Michelle Correll
"Song 003 - Take 01"
Jason stops this for some audio adjustments.
"Song 003 - Take 02"
This time it is much louder. She's getting better. Strumming isn't as plunky as it used to be. Her voice isn't as deflated as it used to be. I think she's even smiling more.

"Song 004"

19:40 - Mitchell Powers
Cover of John (Moray?)
"03:59 AM"
2nd fret capo. His fingerpicking while singing is impressive. Must be hard. I must try it.

"Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore"
4th fret capo.

19:50 - Andrew Linden
He charges onto stage.
"Song 007"

A song about a black widow
"Song 008"
Goes down into the audience during this song & keeps playing.
Nice finish. Definitively wraps-up the song.

Jay Margolis just walked in.

20:00 - Matt Linden
"Makes You Wanna Hit Somebody"
"Song 009"

20:10 - Jimmy Taylor
Half of Hello Kitty Kat

"Song 011"

20:20 - Amy Wilson
I met Amy in the green room. She's nice. It's her 1st time at any open mic. She told Jason that her sister can sing, that she's the real musician. So while I practice, I can't her play
"Song 012"
"Song 013"

20:30 - Captain Ace Frahm
"When Doves Cry"
"Alphabet Street"

20:40 - Connor Gruver NO SHOW

20:50 (20:26 Actual) - Jay Margolis
"That's No Lady, That's My Wife"

Johnny Cash cover
"Folsom Prison Blues"
2nd fret capo.

21:00 - Sydney Baker
An original.
"Song 018"

A song written for her best friend.
"Song 019"

(20:39 actual) - Connor Gruver
"Song 020"
"Song 021"

21:10 - Patrick Yoe NO SHOW

21:20 (20:50 actual) - Dan Philyaw
"Song 022"
2nd fret capo.

Cover of Jake (Butter?)

(20:56 actual) - RUMSFELD
"Song 023"

"Song 024"
5th fret capo

(21:04 actual) - REDSTRIPE
"Poem 026"

21:30 (21:16 actual) - Liam Parke
"Song 028"
"Song 029"
"Song 030"
"Song 031"

(20:30 actual) - Ace & Jay
Knockin' On Heavin's Door"

21:40 - Haley Hamblen

21:50 -

22:00 -


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-05-09

19:20 - Larry Forte
"Moon River"

Cover of Tom Waits'
"Green Grass"
Sounds like there was one audio problem with a cable or mic

19:30 - Ryan Mahon
Playing Bach
"Song 003"
He's too drunk for Bach.

Switching to The Velvet Underground.
"I'm Waiting For The Man"

He's using a capo on the 1st fret to cover Matt Linden! You know, the guy who plays keyboard & is Andrew's dad.
"Hired Gun"
Very nice, good job Ryan! Very complimentary to Matt, I think he would like it.

19:40 - Mark Katzman
"Soundscape 006"

I ran into Mike Lindsey during Mark's set! He's here to grab his friend Jacob. He's moved closer, on Finley! Jacob lives just behind the law office on Hancock where FOUR Athens is. Jacob's gonna try to get on the open mic for comedy tonite at GO Bar, which is on the corner, like 4 doors East of here. I'm totally gonna pop over there.

19:50 - Tim Menzel NO SHOW

Standby = Hello Kitty Kat
"Shut Your Mouth"

"Knock Me Out"

On my way to work, I saw him smoking on a porch, twice. So I guess I know where he lives.

20:00 - Paco Marquez
"Rap 009"
ooo, he's pretty good! I this might be titled Welcome Back.

20:10 - Connor Gruver
"Song 010"

"Song 011"
This is good one! He's good at it. It gets better as the song progresses, so stick it out through the first part.

20:20 - Layne Denton
"Song 012"
2nd fret capo.

It looks like Layne has 2 capos, he's not using the other one right now. I imagine I could play a song with 2 capos at different frets, covering different strings. And that makes me think I could edit a capo to cover different strings, and leave the others open.

"Song 013"
Layne is a capable performer. Something popped in the audio system. I can't tell what is doing that. The cable to his acoustic seemed to have some strain relief, so I don't think that jack was the cause.

20:30 - Johnny Rowland NO SHOW

(20:35 actual) - 2/3 of Blackwater Deep
The bass player is elsewhere.

Mark Katzman is having an animated quiet talk with Shania Hall, next to me on the other couch. She has a lovely sparkling hairband on.

Blackwater Deep plays Calendonia Lounge on Thursday with Micheal Lesowski.

"Just Like The Rain"
Hell Yeah!

Covers Merle Haggard
"Mama Tried"
Very good!

20:40 (20:50 actual) - Emma And Nicole
Covers Radiohead

"Song 017"

20:50 (21:00 actual) - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvisation 018"

"Twin-V Flute Improvisation 019"

21:00 (21:10 actual) - Rigoberto Baitista
"I Walk Alone"

Original written for a friend

21:10 - Shania Hall
"In Love With A Stranger"
Her 1st album comes out Friday.

21:20 (20:15 actual) - John Lee
He brought his own friends tonite. And his ukelele.
Cover of Weezer
Gets better as it goes.

His own original
"Take My Hand"
Pretty good. It'd be swell with an ensemble to go with it.

21:30 - Liam Parke NO SHOW
21:40 (21:32 Actual) - STAN
"SONG 025"

21:50 - Paul Edgar
2nd fret capo. A song about New Year's Eve
"Song 026"
Great lyrics.

The 1 happy song he wrote. 3 years ago.
"Song 027"
The lyrics might be happy, but the music says "distraught".

22:00 - Chase White NO SHOW
(21:47 actual) - Ethan
"Song 028"
Good, sad angsty sound. And that's on Larry Forte's guitar. I didn't expect him to be a player, much less sound like that.

"Song 029"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-04-25

19:31 - Larry Forte 
"Lonesome Trail" 

19:36 - Trey Wood

19:37 - Matt Linden 
"Hit Somebody" 
"Hired Gun" 
19:48 - Andrew Lindon 
"Folsom Prison Blues" 
"Sweet Home Alabama" 

19:55 - Preston Burger 
"Song 06" 
4th fret capo. 

20:02 - Nathan Wasserman 
" You & I" 

20:18 - Paul Edgar 
"Song 10" 
"Song 11" 

20:26 - Micheal Grant
"Must Be Outta My Head" 
"Stressed Out" 

20:36 - Rick Bidell 
"Flute Improvisation 14" 
"Flute Improvisation 15" 

20:47 - Mckaylie Davidson
2 Songs, covers of Pine Groves
"Song 16" 
3rd fret capo 
"Song 17" 

20:56 - Kevin Whitfield
Deathcab For Cutie cover
"Follow You Into The Dark" 
"Song 19" 

21:09 - Soldana 
"Song 20" 
"Song 21" 


Hendershot's Open Mic Night 2016-03-28

19:20 - Greg Benson
"Song 01"
19:30 - Tom Littlejohn NO SHOW
Ryan Mahon
"Song 02"
Ryan grabbed my guitar from the green room.  I guess he mistook it for the house guitar.

Cover of
"I Will Survive" 

Uh-oh, Greg says my guitar has 5 strings!  It had 6 when I put it in the green room.

19:40 - Jay Margolis
Leonard Cohen cover
"Bird On A Wire" 

"Song 05" 

19:50 - Shania Hall
"Song 06" 

"Song 07" 

20:00 - Songs on Bike NO SHOW

20:10 (20:00 actual) - Andrew Payne
"Song 08"
"Just Like The Rain" 

20:20 (20:10 actual) - Swain Sumner
A Bruce Springsteen cover
"Song 10" 
"Song 11"

20:30 - Captain Ace Frahm
"Rafe's Polygamy Song" 
"Horny Woman" 

Cortez Garza played in here somewhere, blogger app got stuck, I'll have to fix it later

20:40 - Rumsfeld
"Song 14" 
"Song 15" 

20:50 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvisation 16" 
"Flute Improvisation 17"

21:00 - Kevin Whitfield
"Song 18" 

Plays Georgia Theatre on 2016-04-26, a Tuesday night. 


21:10 - Philip Brooke
"Song 20" 
Ah, there's way too much echo or reverb on this, Jason!

"Song 21" 

21:20 - Trey Wood
"Song 22" 
"Song 23" 

21:30 - Cortez Garza
"Song 24" 
"Song 25" 

21:40 - Liam Parke
"Song 26" 
"Song 27" 

21:50 - Stan

22:00 - Carla Lafever


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-03-21

19:20 (19:28 actual) - Larry Forte
"Friday Night" 
"One Drunk Down" 

19:30 - Soleil Ouimet
"Song 01" 
"Song 02" 
4th fret capo. 

She sings only sad songs.  She's good at them. 

19:40 - Matt Linden
"Hired Gun" 
"Woke Up This Morning"

19:50 - Random Acts

"Hands Across The Water, What It All Comes Down To, I Want To Hold Your Hand"

"Riders On The Storm, Superstitious, Shure Shot"

Fun.  Works best live, though.  They went to the trouble of getting hats for everyone in the band.

20:00 - Julianna Money
"Song 07"

20:10 - Melanie Bowden
"Song 09"
"Song 10"
This song drones on forever with no hook. 

20:20 - Patrick Eaton
"Song 11"
"Song 12"
His guitar-ing has variety

20:30 - Trey Wood
By George S Rowe?
I Like It!

Covers the John Mayer style of Tom Petty's
"Free Fallin'"

20:40 - Lexi Kelson
"Song 15"
"Song 16"
3rd fret capo.

20:50 - Barret Smith
"Song 17"
2nd fret capo.

"Song 18"
It's a 4th fret capo, but he stuck it close to the 3rd fret.

21:00 - Kevin Jeffery Whitfield

"I Like You"  
Kevin plays this with a 2nd fret capo.

4th Fret capo?

Kevin will play The Georgia Theatre on 2016-04-26.

21:10 - William Kissane

"Poem 21"

"Japanese To American Translation"

"Dainty Hands, Metal Thumbs Up"

21:20 - Bernie & Logan

(21:15 actual) Andrew Morehead
"Song 24"
Well, he tried.

21:30 - Connor Gruver 
"Song 25'"
"Song 26"

Bernie & Logan are here now.
"'Till There Was You"
"Song 28"

21:40 - Bernard Cook
Covers Steven Merrit
"Song 29"

He wrote this one this week.

"Song 30"

21:50 - Liam Parke

Liam is here, but it's
Mackalie Davidson first.

"All I Want"
"Song 32"

22:00 - Mackalie Davidson
Now it's Liam Parke, with 3/7 of Repent At Liesure.

"On The One Road"
Two people are dancing in the back.

"The Black & Tans"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-03-14

19:20 (19:30 actual) - Larry Forte
"Can My Guitar Go To Heaven" 
Cover of Bob Dylan's
"I Got A Woman"

19:30 (19:37 actual) - Erin Granados
"Redemption Song"
"Song 04" 

19:40 (19:43 actual)- Trey Wood 
"Lego House" 
"Song 06" 
Singing with a looper device. 

19:50 (19:54 actual) - Julianna Money
"Song 07" 
5th Fret capo.  A sad song for her.  She gets choked up on stage. 
"Song 08"
9th fret capo, probably.  It's hard to count that many frets from across the room

20:00 (20:05 actual) - Soleil Ouimet
{Pronounced "so-lay wee-met"}
"Song 09" 

Rick Bedell has arrived, sqeezes Larry's shoulders to let him know he's here.

"Song 10" 
Strong alto voice.  These compositions don't have rhymes or hooks, they are one long verse.

20:10 - Dan Philyaw
"Song 11" 
Best song so far tonite.
"Song 12" 

20:20 - Connor Gruver
"Song 13" 
I want to listen to this one closer again on the recording. 

"Song 14"  

The crowd is so loud I can't hear his lyrics, and the instruments are drowning out this "the-lyrics-are-the-most-important-thing-about-this-song" song.

20:30 - Jonathan Bernard

I guess he changed his name from Bemid for good.  

"Song 15"  

"Song 16" 

20:40 (20:50 actual) - Tim Menzel 

"Song 17"  

About a relationship between a waterbug & dragonfly.  With kazoo.

"The Three Little Pigs"  

He made a song of it, 'cuz he's tired of just reading about it to his kids.

20:50 - RICK Bedell 

"Flute Improvistion with bass guitar"  

I went to the green room to get ready for my set.

"Song 20"  

21:00 - Megan Moye 

Nope, it's Ryan Mahon.

"Song 21"  

"Song 22"

21:10 - Phillip Brooke 

"Song 23"  

"Song 24"  

The nice thing about following Phillip is you essentially get a private set from him just for you when getting ready in the green room.  He's got American flag charms on his bootlaces.  He's been boxing, so he hasn't played much since January.  

21:20 - Captain Ace Frahm 

"Internet Killed The Radio Star"  

"Walking Dead Dystopic Horrorland"  

Ryan Mahon is on the front row, maybe hammered, clapping off the beat.  He seems to like it a lot, but it throws me off verse on Walking Dead.  I'll practice against that this week.  I guess Ryan

21:30 - Jay Margolis 

A Lyle Lovett cover.

"She's No Lady"  

Lucinda Williams cover

"Everything Is Changed"  

21:40 - Bernard Cook 

1st time here, with friends in the audience.  

"Song 29"  

"Song 30"  

Not bad.

21:50 - Rumsfeld 

"Song 31"  

Swell form, as usual.  

22:00 - Carla LaFever

She's got cream stratocaster.  

"Song 32"  

"Song 33"  

She sounds like Janis Joplin.  


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-03-07

19:20 - Larry Forte
"Song 00"   
"Lonesome Trail" 

19:30 - Christie Fox
Plays a Takamine & Co.
"Song 01" 
Nice voice.  Journeyman guitarist.
"Song 02" 
Capo 1.  Good on the mic.  Dainty with high boots & fluffy hair, could have many, many stage costume options.  Songs lack strong rhymes and/or hooks.  Performance depends entirely on the strength of the personality playing them.

19:40 - Larry Clinton
"Song 03" 
Cover Jimmy Buffet's
"Wonder Why You'd Ever Go Home"

19:50 - Andrew Linden
A song about Las Vegas weddings
"Song 04" 

A love song about a girl from high school.
"Song 05" 
Forgets the lyrics & starts another song.

"Song 06" 

20:00 - Ron Perry
& David
"Song 07" 
"Song 08" 
Didn't pay much attention, I was talking with Jay Margolis & his wife who paints acrylic.  Her art is about to show at White Tiger.

20:10 - Johnny Rowland
Nope, it is William Freeman
"Song 09" 

20:20 (20:32 actual) - RUMSFELD
"Song 10" 
Kevin Whitfield's here. 
Rick Bedell is too.
"Song 11" 
RUMSFELD has an EP coming out soon, that he says is not like the music he plays here. 

20:30 (20:44 actual)- Logan Hobus
Logan's own song. 
"Song 12" 
Jeez, I can't believe he doesn't tell us the title. 
Logan is sliding some bar chords on this song. 
A Donovan cover. 
"Season Of The Witch" 

20:40 (20:55 actual) - Jay Margolis
"Song 13" 
8th fret capo, fingerpicking on the high frets of an acoustic with an internal jack. 
Ricky Nelson cover
"Promenade In Green" 
4th fret capo. 

20:50 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvisation With Guitar Bass 01" 

"Twin V Flute Improvisation With Guitar Bass 02" 

Hendershot's could use some upright tall stools for the stage, so musicians don't have sit on small right-angle cafe chairs with backs.

21:50 (21:18 actual)- Kevin Whitfield
Covers Deathcab For Cutie's
"Follow You Into The Dark" 
3rd fret capo. 
Follow him on Spotify, link at http://kevinwhifieldmusic.com 
"Song 14" 
Yet another solid performance, never fails to deliver.  Dependable!  You can book Kevin Whitfield with confidence. 

22:00 - Salathiel Saldana
"On This Road Alone" 

"The Woman In My Head" 
The #1 problem with this song is that it is neither good or bad, it is boring.  No chorus, no hook, no rhymes, one long verse that sounds uniform throughout. 

22:10 (21:35 actual) - Jason Taylor & Jimmy Parr
Turns out his girlfriend & I work at the same place. 

Covers Alice In Chains"

"Song 15" 

22:20 (21:42 actual) - Jimmy Parr & Jason Taylor
They trade guitars & switch seats.
"Song 16" 
A very fine acoustic rock instrumental.

They trade back.
Covers U2's
Good.  A little whinier than the original.

22:30 -

22:40 -

(21:55 actual) - Liam Parke
"Will You Go Lassie Go" 
He's not popping tonite.  Mic on stand for the guitar, not a direct plug.  Maybe that's the difference tonite?
"Marry Mike, My Daughter"

Rick Bedell, Liam Park, and Larry

(22:04 actual) - James Anderson
"Song 17" 
Jazzy, soulful, I like it!

"Song 18" 
He's a tenor.  Unpretentious vocals. 

22:50 (22:12 actual) - STAN & Mark Katzman
"Voodoo Child" 
Even better than last week.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-02-29

No recordings available for this week.

19:20 - Larry Forte
19:30 - Larry Clinton
With David Lococo on lead guitar
"Whiskey In My Water"
Bad cover of
"Buy Me A Ticket For An Airplane"
19:40 - Mackalie Davidson
Good cover of
"Let Your Hair Down"
2nd fret capo.

"Song 2" 
1st fret capo.  Good show, I don't know this song.

19:50 - Mark Katzman
"Soundscape 1" 

20:00 - Jack Reed
Has a new foot tambourine tonite.  1st fret capo.  Wrote this song this weekend. 
"Song 1" 
Sounds like STP or Pearl Jam. 
I think he's strumming super hard with his bare fingers.  No hook to this song. 

3rd fret capo. 
"Bad Landlord Song" 
The content strongly suggests he's a pothead.

20:10 - David Lococo
With Larry Clinton
"Improvisation On Guitar 1" 
Pretty good.  David calls it Em ad nauseum.

Cover of
"Wonderful Tonite" 
David sounds a lot like Eric Clapton does, not 100%, but enough to make a radio listener wonder for a while.

20:20 - Rumsfeld
3rd fret capo
"Soundscape 1" 

Joined by friend for
"Song 2" 
Can't tell what the words are.  Pleasant sad sound though.  I'd like to hear them cover "Horse With No Name" 

20:30 - Sydney Baker
"Song 1" 
The echo is on so high I can't really tell what she's saying.  The quiet words are too quiet to hear, but the song itself is straight ahead. 

"Song 2" 
6th fret capo.  Good strumming, but I don't get the impression that she's practiced this one enough to be 100% confident.  The echo destroys the intelligibility of her soprano words. 

20:40 - Lexi Kelson
Says her ukelele is her best friend.  It has a jack for a built-in pickup.
"Song 1" 
Too active for a stationary mic, a headset would pick up all the lyrics better. 
This is a polite "go to hell" song.

"Song 2" 
Volume on fingerpicking is inconsistent.  If recording this song, multi track the ukelele over the lyrics.

20:50 - Logan Hobus
Apologizing for getting over a virus.  Says he'd rather be here than not be here.
"Song 1"
Does fine anyway. 

Covers Tom Petty's
"It's Good To Be King" 
Not bad.

21:00 - Shania Hall
ShaniaTheArtist1 on Instagram. 
A song for broken hearts.
"I'm Cold" 
I think the left or right side of the backing track isn't coming through.

A song for lovers. 
"Song 2" 
Not bad, but the song is ordinary. 

21:10 - Bradley Jerrod

Bradley McKee & Jordan?

Has a dude playing guitar for him
Was on The Voice season 7? 
"Larger Than Life" 
Sings well, but has severe costume problems.  Guitarist too.

"Prince Charming In Chains" 

21:20 - Mardi Garcia
"Tell Me" 
Her guitar is almost as big as she is.  Reminds me a little of Cyndi Lauper right now. 

Cortez Garza is taking his guitar to the green room.

A song to remind herself how to breakup.
"Song 2" 
She is understandable, and can reach the cheap seats.  A powerful chord strummer.

21:30 - Hill Elliott
Reading his music off of a MacBook
"Song 1" 
He's a veteran.  This is a soldier's song. 

"Song 2" 
Incredibly strong singer.  A tenor.  Perfect for modern country pop.  He needs better hooks.  This song doesn't touch the audience.  Needs anthems.

21:40 - Liam Parke
"Every Day" 
Says he wrote this in the 1960's, and has never performed it before.

"Remember Me" 
Saw an obituary in an Irish newspaper, and wrote this music to go with it.  Characteristically Liam popping going on.

21:50 - STAN 
Not right now. . .

22:00 - Ginja Fresh
"Raising Up The Bar" 
Skate rap punk. 

"One Extreme To Another" 

(21:55 actual) - STAN 
"Voodoo Child" 
Mark Katzman on bass guitar

(22:07 actual) - Alison Schmaltz 

(22:13 actual) - Nate Deangelo 


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-01-04

19:30 - Larry Forte

19:40 - Mitchell Powers
"Song 1" 

Covers Daws'
"A Little Bit Of Everything" 

19:48 - Elena Kemp 
"Song 1" 
Ouch.  Way off-pitch singing.  She can benefit from recording & playing back her practice to learn what happ ened. 
"Maria And The Diamond" 
This one too. 

19:56 - William Freeman Leveritte
This is the first time I've heard him sing in Español" 
"The World Is Waiting On The Sunrise" 
+ "Amor _____" 

20:04 - Mark Katzman 

20:12 - Andrew Payne 
"Highway In My Mind" 
No capo. 

Andrew's band Blackwater Deep & Cortez Garza are playing here Saturday nite, with a guy named ~scott streebel~
Covering Bob Dylan's 
"Don't Think Twice" 
With a capo on the 3rd fret. 

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" 
"Orange Tiger, Blue Misery" 


20:26 - Larry Forte 
"One Drunk Down" 
"Song 2" 

20:33 - Rick Bedell 
"Flute Improvisation 1" 
"Flute Improvisation 2" 
On the twin V flute. 

20:44 - RUMSFELD 
Borrows Adrew Payne's capo.
"Song 1" 

20:53 - Logan Hobus
Sings a song he wrote yesterday & today.
"Song 1" 
Covers Elton John's
"Tiny Dancer" 

20:02 - Larry Clinton 
"Whiskey In My Water" 
"Leaving On A Jet Plane" 

20:12 - Eddie Abraham 
2nd fret capo 
"Timeless Flight" 
No capo. 
Reverbnation, "The Wall Of Voice" 
Hebused a Digitech JamMan on this song.

21:22 - Ken Williams 
"Life In The Bubble" 
A song about the recent terrorist attack on Paris. 
"Time In My Day" 

21:35 - Liam Parke & Evan Bradford 
Evan is on bass guitar
"Ride On" 
Good song, but the guitars are out of tune, and Liam's rig is popping again. 
"The Maid With The Lovely Smile" 

Playing at The Foundry on Thursday, 19:00-22:00. 

21:40 - STAN 

21:55 - Dean Malmberg
"Song 1" 
"Song 2"