Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-09-26

19:20 - Larry Forte
"The Summer Wind"
"I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"
19:30 - Andrew Linden
"A Dropkick Murphey's cover"

Andrew's own song
"Song 004"

19:40 - Trey Wood NO SHOW
Larry Forte
"Lonesome Trail"

19:50 - Trey Timmons NO SHOW
Robert Higgs
"For All The Lonely Scientists"

"Sam Versus The Ape"

20:00 - Matt Linden
"Depression's The Muse"

Matt is finishing art for an album, and this song will be on it.
"Hit Somebody"

20:10 - Peter Imjai
"Song 010"
Uses a capo, probably on the 3rd fret, can't quite tell, his music stand is blocking the view. But he's got the capo slung up from under the bottom side of the neck so that he can do a finger slide over the top of the neck.

"Song 011"

Peter makes good simple-mumble sad-country boy songs. These could be used for background music in all kinds of projects that need the music not to overpower the rest of the action.

20:20 - Max Woolery
"Song 012"
WOW. Max sounds great, and that run he did in the break? He was look AWAY from the fretboard in the other direction.

"Song 013"
A song about ex-girlfriends. It's FUNNY too!

20:39 - Hello Kitty Kat
"Song 014"
Holy crap! Jimmy's background sound better than ever this way! He got his phone plugged in this time to play the backup with.

This song is named after one of his cats. He acquired it from a prostitute. OO, this is good too! He's not close enough to the mic though,.

20:40 - Rachel House
A Minaj & Bieber mashup.
"Song 016"
1st fret capo. This is fun. Hard to spit out all those words that fast.

A good song, a good performance. I think there is an audience for it.

20:50 - Devin Malnar-Watkins
The 1st time this song has been performed in public.
"Song 018"
This is not bad for a 1st performance. Something is missing, maybe this song needs additional band instruments.

Devin's guitar says:Hear No Evil.
Covers a Bo Burnham song
"Art Is Dead"

21:07 - Robert Higgs
We traded CD Baby download cards after his first set earlier tonite.

Robert wrote this for a friend who had a long string of bad 1st dates.
"Put Me Down"

A cover, Tom Petty
"American Girl"
7th fret capo. A barista drags her feet loudly during this song. I think she's wearing plastic shoes. She later dumps ice out. I'm surprised that doesn't screw Robert's performance up.

21:10 - Salathiel Saldana
"Naked As We Came"

"Something More"
2nd fret capo.

21:20 - Paul Edgar NO SHOW
William Freeman
"Song 024"
This instrumental fingerplucking song is a like a lovely unexpected trip to Europe. William is using some strong tremolo hand shake technique. So cool, I gotta remember to use that when I play.

21:30 - Tom Littlejohn
A cover
"The Ocean"
Not bad. When he starts to sing, the microphone is pointing the wrong way, and is far to the right of his face. He tries to move up closer to it as he plays.

Tom Littlejohn can slide & strum like a champ.

"Song For Amy"

21:40 - Liam Parke He cancelled.

21:44 - Eric Hangartner
A cover.
"Green Eyes"

"Fly With You"

22:00 - Andy Morehead
"Song 29"
"Song 30"


Hendeshot's Open Mic Nite 2016-09-19

19:30 - Larry Forte
"I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"

19:35 - Paul Edgar
"Song 002"

19:43 - Devin Watkins
"Song 003"

This is about a girl.
"Who Am I"

19:50 - Joshua Walker
He has played here in a band before.
"Old Spice, Sawdust, And Gasoline"
Yikes, this is what happens when the friends you brought to Open Mic Nite are the problem. Joshua's friends are showing approval that is orders of magnitude greater than the crowd is showing. And that makes THEM the show. His friend is singing like he should be on stage too, and this causes Joshua to forget the lyrics, twice. So add a note to the Open Mic Nite Success Checklist. If your friends are going along with you, you need to brief them to keep cool, that their behavior should be slightly subdued compared to the rest of the audience, and so shouting inside jokes or "Woo"'s of approval.

"Song 005"
This could have been a good performance, but his friend was singing all over it from the sofa. Maybe you're better off if you banish ex-bandmates from all of your future performances.

20:01 - Trey Wood
Covers Amy Winehouse
Pretty solid cover. He's read it all from sheet music though.

"Song 007"
A good performance. He needs to commit the song to memory, it's not so complex that he should need a music stand for it. He mumbles something after the song while the audience is still clapping.

20:10 - Karlie D
Covers Tori Kelly
3rd fret capo

"Mister Mysterious"
Her 1st single, Awesome here tonite! 4th fret capo.

She says the stage monitor has the guitar coming back at the artist so loud, that she couldn't hear herself sing for Funny, but since Mister Mysterious is a string-plucking song instead of a chord-strumming song, she could perform that one better. And boy, did she!

Karlie D will play Flicker Bar at 2016-09-24 @22:00. I'm gonna rush home to get ready for that.

20:20 - Sebastian Caballero
"Song 010"
"Song 011"
Oddly, his 2nd song is MUCH better than his 1st one. Did he have the some problem as Karlie D?

20:28 - Derek Sheffield NO SHOW

20:28 - Andrew Payne
"Lonesome Jerry"
Holy crap, his song tells a story. How the hell does Andrew keep writing these? I gotta ask him how he goes about it.

"My Stars"
A quality, sad, almost-dirge. I image this this a song his large festival audience gets quiet for.

20:40 - Emily Hansford
"Song 014"
"Song 015"

Same old boring forgettable songs she's sung before. She did better than that the last time. Why not do the good songs instead?

20:50 - Trey Timmons NO SHOW

20:50 - Andy Morehead
"Song 016"
"Song 017"

21:00 - Salathiel Saldana
"Song 018"
Jesus, Salathiel! Where's your ryhme scheme? Where's your hook? Free verse doesn't make a good lyric. He can play, he can sing, he's handsome, he's got an interesting outfit on, he just has trouble picking a worthwhile song to play, or writing one.

"Song 019"
This is way too long. I'm wondering why we aren't actually timing the 10 minutes rule.

21:06 - Liam Parke
"It's All About Love"
He wrote this yesterday, 2016-09-18.

"Don't Be Ashamed"

21:17 - Eric Hangartner
Currently a UGA senior.
"Song 022"
A sad song.

"Alone At The Sea"
A sad song about keeping promises.

I think Eric has a microphone run through his keyboard to give it a Tears-For-Fears ethereal, spacious quality. Looks like a Roland 08 keyboard? I can't imagine they made a modern keyboard and merely called it '08', that's a terrible, ungoogleable name. Found it, it's a model FA-08. Roland FA-08

21:30 - Rigoberto Bautista
"Just A Thought"

A Cover.
"I'll Follow You"
3rd fret capo.

21:40 - Juliana Money
Her mom is here. Sad girl music.
"Song 026"

"Song 027"

21:50 - STAN NO SHOW

21:52 - Joey Quiggins
"Song 028"
1st fret capo

"Song 029"

22:00 - Hello Kitty Kat
Jimmy brought electronics!
I think that's what he calls this.

"Song 031"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-09-12

19:20 - Larry Forte
"Song 001"
"Can My Guitar Go To Heaven"

19:30 - Christy Froemke
"Song 003"
Capo 1

A song about a defunct junk store in Madison county.
"Song 004"
Very nice. Could be part of a realistic movie, that is, a movie about "normal" life.

"Song 005"

19:46 - Shania the Artist
"Make Love To You"

19:55 - Dan Philyaw
Covers John Mayer
"In Your Atmosphere"

Perfectly pleasant. Nothing wrong with it.

20:07 - Max Woolery & Brad Benett
Brad is playing the box drum.
"Song 009"
Modern country pop sound.

It's about a girl.
"Song 010"
Hey Max, your songs need titles. The titles need to be the hook. "That's My Girl" is the hook of this song.

20:10 - Andy Morehead
"Song 011"
A quiet song. Jason turned up the amplification.

Andy starts his 2nd song without warning, much louder than the 1st song.
"Song 012"
Well, this is much better than the last time I heard him play it. Ryan Mahon is watching him play, I think they're buddies.

20:20 - Abbey Tomlin
Covers Eliot Smith
"Between The Bars"
Wow, she's on it tonite. This a depressing subject song, performed well. Capo 3.

Capo 2.
"Song 013"

20:30 - Emily Hansford
Co-workers introduced her to this song.
This is a good song for her. She's playing with eyes shut the whole time, though.

The song she wrote after high school.
"Song 15"
Capo 2.

20:40 - Johnny Rowland
A song he really liked at 15-16 years old, he just learned how to play it.
He looks happy tonite.


20:50 - RICK Bedell
"Flute Improvisation 018"

"Flute Improvisation 019"

21:00 - Sarah Elizabeth
A cover of something.
"Song 020"
3rd fret capo.

"Little Towns"
Ooo, excellent writing. 5th fret capo.

Sarah Elizabeth's Website

21:10 - Melanie Morgan
"Song 022"
2nd fret capo.

Capo 1. She wrote this song this morning, 2016-09-12
"Song 023"

21:20 - Salathiel Saldana
The first live performance of this tune.
"Song 024"

21:30 - Jay Margolis
Covers Damien Rice
4th fret capo.

Covers Mazzy Star
"Into Dust"

21:40 - Hello Kitty Kat
I ran into Jimmy last Saturday nite. He was playing guitar on his porch with his cat, Flash Gordon. I suggested that he set an alarm reminder on his phone to sign up for Hendershot's Open Mic Nite. He did, and I guess it worked.

"Song 025"
This is the song I told him I want to cover. I want to get his proper chords & lyrics written down.

"Song 026"
Andrew Linden is toking a smart phone video of Jimmy's performance. I didn't they were friends.

21:50 - Liam Parke
"Don't Be Ashamed Of Yourself"
"Help Me To Walk You Through"

Jay Margolis highly recommends Liam's event at The Foundry called "Best Of Unknown Athens". Jay says the format is that like 6 different musicians will all be on the stage, and they don't get on & off stage like an ordinary open mic. They play a round of 1 song each, and they stop to "interview" in-between, so you get to know them a little more. And they repeat the round.

22:00 - Sebastian Caballero
The in-house music system somehow starts playing a song by The Lonely Island, "Like A Boss", delaying Sebastian's start. I recognize the tune, because its in my Spotify humor playlist.

Clearly, the delay didn't phaze him. A strong & bold performance.

"Days Of Our Lives"
The quiet yodelling 'you' in this song is very nice. That alone justifies the whole song. Pretty damn soulful.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-08-29

19:20 - Larry Forte
"I wonder Who's Loving Her Now"
"Green Grass"

I'm having bad signal problems at my recorder, Jason says the mixer is set up as usual. It may be time for a new recorder!

19:30 - Sheena Vasquez
I think this is someone named Avery, actually.
"Song 003"
Chords & strumming, but no lyrics. Plays about as well as I do.

6th fret capo.
"Song 004"

19:40 - Paul Edgar
Uh oh. Everytime I try to stop the recording, it starts recording again. I don't want to miss Paul's performance.

"Song 005"
Pitch seems way flat.

Paul says he feels sad tonite, wants sad songs.
"Song 006"

19:50 - Karlie D
Nope, I think she's still sick?
I didn't get any of his poems, I was busy doing a repair on the recorder. I think I didn't get any recordings before this tonite. On the plus side, I think the limiter is working now like I expected it to operate previously ....

20:00 - Jack Reed & Christian
Band is Overdrive.
"Song 007"

"Song 008"

20:10 - Timothy O'Connell
Dude with long hair, a beard & a hat, is starting to become a regular, such as Liam Parke or Rick Bedell.
Says he just moved here with his wife, who arrived first.
"Song 009"
!! There's a tiny yodel inside this song that is the best thing I've heard him do yet! This song is MUCH better than everything else I've heard him do. How'd he get a quantum leap better since last time? Maybe he's all moved in now, and has time to practice.

A song about a bitter breakup, yeah, this one's autobiographical. It's about that brief part of a breaking-up, where they want you back.
"Song 010"
Wow, also very good. Good structure.

20:20 (20:13 actual) - Taylor Perry
A song about when people tell you a platitude, and think they're helping.
"Song 011"
She's a good singer, but this song has no hook.

"Song 012"
4th fret capo. This song contains lots of ordinary uninspired "whoaa" for lyrics, so there's nothing but missed opportunities to speak to the heart & say something that could potentially move the listener.

20:30 - Mark Katzman
"Soundscape 013"
He's plugged into his own amp.

20:40 (20:29 actual) - Eric Hangartner NO SHOW
Avery Deacon
Covers Ray Charles
"Song 014"

"Song 015"

20:50 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvisation 016"
Larry Clinton is tapping on his guitar for Rick here, and on the next one too.

"Flute Improvisation 017"

21:00 - Oliver Jordan
Jumpin' Oliver Jordan. We could solve America's energy needs if we could capture the power of Jordan's constant on-stage bouncing.

This song is about chasing somebody you like, but realizing you just want to be their 2nd choice.

He's detuning his B & high E strings, and the D string too. Well, he touched them all, who knows what tuning he's got.
"My Sweet Remedy"


21:10 - Salathiel Saldana
"4 + 2"

"Song 021"

Salathiel is wearing a red crushed velvet shirt with black trim. It looks good on him.

21:20 (21:11 actual) - Jay Margolis

"She's No Lady, She's My Wife"
I can tell Larry Forte likes this, he's tapping his toes.

"My Little Sister"
5th fret capo. Fun, blues-style.

21:30 (20:20 actual) - Emily Hansford
She's perky!
3rd fret capo. Playing
"Love You More"
she played this here last week too. Her guitar is smaller than most.

A cover, of a guy who has a song on the radio. This is not that song.
"Song 025"

21:40 - Liam Parke
"Song 026"
"True Love Never Ends"


21:50 (21:38 actual) - STAN
"Voodoo Child"
Ah, so nice to hear him actually singing for a change!


I can see now that Salathiel's shirt is not crushed velvet, but a low-contrast paisley print that looks like crushed velvet from across the coffee shop when he's on stage.

22:00 - Tom Littlejohn
We're 15 minutes ahead of schedule, so Tom isn't here yet.
Rick Keynes
Wow, this cat is fly! Hmm, seems like he's just doing flow the whole time.

"Song 030"
"Song 031"

This dude is alive tonite.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-08-22

19:33 - Larry Forte
"Goodnight Irene"
"Can My Guitar Go To Heaven"
19:43 - Tim O'Connell
Playing his guitar flat, with a slide.
"Demon In You"
19:51 - Gabby Reece & Taylor Perry
Gabby is stage left.
"Song 005"
The guitar starts out at feedback volume. They're both a million miles away from the microphones, so it makes it hard to hear them.
"Song 006"

20:01 - Karlie D
"Song 007"
"Second Choice"
6th fret capo.

20:12 - Andrew Linden
He's wear a few necklaces tonite, and smiling, and happy.
"Song 009"

20:21 - Avery Deacons
Covers Eric Clapton
"If I Could Change The World"
Good job.

"Song 011"
This is pretty good.

20:30 - Trey Wood NO SHOW
20:31 - Sheena Vasquez
Looks like a 2nd fret capo.
"Song 012"

20:38 - Matt McComb
A new arrival in Athens.
"Just Another Day"
Harmonica, guitar, box drum with bass drum foot pedal, and a hi-hat cymbal.

"Song 014"
3rd fret capo.
Holy crap, what a mad finish! I hope to see a lot more of him.

20:50 - Logan Hobus
A love song.
"Song 015"
3rd fret capo.

"Lovely Day"

21:01 - Rick Bedell & Matt McComb
"Flute Improvisation With Box Drum 017"
"Twin-V Flute Improvisation With Box Drum 018"
Two very nice performances.

21:11 - Oliver Jordan
He got some red sneaks with a logo that has two arcs in an "X". I think that's the Underarmor logo? I didn't know they made shoes.
"Another Kind Of Bliss"
"Sweaters On The Beach"

21:24 - Salathiel Saldana
"Song 021"
"Song 022"

21:31 - Tom Littlejohn
Doesn't say a thing, just starts playing. Wears a black ball cap that says "CASH" in white letters, surely a reference to Johnny Cash.
"Song 023"
"Song 024"

21:40 - Randy Green
Covers Radiohead
His guitar's electronics are causing static noise on the line. He needs to get it fixed. This is way too bad, 'cause the song itself is alright. Doesn't know the correct lyrics are "I'm a wierdo", sings "I'm a widow" instead.

"Song 026"

21:50 - Liam Parke
"You Only Want To Live"
"So Many Years Ago"

21:58 - Daniel Mapp
"Free Verse 029"

22:02 - Emily Hansford
Written about 1.5 years ago, that would have been approximately 2015-02.
"Love You More"

Emily wrote this song shortly after graduation from high school.
"Song 031"

Randy Green left some picks on the chair, Emily takes them 'cause Randy says he has a lot.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-08-15

19:26 - Larry Forte
"Song 000"
"One Drunk Down"
19:30 - Oliver Jordan
Oliver gives a strum before fretting the neck, and the sound tells me he using an alternate tuning.
Very nice, solid easy listening hook.
Oliver is in the middle of watching LOST. He's up to a part of the series where the characters wonder if they're in hell.

He's changing his tuning while talking about this, which is so much nicer than the nothing at all that most performers do.
"Another Kind Of Bliss"

19:40 - Karlie D
"Song 005"

"Second Choice"
Capo 6.

Playing Flicker bar on Friday 2016-08-19 @ 20:00.

19:50 - Timothy O'Connell
"You'll Be My Baby"
1st fret capo. Quiet & OK. The performance would would be a lot better if he'd open his eyelids a some point during the song. Also needs to trim the ragged end of his hair. He looks like normal guy with a long-term homeless man's haircut.

"Moon Over Georgia"
This is good.

20:00 - Derrick Sheffield
Covers Jack Johnson
"Song 009"
Average. He brought friends who really liked it.

"Song 010"
Derrick Sheffield sounds like Eddie Vedder, but this song sucks. It is too long. It has no appealing hook, even for a song with depressive feel.

20:10 (20:17 actual) - Rob Ray
"Song 011"
Terrible popping is happening now through the audio system. I can't tell where it's coming from, but it's probably Rob's axe, since nobady else has had a problem tonite.

"Song 012"

Mark Katzman says some big sorority events have finished on Milledge Avenue, so now lots of extra college girls are in here.

20:20 - Rachel House
"Song 013"
Nothing special. Not worth listening to again.

"Song 014"
Much better than her first song. Big quality disparity between these 2 songs.

20:30 - Second To Silver
Cover Johnny Cash
"Ring Of Fire"

"Song 016"
4th fret capo.
Very good! Powerful hook.

20:40 - Gabby Reece
The house is packed with her friends.
Covers (James Taylor)?
"Song 017"
The girl with the long black hair is way too far away from the mic to be heard.

Covers Elvis Presley's
"Can't Help Falling In Love"
They're performing this with even less volume than I would expect them to use at the end of a 'it's been 3 hours already, now we're tired' practice session. Acceptable ordinary cover.

20:50 - Rick Bedell
Well, if that quiet Elvis cover didn't put the crowd in dreamland, Rick will.

"Flute Improvisation 019"
"Flute Improvisation 020"

21:00 - Kevin Jeffery Whitfield
Looks like he has a new guitar. The pick guard matches his armstrap. Has a color-blocking style.
"Hey There, Delilah"
Probably a 2nd fret capo, maybe a 1st fret capo.

No capo. The yodeling in this song is good for Kevin.

21:10 - Logan Hobus
Logan's latest songwriting this week is on fire!
"Song 023"
Very dance-able. 2nd fret capo. Old-time rock-n-roll.
He's wearing a brand new red & white 'Miami Beach' T-shirt.

"Song 024"
Wow, 2 solid brand new songs, both quite different from each other. This one has a darker crunchy tone.

21:20 - Salathiel Saldana
"Song 025"
Nice background music for looking at facebook. You don't notice it's there, but when it's over, you notice something good is gone.

"Song 026"

21:30 - Jim Wilson
Rock guitar.
"Song 027"
Not bad, but not polished either. He can sing OK. He'd be better in a band, with a set list picked by somebody else.

"Song 028"

21:40 - Liam Parke
"Song 029"
"Song 030"

21:50 - Mark Katzman

22:00 - Michael Levasseur
"Song 033"

Detunes to play this.
"Miss Fergie"
He plays with a bluegrass style.


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-08-01

Oops, left my smartphone at home, no of my own will be forthcoming tonite.
No lineup was posted on facebook today, and it just got done raining hard an hour ago. I wonder who'll show up?

19:35 - RUMSFELD
Surprise, Jason is host tonite!

"Song 001"

He's got some kind of wooden foot stomp box, with a piezo electric pick-up on it.

19:37 - Oliver Jordan
"Back Into My Place"

"Sweaters On The Beach"
5th fret capo. Seems like either this song on the other one uses dropped D tuning? He had to tune 1 string between songs.


19:50 - Andrew Linden
"Song 004"
He's wearing a Nirvana drunk smileyface shirt.

"Summertime Blues"
He does a jump-split & a rooster walk during the break of this song. Fun. Charming in a real punk kinda way.

Matt Fields NO SHOW

19:55 - Blade Of Grass
"Song 00
20:01 - Logan Hobus
"Song 007"
3rd fret capo.
This has a nice special strum in it. Or rather, a pleasant few notes picked after the chord is strummed

Covers Sturgil Simpson
"Song 008"
2nd fret capo.
Now this is very good! Very good match for Logan's voice.

Otha Allen

20:09 - Swain Sumner
He's from Orlando, FL.
"Midnight Rider"
He's got lots of practice on this, excellent.
Wow, fast hammer-ons & pull-offs on an acoustic!
Strong start-to-finish.

"Song 010"

Trey Timmons NO SHOW

"Pokemon GO Poem"

"Poem 012"

20:23 - Tia Martin
A first timer on the Hendershot's stage.
"You Just Don't Know"
Smooth. I think part of the backing track with the back-up vocals are a crunchy with the house audio system. Maybe that's just some rattle used on the percussion at exactly the same time? A spinning ratchet noisemaker built-in to the track, I think.

"Song 014"

20:31 - Greg Carey
Has a sharp haircut & beard, looks good with his glasses.
"All This Time"
3rd fret capo.
ooo, this fucker's good! I like this song. A good example of angsty white-boy song.

"Sarah From Chicago"
Inspired by life events.
Capo 1.
A good song, it has a distinct hook.

Has an EP coming out at the end of this month.
Has a musician page on facebook.

20:43 - Patrick Morales
"Song 017"

20:47 - Jay Margolis
From a show called Family Of The Year.
It occurs to me that Jay sound a little bit like Bob Dylan.

OK, he sounds a lot Dylan here, but, I don't think he's trying to.
Written by the guy this movie is about:

20:56 - Trey Timmons
With no music, tries to sing Patsy Kline's
"Walking After Midnight"
Singing accapella alone in a noisy coffee shop is not going to work. There is no one else singing the musical part. This sucks.

Tries to cover Bruce Springsteen's
"I'm On Fire"
Tries to transform a nice Open Mic Nite into a bad sad AA meeting. Fail.

21:00 - Melanie Bowden
"Song 022"
hmm, well, she's played this song better on previous nights.

"Song 023"
This song is too long. It needs to be edited down by 2 or 3 verses.

21:12 - Kelsey _____?
"Poem 024"

"Poem 025"
A poem about the dirty paragraphs of a romance novel.

"Poem 026"
Delivery is pretty flat. No dynamics.

"Poem 027"

"An Open Letter To The Men Who Think They Can Touch Me"
This is by far the best reading of the 5 so far.

"Poem 029"

21:20 - William Freeman Leveritte
"Song 030"

21:28 - Joshua Helms
A friend of RUMSFELD
"Poem 031"

"Poem 032"

"Poem 033"

21:35 - John Montarella
"Song 034"

"Song 035"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-07-25

19:30 - Otha Allen NO SHOW
(19:37 actual) - REDSTRIPE
"Poem 001"
"Poem 002"
"Poem 003"
19:40 - Oliver Jordan
"Dive Into My Place"
Good neo-yodel, good guitar playing & singing, but chorus is weak, and hook is not strong.
On facebook & instagram.
Written on girlfriend's dad's guitar for a small film she made.

"Sweaters On The Beach"
Written during finals week.
5th fret capo.
I think he sounds like John Mayer. Reminds Karlie D of Parachute.
Oliver's doing calf raises the whole time to the beat.

19:50 - Karlie D
"Electric Bliss"
5th fret capo.
Karlie's got of touch of Micheal Jackson style here.
My friend Jay Margolis just arrived.

Karlie D is inspired by Tori Kelly's {Daydream}
A GoFundMe for Karlie D's EP

20:00 - Jordan Rhym
"Song 008"

Capo 2.

20:10 - Ellenjay
Cover Deathcab For Cutie's
"Follow You Into The Dark"

Cover Bob Denver's
"Sunshine On My Shoulders"

20:20 - Michelle Correll
Kendrick Lamar cover
"Swimming Pools"

"Song 013"

20:30 - Trey Timmons NO SHOW
Matt Field
"Song 014"
Very twang. Big guitar, experiencing electronic pops.

"Next To Me"
30 now, wrote this when he was about 16-17-18, about his sister. Way too much guitar pop. MUST fix it. Also he's singing through his nose, nevermind the twang.

20:40 - Rachel House
Kendrick Lamar cover
"Swimming Pools"
3rd fret capo at least, maybe higher.

"Mortar & Pestle"

20:50 - Rick Bedell
"Flute Improvisation 018"

"Twin-V Flute Improvisation 019"

21:00 - Logan Hobus
"Song 020"
He wrote this last week. Excellent songwriting.

Covers The Police
"Driven To Tears"

Karlie says Logan Hobus sounds like Lukas Graham

21:10 - Johnny Rowland
"Song 022"


21:20 - Jay Margolis
"Song 024"
3rd fret capo. Early 1990's, Mazzy Starr.

Lyle Lovett cover
"She's No Lady"

21:30 - Paul Edgar
"Valentine's Day"
Written by his friend Mao Huang from New York.

"2AM Conversation"

21:40 - Landon Trust
"Song 028"

"Song 029"
1st fret capo. Raspy soul.

21:50 - Richard Becker
"Song 030"
Kinda reminds me of Peter Gabriel.


22:00 - Gracen Daniels
"Mouthful Of Clouds"
Strong singing, with bombshell blue hair.

"Bei Mir Bist Du Shein"

Benny Goodman's big band played that song.
Her guitar's tag says it's a Marauder.
If you're making a movie set in the 1940's or 1950's, grab Gracen Daniels.
Playing Live Wire on Sunday, then the New Calendonia.

Madness Mae & Dr. Trance is her band.
Look for them on Facebook. Athens is her hometown.


Hendershot's Open MIc Nite 2016-07-11

19:20 - Larry Forte
"The Summer Wind"
"Lonesome Trail"

19:30 - Oliver Jordan
From Miami, he's 18, and just got here a few weeks ago.
"Reckless Company"
Great polished sliding. A good verses song but with no uniform repeating chorus. It's solid overall, but their isn't a hook-y hook.

"Sweaters On The Beach"
5th fret capo. He's bouncing up and down rapidly with a kind of calf-raises to the beat. Wow, he's very diligent about identifying himself and his song titles, the most professional guy about that I've ever seen here.

19:40 - Jane Fallon
"Leaving Atlanta"
Great hook! Strong finish.

"Song 006"
3rd fret capo.

19:50 - Patrick Fallon
"Song 007"
With harmonica holder. Song name-checks Lincoln, Nebraska. Every line is delivered the same.

I think he said this is a Bruce Springsteen cover.
"Song 008"

20:00 - Phlox
"Song 009"
A sad, discordant dirge.

"Story 010"
Reading a sad story out of a book.

20:10 - Mark Katzman
"Soundscape 011"
It started raining as he takes the stage.

"Soundscape 012"

20:20 - Gage Howe
John Hartford cover. Gage heard Tommy Jordan play it around town first.
"Tall ____ = Song 013"
3rd fret capo. Between the rain and the loud crowd at the bar, I couldn't hear the title.

Gage plays in a band called "Honey Child".
"We'll Be Alright"
2nd fret capo.

20:30 - Branhan Lowther
"Song 015"

It seems the blue backlight on my M-Audio Microtrak II is not lighting up. It might be broken. That machine already has a worn-out battery, and must be plugged in at all times. Perhaps it's time to acquire an up-to-date recorder.

"Song 016"
2nd fret capo. He stomps and plays the fretboard really hard without singing anything. But the instrumental has no instrumental hook. And the tempo is so uneven you can't clap along. There are no "wrong" notes, but it sounds just like improvising.

20:40 - RUMSFELD
"SONG 017"
Sounds like one string is out-of-tune, he reaches for the G-string tuner and adjusts it back to normal WHILE continuing to play. I've never done that, or seen anyone do it just to tune, except as a deliberate planned detuning as part of the performance of a song that had that written into the song.

"SONG 018"
On Periscope today, he said the Ovation guitar he's got is made of carbon fiber.

20:50 - Rick Bedell
Armed with his effects box.
"Flute Improvisation 019"

"Twin V-Flute Improvisation 020"

21:00 - Korby Bohannon
From Atlanta
He's playing a travel stick guitar. He's a got a right-arm tattoo with a musical notes on it, and a guitar.

"Song 022"
Uses a box for a good background beat. Tries to get the audience involved, but he really needs to bring backup singers for that, 'cuz it's a complex 2 different parts call-and-response. The audience is game, but this is way too hard for any audience to pull off on-the-fly.

21:10 - Sammy Ray

"If It Ain't Got That Swing"
Very good. Slick tenor.

3rd song, an original
"Anger Management"

21:20 - Trey Timmons
Covers Bruce Springsteen acapella?
"I'm On Fire"
He's feisty, might be a friend of Larry? This is bad when done acapella.

B.B. King cover, also acapella.
"Standing On The Edge Of Love"
What a jerk. Probably a sloppy alcoholic. I'm not posting his performance here. Not a friend of anybody.

21:30 - Salathiel Saldana

"Song 029"
Violates the cardinal rule of songwriting; nothing rhymes, and it doesn't break that rule to gain another pleasing benefit.

21:40 - Generations
Liam Parke on guitar & Kevin Bradford on bass guitar are GENERATIONS when they play together. Both are in Irish pub band Repent At Leisure, which has additional musicians.
Everly Brothers cover
"Let It Be Me"
Liam is singing with a lot less vibrato than usual, it sends a lot better.

"My One Only One"

(21:43 actual) - Paul Edgar
"Song 032"

21:50 - STAN
"SONG 033"

22:00 - Cortez Garza NO SHOW
(21:52 actual) - REDSTRIPE
"___ Of The Universe"
Written in the 9th or 10th grade. Mini Sci-Fi story

"Rubber Tree Ant"

"Poem 036"


Hendershot's Open Mic Nite 2016-06-20

19:30 - Larry Forte
"The Summer Wind"
"Lonesome Trail"

19:34 - Oliver Jordan
Oliver is probably a basketball fan.
"Your Fallback"
He's kinda like a John Mayer.

Went to Berkeley School Of Music, but he'd rather not go back.
"My Sweet ___"
Oliver Jordan has some excellent guitar skills. Modern easy-listening-pop-rock. Comfortable.
Playing Live Wire at 20:30 on Wednesday 2016-06-22 for 1/2 Hour for a contest.
Here's his Facebook page:

19:40 (19:49 actual) - Miles Kilpatrick
Miles Kilpatrick certainly has a new wave haircut!
"Song 05"

Cover The Talking Heads'
"Psycho Killer"

19:50 (19:55 actual) - Larry Clinton
He's using a dreadnought tonite
Cover from another band, I think he said they're from New Zeland?
"All You Want"
Hey, Larry Clinton sounds better tonite with this dreadnought than I've heard him before.

Cover of The Rolling Stones'
"Wild Horses"

20:00 (20:07 actual) - Connor & Karlie D
Tori Kelly cover
"I Was Made for Loving You"

Karlie D's song

20:10 (20:15 actual) - Tyler Key
"Wild Azelias"
A nice song, but the twang & echo is so thick

Says is band is called something like Falco Brown.
This song is about (the hospital?) in his hometown, Carrolton, GA
"Song 12"

20:20 - Sean VanMeter
On a Roland FP-80.
"Hard To Hate"
Sean has a sparkling rhinestone horseshoe-shaped belt buckle.

Elton John cover
There's nothing "wrong" with it, be he shouts a whoop toward the end of the song that is out of step with with how the crowd feels, and how he's played the previous rest of the song.

20:30 (20:38 actual) - CK Kelso
Band is "Kelso & The Cometers", releasing an EP soon.
The hook is not apparent. The guitar far louder than his voice. Can't really hear the lyrics.

"Hold On To Me"
The song is not very strong. The hook & chorus are weak, not very compelling. Content is generic, forgettable, doesn't tell a story.

20:40 - Ryan Mahon
A song about Harpo Marx.
"Song 17"

"Song 18"

20:50 (20:57) - Rick Bedell
With William Freeman Leveritte & Ryan Mahon
"Song 19"
Trying to wind it down was funny. Rick almost had it wound up, but Ryan played faster. Had to take a 2nd shot to end the song.

"Flute Improvisation 20"

21:00 - Victoria & Bradley
Jason turned up the guitar a lot.
"Song 21"
Somehow they cold started this song in synchronization, without any noticeable timing lead-in. It has an interesting ping-pong part of the song. But their reading the music off a stand. It's pretty repetitive & long though.

Cover Fleetwood Mac's
"Go Your Own Way"
This is MUCH better than the first song. It'd be pretty great with backup singers during the first half.

21:10 - Salathiel Saldana
Musta been hiding out inside the green room.

"That Old Smile"
A very droning song.

21:20 - Nick Bradfield
Nick-o, Mystic Space Cowboy
He's plugging in some kind of effects pedal board that has a lot of lights on it.
"Song 25"
I guess the board is a looper. Got my sound protection earmuffs on, it so loud. Oh, it's some kind of sequencer with many illuminated buttons.
He's playing the farmer's market on Wednesday 17:00 -19:00.

21:30 - Swain Sumner
"Song 26"

"Song 27"

21:40 - David Robert King
4th fret capo.
"Song 28"

He's from Idaho. This is a song related to Idaho.
"Song 29"
This song is just one big verse. No chorus, no hooks. It doesn't even seem to have rhymes either.
5th fret capo.

21:50 - William Freeman
He's using Larry Forte's guitar.
"Song 30"

22:00 - Joe Smith
"Lonely Arizona Blues"

"Open Mic Nite"
2nd fret capo.